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Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe’s Prayer of Marian Consecration

O Immaculata, Queen of Heaven and earth, refuge of sinners and our most loving Mother, God has willed to entrust the entire order of mercy to thee. I, N___,... More →

Tribute to Christopher Columbus

I will add one story about Columbus that impressed me of his greatness. On one of his four voyages west his ship was caught in a gale for about... More →

The Holy Rosary and Spiritual Childhood

Happy feast day Blessed Mother of the Rosary! It was called in England, Our Lady’s Psalter and also Our Lady’s Beads. The early Christians repeated simple prayers, Paters and... More →

A Prayer to the Virgin against the Spirits of Darkness

A friend sent us a card with this prayer on it. She suggested that we recommend it to be said daily for the Synod of Bishops: Remedy against the “spirits... More →

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mar_con_Ad-Rem-feature Marian Consecration: A Little History

To whet the appetites of our readers for our conference theme, I present here a small chunk of my own talk, which is the “title cut” of the conference, since it has the same name: “Total Consecration to Mary: The Remedy for our Ills.” This little section is a micro-history of Total Consecration to Mary. What is total consecration?... More →

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Did You Know?  Catholic Trivia

The Symbol of Physicians comes from the Book of Numbers

Known as the caduceus, the wand of Hermes, the Greek god of chance, is the most widely used symbol of the medical profession. The caduceus, two snakes entwined around a wooden rod, replaced the staff of Asclepius on the crest of the U.S. Surgeon General’s office in 1871 for aesthetic reasons (it is more... More →


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