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About Brother André Marie

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Brother Andre Marie graduated from that city's Holy Cross School in 1988. He went on to study at Louisiana State University (LSU) on full scholarship as a music major. After three years at LSU, he transferred to Holy Apostles College and Seminary, in Cromwell, Connecticut, where he took a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spring of 1993 (major in Humanities with a minor in Philosophy). In September of 2007, he received the degree of Master of Arts in Theology, Summa cum Laude, also from Holy Apostles.

He entered as a postulant for the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in May of 1993, and went on to the novitiate on Christmas of that year. He made profession of vows on Epiphany of 1996.

Since 1993, he was mentored in philosophy and theology by Brother Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M., Ph.D., a published philosopher of note.

His apostolic work has included various facets of the publishing apostolate of the congregation. For ten years, he was also part of the community's small "mission band" of brothers who traveled to different cities distributing literature to interested persons in an effort to spread the Catholic Faith and bring wayward Catholics back to a sacramental life. He oversaw that apostolate for four years.

He has edited three of the Congregation's books, published dozens of articles, and presented numerous lectures in apologetics, the history of doctrine, the Church's ecumenical councils, ecclesiology, and devotional topics. He has been published in From the Housetops, Christian Order, Apropos Magazine, The Remnant , Rorate Caeli, and Catholic Online.

Since 2002, he has been Prior of St. Benedict Center, an apostolate of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Richmond, New Hampshire.

Past memberships include the Knights of Columbus, the ITEA, and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.

He maintains contact via Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.


Marian Consecration: A Little History

To whet the appetites of our readers for our conference theme, I present here a small chunk of my own talk, which is the “title cut” of the conference, since it has the same name: “Total Consecration to Mary: The Remedy for our Ills.” This little section is a micro-history of Total Consecration to Mary. What is total consecration? I will not take the time … More →

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The Annulment Mess: Videos and Resources

We live in a day when a false mercy threatens both the welfare of children and the sacraments instituted by Our Lord Jesus Christ. One way that false mercy manifests itself is in the way annulments are conceived and carried out. From a doctrinal point of view, there is no problem with a declaration of sacramental nullity if sufficient reason for it is discovered. Any … More →

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Syriac Patriarch Ignatius Yonan Speaking on the Folly of US Policy in the Mideast

We’ve long said here at that the meddlesome US foreign policy in the Middle East has been both wrongheaded and disastrous to the Christian religious minorities in the region. Some mistake our criticism for a lack of patriotism. Below are some brief clips from a longer interview with Patriarch Ignatius Ephrem Joseph III Yonan, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East of the Syrians for … More →

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A Site for All Things Synod, by Hilary White and Friends

Hilary White, who has written for LifeSite, The Remnant, and other outlets, is very interested in covering the Synod just about to start. She is so interested, in fact, that she and some fellow travelers have begun a blog for that exclusive purpose. She now reports on it that the draconian no-free-press kind of rules that were rumored to have been planned for the Synod … More →

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A Call for Prayer and Fasting for God’s Glory and the Cause of the Family, against the ‘Kasperites’

My friend “Aged Parent” at The Eye-Witness has issued a call for fasting in preparation for the October 4–25 Synod on the Family. We are urging our readers to join this effort, somehow. October 4 is the Sunday coming, so the Synod is fast upon us. Traditional fast days are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, but one can fast on any day (except Sunday). An old Italian proverb has … More →

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Cardinal Gerhard Müller: A Speech Worth Reading

He uses the words heresy, Modernism, progressivism, narcissism, and apostasy — as pejoratives; he speaks well of the liturgy and against its banalizations and anthropocentrisms; he defends the unborn; he harshly criticizes the American and European agendas of forcing progressivist sexual ideologies on Africa; he shows what such ideologies have done to Europe, including his own Germany (“…empty Churches; empty confessionals; barely any priestly candidates; … More →

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I’m a ‘Public Figure’ on Facebook Now. Oh Boy.

(Update: I have now been restored to full brotherly status by Facebook, as can be seen here. I am grateful that the individual I communicated with at FB accepted my documentary proof.) Since I was “outed” on their social media megasite as a person who is actually (i.e., legally) named “Louis Paul Villarrubia,” the shadowy overlords at Facebook thought my use of “Brother André Marie,” which … More →

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The Faith of Mary

The other day I was speaking to a priest about the challenges of the apostolate today. In the bleak modern landscape, where so much militates against revealed religion (and even common sense), “You have to have the faith of Abraham and the patience of Job,” I said. It is a commonplace to use these two holy men of the Old Testament as models of these virtues. Scripture … More →

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The OFFICIAL Graphic for the Pope’s American Visit (SBC Version)

The media in the US have been scrambling for “papal” and “Catholic” news stories in the lead-in to Pope Francis’ American visit (September 22 – 27). With headlines like “Conservative dissent is brewing inside the Vatican” and “As Pope visit nears, U.S. Catholic Church faces financial strain,” the press is telling us all about Catholic, and specifically “American Catholic” things (the American Cardinal Burke figures prominently … More →

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Stunning Anti-Catholic Lie Makes Pope a Devil Worshipper

Today, a friend sent me a link to this YouTube video (scroll down for the insanity), asking me to comment on its veracity. Under the title, “Pope Francis Declares Lucifer As God” (sic), an anti-Catholic deceiver (probably lying, but at least deceived himself) has mistranslated the Exultet and turned it into a prayer of adoration directed to Satan. What is the Exultet? Here’s what the Catholic … More →

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UPDATED SPEAKERS LIST: 2015 Saint Benedict Center Conference

Join us on Friday-Saturday, October 16 and 17, 2015, for Saint Benedict Center’s annual conference. NOTE: In recent years, our Conference has been on Columbus Day weekend. But this has caused some conflicts with the previously scheduled activities of other traditional Catholic communities. Therefore, we have transferred it to the following weekend.  Who: 1. Dr. G.C. Dilsaver — The Heroic Freedom of Holy Slavery 2. Gary Potter — The Once and Future … More →

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Selwyn Duke: Liberalism Created the WDBJ Killer

Over at, Selwyn Duke well describes the causality behind the formation of Vester Lee, that narcissistic professional victim that vented his rage at innocent people through the muzzle of a Glock. Liberals will call for laws and government programs to fix this, not realizing that their favorite cures (legislation, technology, expensive Nanny-State programs, etc.) do not fix moral problems, which is what we have here in … More →

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Noah’s Ark and Peter’s Bark

In this number of the Ad Rem, I wish to consider the interesting and dogmatically significant subject of Ark-Church typology. In order to do so, I am going to excerpt from two other pieces — one written by Brother Thomas Mary, the other by your humble servant. I will credit both, though I will be less scrupulous in my own citation.1 A very important device … More →

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Priest Arriving This Week!

Later this week, a priest will begin a four-week visit to Saint Benedict Center. He is coming with our Bishop’s permission in order that we might get to know each other. What happens after his four-week visit is not yet planned, nor can it be at this point.1   Father will offer the Holy Mass on Friday Morning, and daily for the duration of his stay. (Providentially, he arrives in time for First … More →

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Bella Mercedes (May 14, 2013 – August 5, 2013)

O Beauty’s mercy, Mercy’s beauty sweet, A ray of light from God our Father’s dawn: So brief your stay, so soon was your retreat; O Bella! O Mercedes! Now you’re gone. The man who sired you grieves his Beauty’s loss, While she who birthed you does her Mercy mourn; They gave you life and you gave them a Cross. And tears and pains and sorrows … More →

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