Bishop Jin’s Odd Request Granted, Buried at Sea After Cremation

UCANews: The remains of Coadjutor Bishop Aloysius Jin Luxian of Shanghai were buried at sea on Monday as about 100 Catholics boarded a vessel to carry out the prelate’s dying wish.

Bishop Jin, leader of China’s “open Church” community, died on April 27 at the age of 96, and is the first Chinese clergyman to opt for burial at sea.

His ashes were scattered at the Wusong Port, which sits at the intersection of the Huangpu and Yangtze rivers. Read more here.

  • Tom Syseskey

    Was the bishop who usurped the diocese of the late Cardinal Kung a crypto-mason, communist or other member of another group that does not believe in the resurrection of the body? While the Church now permits cremation, it forbids the scattering of the cremains (ashes), which must be properly buried in consecrated ground.