We Are Called to Be ‘Confessors’: Cardinal Pie

Good article here by Michael Matt, The Remnant.  It is based on Romans 10:10 “for with the heart we believe unto justice; but, with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation.”

Cardinal Pie: Is God too proud when he acknowledges only those who acknowledge Him, and denies those who deny Him? Jesus Christ did not care about those who found it to be too much; He expressed it in such a way as to leave no doubt on the point. As three of the evangelists testify, He will recognize before His Father and before the whole heavenly court whoever will have recognized and confessed Him before human beings, but if, in the face of this corrupt and sinful generation, someone were ashamed of our Lord, either in His Person or in His teachings, for His part our Lord, when He appears in the glory of His Father, escorted by the holy angels, will be ashamed of that person. Read whole article here.