Joe Doyle

About Joe Doyle

C.J. Doyle is the Executive Director of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts (CAL), an organization that has been, and is, in the forefront of the battle to combat anti-Catholic bigotry in Massachusetts. CAL also works civically to defend the Constitutional rights of Catholic citizens of that state. Mr. Doyle is currently spearheading the referendum appeal to ban the homosexual “marriage” licensing approved by the Massachusetts legislature.

He is the media’s go-to man whenever traditional Catholic values are threatened in the public arena, appearing for television and radio interviews approximately 150 times a year. He has often debated via the media many of the high profile facilitators of the anti-Catholic and anti-life forces whose policies dominate the most liberal state in America.

C.J. — known to his friends as “Joe” — worked in the Massachusetts House of Representatives for many years as an adviser and aide to the late Rep. James Craven, the most staunchly pro-life and anti-communist representative that New England had in the 70s and 80s. Mr. Doyle also worked as an analyst for the Foundation for Economic Research, authoring several reports on spending, taxing, and public policy in Massachusetts for that non-governmental agency. He also served as National Director for William Donahue’s Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights before the Massachusetts CAL was established.

Joe is a 1974 graduate of Boston College.

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