2000 Poles March in Torrential Rain for Life and Family

In a demonstration in Warsaw aimed at encouraging leaders to hold their ground against pressure from the European Union to legalize abortion access and homosexual “marriage” this determined crowd marched through the city in a downpour that left pools of water up to their shins.

WARSAW, Poland (LifeSiteNews.com) – Ignoring, and even enjoying, a torrential downpour, approximately 2,000 Poles marched for life and family in Warsaw, Poland this past Sunday. Some participants marched carrying pro-life signage over their heads to protect themselves from the rain, while others simply allowed themselves to get completely soaked during the march. Read more here.

  • Thanks for this article Mr. Kelly.

    As one trained in history, I have always admired the Poles. I even forgive them for lining up with Napoleon who did save them from the Russians and others for a while. In fact, the Poles were so grateful for that, they fought with the French in Spain against the British under Wellington. Politics are always interesting.

    With that said, I like the Poles. They were in the unique position of not having to endure the Protestant Reformation/Rebellion led by the German Luther. Also, they escaped the yoke of the Ottoman Turks, and in fact saved a large part of Europe in the 17th Century by defeating the Turks at Vienna. Unfortunately, the Poles get little credit for this.

    Then, in World War II the Poles had to fight both the Soviet Communists and the Nazi Germans, and watch while the SS set up the death camps of the Holocaust on Polish soil, Then they had to endure many long years under the communists, but finally defeated them. For this they get no real credit, but the Poles are the ones who really brought down the Iron Curtain, and finally even put a Polish Pope in the Vatican. The Western World owes the Poles a lot! God Bless the Poles!