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Robert Louis Stevenson, Father Damien, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson visited Molokai in 1889 shortly after Saint Father Damien’s death (April 1889). He spent eight days there assisting Sister Marianne Cope (also canonized) with the lepers... More →

Asia Bibi Case Delayed, Judge Recuses Himself

Our community here in Richmond, NH, were all praying for Asia Bibi Wednesday night. As my column stated, the life of this Catholic mother of five was in the hands... More →

Urgent Prayers: Asia Bibi’s Final Appeal Case to Be Heard October 13

As I post this it is 1:00 AM, October 13, now in Pakistan. Please pray for Asia Bibi right now and before you go to sleep. Catholic Herald, Father Alexander Lucie-Smith:... More →

Clinton Staffers Rip Catholic Teaching and Catholics

Wikileaks has revealed some embarrassing anti-Catholic remarks from Hilary Clinton’s staffers. To quote Mike Church (from a Facebook post): Slick Hillary’s good squad of J. Halpin and Jennifer Palmieri,... More →

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conq_ad-rem-feature Christ the Conqueror

Our Lord Jesus Christ is truly King. As Pope Pius XI taught, He is so by right of nature, that is, by virtue of His being the God-Man; but He is also King “by a right of conquest, which He acquired when He became our Redeemer.” One way to conceptualize the life of Christ is as a warrior come... More →

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Did You Know?  Catholic Trivia

John Hunyadi

John Hunyadi, the famous Catholic warrior of Hungary, with his knights and a peasant army of 40,000 gathered by Saint John of Capistrano, came to the aid of the beleaguered city of Belgrade on July 14th. On July 22nd, the Turks broke through the walls of the city. The defenders were fleeing in panic,... More →


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