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Marriage Vote in Ireland

For Immediate Release Friends of Ireland Warn of Dangers To Religious Freedom In Yes Vote On Marriage Referendum Pro-Life and Pro-Family friends of Ireland in the United States today... More →

You’re Going to Love This Humble Tribute to the Queen of the May

Richard Becker is now my favorite internet writer. At least for the rest of the month. I have heard similar words to his uttered with stirring pathos from Father... More →

Amazing Story of How the Works of St. John of the Cross Survived the Revolution in Spain

Who would have thought that a South African poet who studied in England where he befriended Tolkien, Lewis, and Eliot, lived in Provence, moved to Toledo where he and... More →

Thank You, Pope Francis

Traditionalists are often criticized for being insufficiently respectful of the Holy Father, Pope Francis. Be it noted that we here at Saint Benedict Center not only respect the office... More →

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father_Ad-Rem-Ad The Father, an Appreciation

The First Person of the Holy Trinity gets shabby treatment. I say that without any irony whatsoever. God the Father gets shabby treatment in His Person, in His works, by the disregarding of His Law, and by the current, widespread profanation of the institution of human fatherhood, which is a created image of Himself. If human fatherhood is to... More →

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Did You Know?  Catholic Trivia

Louisiana State Flag: Catholic and Eucharistic

News of a recent change in the Louisiana State Flag highlights the Eucharistic origin of its pelican symbol. The simple addition of three small drops of blood make it very clear that the pelican is not simply feeding her chicks; rather, she’s nourishing them with her own lifeblood. Below is a small “Did You... More →


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