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The Yuck Factor

In our increasingly superficial culture, many moral decisions are made based on surface appearances, emotional reactions to those appearances, and an alarming lack of intellectual or volitional activity to check those emotional reactions. This has serious ramifications for all of … Continue reading

Quaint Theories of Modernity

In his humorous but informative documentary “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” Ben Stein refers to Darwinism as a “quaint nineteenth-century theory.” This is what is known as “damning by faint praise,” and it is a commonly employed rhetorical device. Oftentimes, it … Continue reading

Defending the Domestic Church

Two writings recently emanated from officials very high in the Holy See concerning marriage and the family. The statements are frank and blunt, especially by today’s standards. The first was penned by Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, the Prefect of the … Continue reading

Simian Antinomianism

The heresy of antinomianism received its name from Martin Luther, who, wrote against the more “extreme” doctrines of Johannes Agricola, the enfant terrible of Luther’s own novel doctrine of Justification by faith only. In brief, antinomianism — coming from anti … Continue reading

Divine Relationships

A fallen-away Catholic once told me, “I gave up that religion for a relationship.” What she was saying is that Catholicism, with all its ceremonies, doctrines, and other “formalities,” did not give her a relationship with Jesus, which is exactly … Continue reading

On Being Beautiful

In philosophy, we consider being under three different aspects that we call the transcendentals. They are the true, good, and beautiful (verum, bonum, et pulchrum). As being is knowable to our intellects, it is true; as being is loved by … Continue reading