• sharon

    Father Seelos: Please help a Mexican woman and her young daughter who have been beaten by the husband and left alone in an area where they can not fend for themselves. The mother can not speak English nor drive. The little girl is very sweet and smart and deserves better than what she is living through. Please, help them into a better situation in life. They need money for food, rent, medical care, clothes. I have tried to help as best as possible but that is not enough. Please help them. Please. Thank you – sharon.

  • Norman W. Spaulding

    Father Seelos: Please ask our heavenly father to cure me of the syncope that causes me to black out unexpectedly. This condition has caused me to loose my driving privileges, which keep me from the the work of our lord Jesus Christ. I want to do so much more for my Lord in the time I have left on earth and the black outs will severely limit my ability to do this. I accept the will of God.

  • Jack Herbert

    Father Seelos: Please pray for me. I am in town with no friends nor contacts nor relatives. I toil in a hostile work environment for people who wish to destroy me. I feel that at my advanced age I have nothing to look forward to but a life of abject poverty. I have two children who although they live with their respective mothers, count on me for financial support. Father Seelos please take my prayer for direction and guidance and lay it at the throne of Jesus and ask him to bring it to a happy issue. The darkness has been so great for the last two years, holy Father Seelos, I ask only for a sign that things will finally get better for me; that I will again have a sound home and and the ability to fear no more . Father Seelos, pray for me.

  • Jack

    Dear Father Seelos:
    Please pray for my twin brother who has been diagnosed with brain cancer. He has been my best friend for 56 years and has never let me down. We are in need of a miracle.

  • Regina Hiney

    Dear Father Seelos,
    There is a young man named Matthew Wise who has spent the last 19 days in an ICU in a medically induced coma and on life support due to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. He is a student at George Mason University and is one of nine children. He comes from a devout Catholic Family and needs a miracle for healing. He has just been moved to Baltimore and we believe that we are supposed to formally request your intercession on his behalf. Please pray for Matthew WIse.

  • Jennifer

    The Bible is very clear on that we are not to idolize objects or people. 

  • Jennifer,

    To idolize is to worship something or someone as God. That is the literal meaning of the word, and that is what is condemned in Scripture.

  • I recommend reading this article on relics: http://catholicism.org/left-behind.html