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About Brother André Marie

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Brother Andre Marie graduated from that city's Holy Cross School in 1988. He went on to study at Louisiana State University (LSU) on full scholarship as a music major. After three years at LSU, he transferred to Holy Apostles College and Seminary, in Cromwell, Connecticut, where he took a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spring of 1993 (major in Humanities with a minor in Philosophy). In September of 2007, he received the degree of Master of Arts in Theology, Summa cum Laude, also from Holy Apostles.

He entered as a postulant for the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in May of 1993, and went on to the novitiate on Christmas of that year. He made profession of vows on Epiphany of 1996.

Since 1993, he was mentored in philosophy and theology by Brother Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M., Ph.D., a published philosopher of note.

His apostolic work has included various facets of the publishing apostolate of the congregation. For ten years, he was also part of the community's small "mission band" of brothers who traveled to different cities distributing literature to interested persons in an effort to spread the Catholic Faith and bring wayward Catholics back to a sacramental life. He oversaw that apostolate for four years.

He has edited three of the Congregation's books, published dozens of articles, and presented numerous lectures in apologetics, the history of doctrine, the Church's ecumenical councils, ecclesiology, and devotional topics. He has been published in From the Housetops, Christian Order, Apropos Magazine, The Remnant , Rorate Caeli, and Catholic Online.

Since 2002, he has been Prior of St. Benedict Center, an apostolate of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Richmond, New Hampshire.

Past memberships include the Knights of Columbus, the ITEA, and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.

He maintains contact via Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.

Bella Mercedes (May 14, 2013 – August 5, 2013)

O Beauty’s mercy, Mercy’s beauty sweet, A ray of light from God our Father’s dawn: So brief your stay, so soon was your retreat; O Bella! O Mercedes! Now you’re gone. The man who sired you grieves his Beauty’s loss, While she who birthed you does her Mercy mourn; They gave you life and you gave them a Cross. And tears and pains and sorrows … More →

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Father Paul Trinchard, RIP

We have just learned that Father Paul Trinchard, of New Orleans, died on Saturday night or Sunday morning last following emergency surgery due to colon cancer. That cancer had been diagnosed as advanced metastatic only some three weeks previously. Father Trinchard visited the Center in Richmond about 23 years ago. I knew him personally before that, as we are both from New Orleans. Father suffered … More →

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Priest Wanted

Saint Benedict Center is losing our resident priest, who has been with us the last almost five years. We are looking for another priest to fill that role as soon as possible. Here in southern New Hampshire are a small group of religious brothers, sisters, and traditional Catholic lay faithful (200+ on Sundays). We have a small school, too, and do some publishing, such as … More →

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Please Pray for Two Deceased Founding Members of SBC/MICM

We have just arrived home from the funeral of Sister Gemma, M.I.C.M., one of the founding members of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and a Sister at Saint Ann’s House in Harvard, Massachusetts. Sister Gemma was predeceased by a mere two days by Sister Mary Lucy, M.I.C.M., also a founding member and a religious of Saint Ann’s House. These two Sisters made … More →

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Truth and Its Enemies

Preparing myself for the regular Tuesday night meeting of Mike Church’s philosophy discussion group, I attentively read (and then twice reread) a passage in Brother Francis’ Logic Notes that he called “Truth and its enemies.” It is a wonderful elucidation of the importance of the study of logic and of the fatuous nature of modernist objections to the authentic “art and science of correct reasoning” (the … More →

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An Itty Bitty Presentation of the Syllogism

The following is in no way intended to be an exhaustive treatment of the subject of the syllogism. (Get Brother Francis’ Logic Course for that.) It is a lopsided little introduction, being comprised of two excerpts from “It’s All or Nothing,” an apologetics article I penned a while back. The subheadings are as they appear in that article. The Logic St. Paul wrote, in Romans 3:23, “For all … More →

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Please Pray for Ann Cillis

I received an email from Kathleen Heckenkamp of the Apostolate of Our Lady of Good Success. In it, she says: …we received a phone call on Saturday from Ann Cillis’ daughter, Theresa. Anne has always been known to be a terrific fighter for the Catholic Truth and a great defender of the Faith and loyal friend of Padre Pio, being a spiritual daughter of his. … More →

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Planned Parenthood is OK After All: That’s What the Poll Says, Right?

This is an anatomy of a PR coverup. See how the demonic liars at Planned Parenthood cranked up a campaign, utilizing a bogus poll and their willing media accomplices, to hush the story of their illegal sale of baby body parts. Besides describing him as a “murderer,” Jesus calls Satan also a “liar.” Planned Parenthood’s minions, who actively pursue the work of Satan (whether consciously … More →

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So Much Evil, So Many Opportunities!

The days are evil. We are beset. It reminds me of a quote attributed to that great philosopher, Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller, USMC: “All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us…they can’t get away this time” (source). A litany of recent miseries might include: the de-Christianization of the Middle East (largely due to American “Disaster … More →

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Catholic Restoration Conference VIII: Sept. 11-13 in D.C.

This conference is NOT about the crisis in the Church, but about the crisis in the world because it’s NOT Catholic. ISOC invites you to experience the third in the series of Rebuilding Christendom conferences dedicated to traditional Catholic Social Teachings: With special emphasis on the writings of Father Joseph Casper Husslein (about whom see this and this), a visionary who labored all his life to guarantee justice and opportunity for all … More →

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Who’s Your Daddy?

Good Vortex here. Another reminder of the need for good Catholic men and good Catholic fathers. The slang expression “Who’s your daddy?” holds a lot of of significance these days owing to the “man crisis.” A boy passing into young manhood is at a severe disadvantage without a father rooted in the Faith. That is so blindingly clear it seems almost insulting to a person’s … More →

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Naomi Klein Doesn’t Speak Catholic

As a traditionalist who believes there is no salvation outside the Church, I may be presumed by many to think we Catholics should avoid non-Catholics, should not cooperate with them in any area of common human interest, and should avoid like the plague anything that might be misunderstood by modern conservatives to appear “lefty” (even if it’s not). Such a presumption would be entirely mistaken. As … More →

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A Sermon of Father Michael Rodriguez: ‘Catholic Truth, Outside of Which There is no Hope and no Salvation’

(Sensus Fidelium) Many are becoming increasingly aware of the darkness of atheism descending upon our times. It is impossible to believe in God and accept the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah. There can be no clearer sign of Satan’s reign than the exaltation of this sin. How have we come to this point? It is because the majority of Catholics have turned away from True … More →

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Boy Scouts Accelerate Their Moral Demise

It was not a very difficult prediction. The handwriting was on the wall. On May 27, 2013, I wrote, on this site: …the time it took for the US Armed Forces to go from “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to the present aggressively proactive homosexualist policy will seem long compared to the time it takes the BSA to change their policy on homosexuals as adult leaders. The coercive … More →

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Obergefell v. Hodges: A Moment of Grace

At the end of a short posting on our site, “Rod Dreher on Obergefell and Living as Exiles,” I said about that horrible SCOTUS ruling: “this is a moment of grace for us.” The promise was made to develop that thought, which I now set out to do. Some background is in order. By and large, American Catholicism has a long history of cowardice and … More →

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