400,000 Syrian Refugees Homeless and Starving in Lebanon

AsiaNews: After fleeing from war, over 400 thousand Syrian refugees are now in danger of dying of cold, hunger and disease. The recent snowfall and floods have flooded tents and shacks, depriving them even of clothing and the little food provided by humanitarian organizations. Some do not even have shoes to walk in the snow and mud. “The situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon is increasingly dramatic,” Fr. Simon Faddoul president of Caritas Lebanon tells AsiaNews. “The media – he continues – just provide numbers, but behind the cold figures are stories of indescribable suffering, the names and faces of people who have left their husbands and children, who may never see each other again.” More on this here.

  • schmenz

    When I fork over my money to the Feds this April 15th I will be so comforted in the knowledge that those tax dollars have funded the Syrian “rebels” (whom Washington likes) against Assad (whom Washington dislikes) in the conflict which has driven these poor people to this desperate strait.

    America: ruled by war criminals, idiots, masons and poofs. And paid for by us.