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Timely Indeed: An Inspired Letter to a Despairing Catholic from the Author of ‘Action’ Jean Oussett

I have just read one of the best clarion calls I have ever read to help rally the faithful, with holy and supernatural hope, to action and not to... More →

The Tridentine Profession of Faith

One of the great works of the Council of Trent was to produce the Tridentine Profession of Faith, a statement of the Creed that clearly articulates the perennial Faith... More →

Holy Week, Easter Schedule at Saint Benedict Center

Join us for Holy Week and Easter Sunday. (You can get directions here.) The schedule is as follows: Maundy Thursday: Rosary: 6:30 pm; High Mass: 7:00 pm; Confessions: After Mass (The High Mass is... More →

Espying Salvation

As Moses lifted up the cross on high With brazen serpent ’round its frame entwined So was the Son of Man ‘twixt earth and sky On Holy Rood fix’d... More →

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Ad-rem-indiff_Editors-choice Heresy of the Day

When I was a young lad, my grandfather, who was not a big joke teller, and who spoke nothing but French till he was sent to school, once entertained himself enormously by telling me this little joke: A man in a restaurant asks the waitress, “Miss, can you tell me what the soup du jour is?” To which she... More →

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Did You Know?  Catholic Trivia

Bedlam derives from Bethlehem

Bedlam derives from Bethlehem. Speaking of the English, this next fact is thanks to a peculiar linguistic talent our English-speaking forefathers from across the pond bequeathed to us Americans, that of excessively shortening and contracting words. Many common proper names (Austin for Augustine; Ralph for Raphael; Jeremy for Jeremias; Toby for Tobias, etc.) and... More →


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