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A Sick and Satanic US War Against Catholic Mexicans: Polk’s 1846 Massacres

I posted this in the Column section in the hope that more people would read it. Just a bit more information as a side bar: The Spanish flag has... More →

‘No, We Cannot,’ Enough Said to the Homosexual Activists

I do not understand why morally upright “Christians” who have to deal with the homosexual agenda in their businesses should always apologize for their convictions. They say things like,... More →

Curious Carthusian News

Readers may recall that, a little over two years ago, we reported that… The new Prior General of the Carthusians, Dom François Marie Velut, O. Carth., was once known... More →

Comment Moderation Note: ‘Hell’

Some readers recently commented on a posting regarding the tragic case of Brittany Maynard. The word “hell,” which appeared in several of the comments, flagged off our moderation system... More →

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adrem-238_Ad-Rem-Ad The Paramagisterium

The Catholic Church is infallible. Her infallibility is supremely invested in the Roman Pontiff, but is also exercised by the college of bishops, when they universally teach the same doctrine with and under the pope. Not only books, but libraries of books have been written to explain the truths expressed in those two sentences, there being myriad complexities surrounding an issue that... More →

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Did You Know?  Catholic Trivia

Emperor Charles

No ruler has experienced a fate so ill as that which befell the Emperor Karl. He accepted his fate with dignity, and the way he bore himself in a crucial test did him honor as man and Hapsburg. . . he was thoroughly good, brave, and honest and a true Austrian. . . Kurt... More →


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