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Catholic Columnist Ross Douthat Lambasts Sen.Ted Cruz Insulting Speech

I do not know much about Ross Douthat and I am therefore not advocating his columns. I don’t read them online, nor do I have time to. I try... More →

On Papal Infallibility

The Remnant’s Chris Jackson posted last Friday a clear and concise defense of the dogma of papal infallibility — what it is and what it is not — written by Father... More →

Breaking News: Chinese Reds Don’t Like Dalai Lama Saying He’s the Last Reincarnation of Buddha

Need some comic relief. This is a doozy. The atheist Communist  government of China wants the right to say who the next reincarnation of Buddha is. It’s their tradition,... More →

Congratulations to the Newly Professed and Community

A religious profession is a good and beautiful thing. We here at Saint Benedict Center, Richmond, congratulate the Brothers and Sisters at Saint Benedict Center in Still River, Massachusetts,... More →

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counter_Ad-Rem-Ad Counterrevolutionary Considerations

Saint Benedict Center’s conference will take place very soon (October 10-11). As I prepare my own comments on this year’s theme, I thought I would give both a plug for, and a sneak preview of, what our attendees will be hearing in a little over a month. Our theme is “Catholic and Counterrevolutionary.” For my purposes, I will define... More →

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Did You Know?  Catholic Trivia

Three Priests Gave Their Lives to Save Others on the ‘Unsinkable’ Titanic

On Monday, the 16th of April, I posted as a News item the story of Father Thomas Byles who died while ministering to the Catholics and others about to die on the sinking Titanic. Today’s Catholic News Agency website has a good article on Father Byles as well as two other priests who also... More →


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