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Tradition with a Capital “T”

In the next Reconquest, we consider the Catholic concept of Tradition, both in the general sense (embracing both Holy Scripture and Oral or Apostolic Tradition), and in the more... More →

Protestant Minister Delivered From Demon While Praying Before Blessed Sacrament

Even practicing Catholics, serious ones, have a huge weakness. They believe that one can be saved outside the Church. Consequently, out of human respect, they are afraid they might... More →

‘Immediately’: Characteristically St. Mark

The four evangelists used the adverb “immediatley” (euthus, in Greek) an amazing number of times. Saint Matthew used it twelve times, Luke fourteen times, and John only six times.... More →

In Honor of Saint Mark: Gabrieli Music!

From YouTube user, Karl Barton, comes the video below. Giovanni Gabrieli was organist and composer for Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice. He was the more famous nephew of Andrea... More →

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mass_Ad-Rem-feature The Mass in Type and Prophecy

This week’s Reconquest show is called The Mass in the Old Testament. The title is not meant to connote an anachronism: I am well aware that the Mass was instituted on that first Holy Thursday, the night before Our Lord suffered His Passion. In invoking the Old Testament, I am speaking about types and prophecies that pointed to the... More →

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Did You Know?  Catholic Trivia

Let’s Change the Name Of the Poinsettia Flower to Dolorosa Flower

Did You Know that the red leaf Poinsettia flower that adorns our altars at Christmas time was named after an anti-Catholic Freemason, Joel Roberts Poinsett. When Latin American countries complain of the United States (add British and French) businesses monopolizing much of their natural reserves (from silver and rubber (Firestone) to... More →


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