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The Globe’s Kevin Cullen Defines Once Catholic Ireland as “Backward”

In a metro column of The Boston Sunday Globe of August 24th, serial Catholic basher Kevin Cullen wrote about the controversy in Ireland over the discovery of unmarked graves... More →

Victory for School Choice in New Hampshire

(Cato Institute) Low- and middle-income children in New Hampshire will now be able to use tax-credit scholarships at any school they choose, whether secular or religious. This morning, the... More →

Anthony Fraser, RIP

We received sad news this morning. Anthony Fraser, the son of Hamish Fraser, died of a heart attack, either last night or early this morning. Anthony was the editor... More →

The Saint Thérèse We Did Not Read About

Joe Sparks of Catholic Household website highlights some of the temptations that Saint Thérèse, the Little Flower, had to endure that are, to put it mildly, frightening. The first issue... More →

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HOE_Ad-Rem-Ad Salvation Here and Now

Our holy Faith forbids us to say that our salvation is entirely assured in this life and that we cannot fall from grace before we come to our particular judgment and accordingly be damned. The Council of Trent labels such a false assurance “rash presumption” in chapter twelve of its Decree on Justification. The only exception to this is... More →

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Did You Know?  Catholic Trivia

Catholic Sisters ran public schools

Catholic Sisters ran public schools. In the 1800′s, many of our nation’s public schools (funded by city, county, or state) were run by Catholic sisters. This was true in the West and parts of New York, Massachusetts and the Southern states. They ran the schools, with an average wage of twelve dollars per month... More →


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