Cardinal Zen’s Explosive Interview With WSJ

WSJ, David Feith: Cardinal Joseph Zen, the most senior Chinese cleric in the Catholic Church, believes the Vatican is fast approaching a tragic mistake in China.

Within days church leaders could conclude a landmark agreement with the Chinese government after 65 years of acrimony and persecution. Pope Francis isn’t known to have signed off, and before he does Cardinal Zen prays to be heard.

The former bishop of Hong Kong speaks with passion that belies his age (84) and recent hospitalization for a lung virus. As we meet at the church complex where he has lived since 2009—and where he first moved as a novice from Shanghai in 1948—he warns of “surrender”: that Chinese leaders are demanding it and Vatican officials appear willing to give it “in the hopes of achieving an agreement.”

[Note: The text of the interview was opened some minutes ago, now, however, it is closed to non WSJ subscribers. Therefore I give you below another article from National Catholic Register, which contains clips from the interview.]

Victor Gaetan: Negotiations between the Holy See and China, aimed at bringing unity to the  Catholic Church in China, which is divided into two communities — one, state-sanctioned; the other, functioning beyond government control —  are on course for a landmark breakthrough in 2017. Full article is here.