Archbishop Chaput Pleads With Hispanics to Counter Secular Culture

National Catholic Register: Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia praised the work of Catholic Hispanic leaders, but reminded them that they needed to provide personal witness to counter the strong effect of U.S. secular culture on the Hispanic population.

“Hispanic culture still has a soul formed by an encounter with Jesus Christ and the humanity and compassion that flow from it,” Archbishop Chaput said Aug. 23 at the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders’ national conference.

“These things are worth fighting for and sharing with others,” he said. “Faith matters because it gives meaning to the word ‘human’ in ‘human beings.’ It matters because it makes us children of a loving God.” Read more here.

  • Joseph t. Garcia sfo

    Here in New Mexico we are so Bless to have 19 “Pueblos” (Communal Cultures) and the Navajo Nation, “Hispano ” ( direct descendants from Spain from early 1600’s ) influence, and Mexican Culture from the southern part of the State, which work very well together. . I and my wife whose Irish and from Boston attend all the gatherings of Kateri Cirlcles and AACC (Afro- Amer. Catholic-Community.. We have multi- Cultures, here We also have a very active Vietamese community .

  • GeneDe

    That’s the good side of the coin. The other side is not so good. Look at Albuquerque; capitol of late term abortions — of the entire country. The good archbishop’s words — I hope — hit a nerve, if not, he should direct them specifically to those Hispanics that have abandoned the Faith and embraced the false protestant “religion”. And sadly, far too many have also embraced the culture of death: abortion; contraception. Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us. And where She is, there is hope!