Abortion Bill in Oregon Requires Insurance Companies to Cover Abortions for All for Any Reason

CNA: A new bill in Oregon would expand the state’s already-liberal laws, requiring insurance companies to pay for abortions and other reproductive services at zero cost to the patient.

House Bill 3391, or the “Reproductive Health Equity Act Of 2017”, requires that insurance companies provide coverage for abortions and reproductive services to undocumented immigrants, and regardless of income or gender identity. More here.

  • The Latin Mass

    While this is a complete tragedy. More abortions occur from chemical abortions by using the Pill and other “contraceptives”. So Catholics not holding the line on abortifacient contraceptives opened the gates of hell in forcing the “coverage” of abortion.

    Catholic Bishops should be out there telling their flock to buy guns to defend themselves from kidnapping by the (((police))) – because unlike St. Paul in prison during the Roman Empire, those kidnapped today by the (((police))) are highly likely to be sodomized. Catholic Bishops should tell their flock to not pay “taxes” if their tax dollars go fund abortions/the Pill. Not to go to places that sell abortifacient contraceptives. Not to fund businesses that offer abortifacient contraceptive coverage to their employees. We will all be accountable for what we did on judgment day.