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Upcoming events, special promotions, news from Saint Benedict Center and our apostolate: all these could be announced in this area of our site.

Saint Anthony’s Shrine Joins Boston’s ‘PRIDE’ Festival

Boston’s annual homosexual “Pride” Parade — which will occur this Saturday, June 14th — is a cauldron of depravity. It is characterized by lewd behavior, immodest dress, and lurid displays of exhibitionism and sadomasochism. The message of the parade, and that of the festival which follows it in City Hall Plaza, is one of radical rejection of Christian morality, of pride in mortal sin. Incredibly, … More →

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North American Martyrs Lacrosse Club: Looking for a Few Good Catholic Men

The North American Martyrs are looking for a few, good men… The North American Martyrs Lacrosse Club is a masters and grandmasters lacrosse club for traditional Catholic men 35 years of age and older.  We welcome Catholic men from across the United States and Canada who love both the sport of lacrosse and the traditional Catholic Faith, regardless of their skill level or experience playing … More →

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Rosary of Reparation at Harvard

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts will recite a Rosary of Reparation outside of Harvard University’s Memorial Hall this Monday evening, May 12th, beginning at 7PM. The Rosary is a response to the abomination of a Black Mass being performed on the Harvard campus. The Harvard Extension School has granted permission to a student group — the Cultural Studies Club — to sponsor the demonic rite, which will be conducted by … More →

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Catholic Action League Condemns Harvard for Allowing Black Mass

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today condemned Harvard University for allowing a student group to have a Black Mass performed on campus. The New York based Satanic Temple, under the sponsorship of the Cultural Studies Club of the Harvard Extension School, will conduct the rite on Monday evening, May 12th, in the university’s Memorial Hall. In a statement, the Extension School characterized the Black Mass as “part … More →

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There Are Good Things Happening

Below is a wonderful little video “showing off” a girl’s Otter Lodge. “What’s an Otter?” It’s a boy or girl aged 6 to 8, who is a member of the Federation of North American Explorers. Here in Richmond we have a boy’s Otter Lodge and a girl’s Otter Lodge.  The girls are looking for a little help with uniforms right now.

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Holy Week, Easter Schedule at Saint Benedict Center

Join us for Holy Week and Easter Sunday. (You can get directions here.) The schedule is as follows: Maundy Thursday: Rosary: 6:30 pm; High Mass: 7:00 pm; Confessions: After Mass (The High Mass is followed by all-night Eucharistic Adoration.) Good Friday: Confession: 1:00-3:00 pm; Rosary: 2:00 pm; Stations of the Cross: 2:30 pm; Mass of the Presanctified: 3:00 pm Holy Saturday: Confession: 4:00-5:00 pm; Rosary: 10:00 pm; Solemn Easter Vigil Mass (Blessing of Fire & Easter Water): … More →

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Store Site Is Back up! is back online! The upgrade work took longer than we had anticipated. We’re sorry about that.

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Store Will Be Down for Scheduled Upgrades

Our online store will be down for a time beginning today (Wednesday) for scheduled upgrades. We hope to keep the down time as limited as possible, but it may last for more than a day. The upgraded will be worth the wait.

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Chair of Unity Octave

Today begins the traditional Chair of Unity octave, originally planned to last from the feast of Saint Peter’s Chair at Rome until the feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul on January 25. The devotion has evolved into the “Week of Prayer,” since the removal from the calendar of the feast that opened the octave. But in the 1962 rubrics, a priest may offer the … More →

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Brother Leonard Mary, M.I.C.M., Has Died

Brother Leonard Mary, M.I.C.M., died Saturday, November 23, at around 10:30 PM. Known in the world as Fred Farrell, Brother Leonard Mary was one of the earliest disciples of Father Feeney at the original Saint Benedict Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In fact, of all the members of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Sister Catherine excepted), he is the one who knew Father … More →

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Brother André Marie Interviewed Saturday Night

Tonight at 10:00 Eastern Time, Brother André Marie will be interviewed by Christine Niles, host of “Forward Boldly.” Go to the Forward Boldly site to hear the interview live or click on it later for the archived version. (We are also embedding it below.) About Forward Boldly: The title is taken from the battle cry of St. Joan of Arc. Riding before the army of … More →

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Thank You, Bishop Paprocki

Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki, of the Springfield, Illinois Diocese, deserves to be thanked. Yes, he’s just doing his job — or, more properly, fulfilling the demands of his office. But when one does such in these days, he incurs the wrath of the world. He ought, also, to incur the love and gratitude of the faithful. The Bishop’s good words, and the reactions to them, … More →

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Today Begins Christ the King Novena

The Novena to Our Lord Jesus Christ the King begins today. In the traditional rite, the Feast of Christ is the last Sunday in October, which is the last Sunday before the Feast of All Saints, and also — for our separated brethren — “Reformation Sunday.” (We pray, in the official prayers of the Church, that they will accept His Kingship and no longer remain … More →

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A Big Thank You

Speaking for all the Brothers and Sisters of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I heartily thank all those who joined us this past weekend and made our conference a joyful and fruitful one. God bless and Mary keep you all!

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2013 Conference Schedule

Join us on Friday-Saturday, October 11 and 12, 2013, for Saint Benedict Center’s annual conference. You may register online or by telephone: (603) 239-6485. What: This year’s conference theme is “What Do ‘Liberal’ and ‘Conservative’ Mean?” Where: Saint Benedict Center, 95 Fay Martin Road, Richmond, New Hampshire, 03470. When: Friday and Saturday, October 11 and 12, 2012. Both will be full conference days. How Much: … More →

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