Bernie Sanders Applies Religious Litmus Test on Nominee

With a hat tip to the Mike Church Show Fan Page, we bring you this YouTube video showing Bernie Sanders grilling an Evangelical Christian, Russell Vought, on his religious views during a hearing regarding the gentleman’s nomination as Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Note that the man is being grilled on his opinions concerning Islam. It speaks volumes about the post-Christian West that progressivists like Sanders insist that Christians show respect for Islam at the very time that members of that religion are agressively butchering Christians and others not only in Asia and Africa, but also in Europe — where, e.g., the youth of England get blown up after enjoying an indecent evening of Ariana Grande’s pop pornography.

We are not morally and spiritually up to the challenge.

And regarding Mr. Sanders’ performance in the video below, f you thought that we live in a nation governed by the rule of law, think again.

Here is the text from the YouTube channel that posted the video:

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders said that evangelical Christians, like Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget nominee Russell Vought, is “not what America is all about” and that he would vote no on his nomination. This is because Vought defended the orthodox Christian view of salvation in an article published at The Resurgent.