Arnaud de Lassus, RIP

We received news today that Arnaud de Lassus died this morning, at 95 years of age, in France.

This influential French traditionalist thinker was published at times in English by his friend and fellow champion of Christ the King, Hamish Fraser, and then by Hamish’s son, Tony.

Here are two samples of his work in English:

Arnaud’s son, Dom Dysmas de Lassus, is the current Prior General of the Carthusian Order and therefore the sixty-fourth successor to Saint Bruno.

May he rest in peace. And may his good work continue to bear fruit here in this vale of tears.

Arnauld de Lassus, RIP

  • aenid

    I can’t link to the Frankfurt article . Perhaps the link is broken?

  • I assume it’s temporarily down. It was up when I linked to it, and I double checked the link after posting the article to made sure it worked. I’d just try again later.

  • aenid

    Thank you!