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Reconquest Episode 30: Saint Ferdinand III, with Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen

For this show, I am joined by Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen (with whom I previously discussed the Spanish Carlists). Our subject is Saint Ferdinand III, the Crusader and liberator of... More →

Gianna Jessen and Brownson’s ‘Smallest Peg’

Meet Gianna Jessen. She’s not a Catholic. She identifies as a Christian. She says she only wants Jesus. Before I go on with this, let me say that I,... More →

Reconquest Episode 29. Giving God His Due

On this show, I consider a standard objection to Catholic devotion: the charge of idolatrous worship of the Blessed Virgin, the saints, and the angels. I call the show Giving... More →

The Problem of Pluralism and the Remedy of (True) Religion

Mike Church and Chris Ferrara discuss the contrast between Christendom and Western Modernity, and also the remedies to the problems of the latter. To cut to the chase, the... More →

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sursum_Ad-Rem-feature Sursum Corda

On Sunday, June 12, our little IHM School had its graduation. Two young ladies made up the entire graduation class. What follows is the very brief opening speech I gave at our commencement exercises. At some point in their intellectual formation at IHM School, these young ladies have learned the definition of truth — specifically that of logical truth.... More →

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Did You Know?  Catholic Trivia

God-sibling to Gossip

The word “gossip” originally had a very noble meaning. It is contracted from “god-sibling” and was the term used for the godparent at baptism. In time the word was extended in usage and applied to any close friend, and, more frequently, for a woman’s closest friends that assisted at the delivery of her baby.... More →


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