After the Vatican Largest Collection of Relics May Be in Pittsburgh Church

Saint Anthony Chapel in Pittsburgh hosts over 5000 relics, including a piece of the True Cross, a Thorn from the Crown of Thorns, and those of many saints. The Abbey of Saint Benedict Center in Still River, Massachusetts, has a Relic Room with over 500 relics. It is called Saint James Room. I have visited it several times. A large number of these relics were give to Saint Benedict Center by Father John Feeney, Father Leonard’s brother. He had ‘connections’ in Rome.

ChurchPop: It should be of no surprise that the world’s largest collection of relics is at the Vatican. But it might come as a bit of a shock that the world’s second largest collection of relics open to the public is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Not Florence, Paris, or London. But in the United States, in the middle of old “Steel City.” Read more here.

  • Ann Shibler

    The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet — St. Louis Province also have a lot of relics. I think they said the total was around 1,400. They have one or two incorruptibles in their chapel in St. Louis as well. Most of the collection arrived in this country from their European consoeurs in order to be kept safe from the wars. The Blessed Virgin’s statue in the French-styled chapel is quite stunning. The civil-war era convent has many art treasures, and even the parquet floors and grand staircase are something to see and marvel over.