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About Brother André Marie

(If you like what Brother André Marie writes, you'll probably love his radio show, Reconquest!)

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Brother Andre Marie graduated from that city's Holy Cross School in 1988. He went on to study at Louisiana State University (LSU) on full scholarship as a music major. After three years at LSU, he transferred to Holy Apostles College and Seminary, in Cromwell, Connecticut, where he took a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spring of 1993 (major in Humanities with a minor in Philosophy). In September of 2007, he received the degree of Master of Arts in Theology, Summa cum Laude, also from Holy Apostles.

He entered as a postulant for the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in May of 1993, and went on to the novitiate on Christmas of that year. He made profession of vows on Epiphany of 1996.

Since 1993, he was mentored in philosophy and theology by Brother Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M., Ph.D., a published philosopher of note.

His apostolic work has included various facets of the publishing apostolate of the congregation. For ten years, he was also part of the community's small "mission band" of brothers who traveled to different cities distributing literature to interested persons in an effort to spread the Catholic Faith and bring wayward Catholics back to a sacramental life. He oversaw that apostolate for four years.

He has edited three of the Congregation's books, published dozens of articles, and presented numerous lectures in apologetics, the history of doctrine, the Church's ecumenical councils, ecclesiology, and devotional topics. He has been published in From the Housetops, Christian Order, Apropos Magazine, The Remnant , Rorate Caeli, and Catholic Online.

Since 2002, he has been Prior of St. Benedict Center, an apostolate of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Richmond, New Hampshire.

Past memberships include the Knights of Columbus, the ITEA, and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.

He maintains contact via Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.


Christ the Conqueror

Our Lord Jesus Christ is truly King. As Pope Pius XI taught, He is so by right of nature, that is, by virtue of His being the God-Man; but He is also King “by a right of conquest, which He acquired when He became our Redeemer.” One way to conceptualize the life of Christ is as a warrior come down to conquer. Our Lord Himself … More →

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Called to Be a Brother?

The vocation to the consecrated life as a religious brother is a great gift of God. Brothers live the vows of evangelical perfection. We also live the common life of liturgical prayer, mental prayer, study, work, and apostolic action in a masculine atmosphere of joy and sacrifice. For us Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary [The male branch of the Slaves of the Immaculate … More →

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Patriotism and the Conversion of America

What is patriotism for a Catholic? Do we have to be patriotic? How do we do so? These questions are answered in the first segment of this episode of Reconquest. For the remaining segments, I give a rapid-fire review of the history of evangelism in the New World. Here are some links to helpful resources on the same subject. The YouTube video below is a free. … More →

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Saint Robert Southwell: A Brief Life

Robert Southwell was born in 1561, the third son of Richard Southwell, a gentlemen and courtier of Horsham St. Faith in Norfolk. His mother was Bridget Southwell, a Copley of Sussex. His paternal grandfather was Sir Richard Southwell of Wodrising Norfolk, a man who personally benefitted from the suppression of the monasteries under Henry VIII. Horsham Saint Faith, where Robert grew up, was once a … More →

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Prelude to a Martyrdom

In the Summer of 1586, three priests arrived for a secret meeting at Hurleyford, the “lonely but spacious mansion”1 belonging to one Mr. Richard Bold. The house was in England’s south, in Buckinghamshire, between the Thames and the Chiltern foothills, an area where one of the clerical number, Father William Weston, knew a number of recusant Catholics, like Bold, who hosted priests — but secretly, … More →

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Going to War in Syria: Seriously?

Catching up on news after our conference weekend (a good one, by all accounts I’ve heard from attendees), I became disturbed at the possibility of imminent war. I speak of the saber rattling over Syria. If the Warhawks get their way, there will be more useless deaths of Americans, increased (and justified) hatred of us abroad, worse conditions for the Christians in the Middle East, and … More →

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Catholic Action League Rebukes Emily Rooney for Defaming Saint Padre Pio

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today criticized public television host Emily Rooney for claiming that Padre Pio—Catholicism’s most popular modern saint—was “a charlatan.” Rooney, a former network television producer, moderates a weekly, half-hour discussion program, Beat the Press, where she and four panelists, usually a mix of columnists and professors of journalism, analyze news coverage of local and national events. The program is broadcast on Boston’s WGBH-TV, the so-called flagship … More →

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A New Order of Crusaders: Seriously!

As I write, two events are on the horizon for the religious here at Saint Benedict Center. The first is the annual Pilgrimage for Restoration (September 23-25), a three-day, sixty-five mile walking pilgrimage from Lake George, New York, to Auriesville, New York, where we will pray in the spot sanctified by the martyrdom of three of the eight holy Jesuits known collectively as the “North American … More →

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Conference Update: Frà Alexis Bugnolo to Speak

The learned and much labored Brother Alexis Bugnolo will be speaking at our conference this year. Brother Alexis is translator of the works of Saint Bonaventure, Registrar of the Scholasticum, author of the Italian language L’osservanza antica, and editor of the scholarly and voluminous Franciscan Archive (which has its own blog). He last spoke at our conference two years ago. Following a venerable Franciscan tradition of promoting armed 1 Catholic resistance … More →

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Reconquest Episode 41: Mary in the Hebrew Scriptures. Guest: Sister Maria Philomena

Sister Maria Philomena, director of the Saint Augustine Institute of Wisdom, is my guest for this episode. Sister and I will discuss the typology of Mary in the Old Testament. (This is the promised sequel to my earlier show, Looking at Old Testament Types.) After firing off a list of numerous types of the Blessed Virgin Mary found in the Old Testament — including Miriam, Hannah, Sara, Judith, … More →

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Why Read the Old Testament?

The question is not a silly one. We Christians live in the New Dispensation now. We have what Saint Paul calls “a better testament which is established on better promises” (Heb. 8:6). The old Scriptures pointed to a reality that is now present in the New Covenant. When the object of our hopes is made present, hope recedes and yields to possession. So why bother … More →

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Blessed Pius IX, portrait by George Peter Alexander Healy (source)

Society is becoming more liberal. Do you think the Church needs to adapt and move with the times?

From an interview with Malta’s Archbishop Charles Scicluna: Society is becoming more liberal. Do you think the Church needs to adapt and move with the times? Absolutely. The Church always needs to adapt to circumstances. There is a core message, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church will be faithful to that core message if it adapts to circumstances and even adapts its … More →

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Hortus_Deliciarum,_Die_Kreuzigung_Jesu_Christi (1)

Reconquest Episode 39: Christ’s Finished Work

In Episode thirty-nine of Reconquest, I consider “Christ’s finished work.” In so doing, I am replying to an objection I received via email by a Baptist gentleman who listens to the show. He said he often finds himself in agreement with what I say, but was taking exception to the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory because it detracts, he says, from Christ’s finished work on the … More →

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From Indifferentism to Apostasy

Indifferentism is the condemned heresy that advances the possibility of salvation in any religion. Apostasy (according to Father Hardon) is the “complete abandonment of the Christian religion and not merely a denial of some article of the creed.” There is a certain inexorable logic — or at least a psychologically coherent dynamism — that facilitates the journey from indifferentism to apostasy. It may take some … More →

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Reconquest Episode 38: Purgatory

This week’s show is a cultural-apologetical romp through the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory. This greatly confused and misunderstood dogma of our religion makes sense only in the context of an economy of salvation wherein our acts (our merits and demerits, our sins and our good works) actually have a bearing on our salvation. The Scriptural evidence for Purgatory is considered, mostly in the New Testament, … More →

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