Cardinal Burke: If No Answer to the Dubia Then We Must ‘Correct the Situation Again . . .’

1Peter5, Steve Skojec: “Then we simply will have to correct the situation, again, in a respectful way, that simply can say that, to draw the response to the questions from the constant teachings of the Church and to make that known for the good of souls.” Full report is here.

  • One thing I see lacking in orthodox Catholic circles is a need for good strategy and tactics on how to combat evil in the Church. We’ve been losing fight after fight the last fifty years because, although we understand the errors of the modernists, we haven’t figured out how to effectively combat them. But things are changing, and I’m very hopeful. I’ll be making some of my own battle suggestions, which I’ll be sharing on YouTube:

  • Roman Lance

    I believe the use of rhetoric to be more effective then the dialectic. Also ridicule can be quite effective. As Catholics, though, we are taught to be ready always to give “reason” for the faith that is in us. And that’s were we are loosing the battle. They are counting on us to be “nice” shrinking violets when they level accusations at us.

    The so-called “Alt-right” uses rhetoric and ridicule to effectively combat the leftist SJW crowd. Perhaps we Catholics need to be less “reasonable” and more mockingly assertive in our denunciations of those who are trying tear down the faithful.

    Anecdotally, two of my boys are currently battling fellow “traditionalist” who are constantly leveling the “heretic” label at them when they (my sons) state that Sacramental Baptism is absolutely necessary for salvation. My 13 y/o just laughs and shrugs it off while they go into paroxysms of snorts and mocking laughter while running off to tattle to Father.

    Starting our own meme war may also be effective.

  • defeat_heresy

    I already created a meme account on Instagram called padre_leonard_feeney4dogma where I ridicule sedevacantists and modernists and it is working.