Cardinal Brandmüller Affirms Those Who Deny Christ’s Teaching on Marriage Are ‘Excommunicated’

1Peter5, Maike Hickson: One of the two remaining dubia cardinals, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, has just given an interview to the prominent German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) which has been published today, 28 October. In this lengthy interview, the 88-year old German prelate explains once more the fundamental teaching of the Catholic Church on marriage, as it has been laid out by Jesus Christ Himself, in its sacramental and indissoluble character. Cardinal Brandmüller – who is known for his courageous outspokenness – made some remarks that might be of special interest to our readers. That is to say, he made it clear that one may not change that teaching on marriage:

That is to say, he who claims that one may enter a new relationship while one’s own lawful wife is still alive is excommunicated because this is an erroneous teaching, a heresy. Whoever does make such a claim [is excommunicated]. And he who simply practices it [adultery] is gravely sinning. And then there is added that whoever is conscious of a grave sin may only go to Communion if he previously has done penance, has confessed his sins, and has been absolved. Thus, if someone thinks he can contradict the defined Dogma of a General Council [Council of Trent], then that is indeed quite vehement. Exactly that is what one calls heresy – and that means exclusion from the Church – because one has left the common foundation of Faith. [emphasis added]

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