Alan Keyes’ Insight on the Case of Father Marcel Guarnizo

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In protecting the Sublime Dignity of the Sacred Body of Christ and the woman herself from harming her own soul further by sacrilege, Mr. Keyes points out that Father Guarnizo’s action also protected the integrity and holiness of the Mystical Body, which is wounded by all the unrepentant sins of bad Catholics but especially by sins of public sacrilege and sins of compliance in sacrilege by emasculated priests.

WND reports: Toward the end of last month, a woman attended the funeral Mass for her mother at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Gaithersburg, Md. (not far from where I live). She went out of her way to inform the priest who was to celebrate the Mass of her sexual relationship with another woman. In accordance with the clear requirements of the Catholic Church’s rules governing the Eucharistic ministry, when Barbara Johnson the approached the altar for communion, Father Marcel Guarnizo “quietly withheld communion, so quietly that even the Eucharistic minister standing four feet from me was not aware that I had done so.” Willfully taking advantage of his effort to act with discretion, Johnson “promptly chose to go to the Eucharistic minister to receive communion and did so.” Read full article here.

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