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Apologetics is a Greek word compounded from apo and logos, meaning “to give a reason for.”  St. Peter uses it in his first epistle: “But sanctify the Lord Christ in your hearts, being ready always to satisfy every one that asketh you a reason (apologian) of that hope which is in you” (3:15). Some of the Fathers of the Church called the treatises that they wrote in defense of the Catholic Faith “apologia.”

Brother Francis explains in his course on the subject that there is more to apologetics than having enough knowledge to defend the Faith.  There is an art or science to the presentation one is making, which comes from logical thinking. Apologetics is not polemics — the latter art being the employment of authority, such as the Bible, in winning an argument.

As you will see in the articles filed in this section the authors have a certain art and logic in the way they present their sound arguments in defense of the Faith. They demonstrate the reasonableness of our holy religion and the goodness of God in revealing Himself to man through the patriarchs and prophets and, finally, through His Son.  The writers, each with their own style, confront the major obstacles, lies, and fallacies that deceive people in our times into thinking that Christianity is unreasonable, or that it is an “opiate” for simple folk who put their hope in a better life to come. Such obstacles as arise from modern science (which attempts to discredit the veracity of the scriptures), from the errors of modern subjectivism, from psychological, social and political trends, as well as from the claims of the false religions in the world today, are handled with deft and intelligence by authors who all qualify as good Catholic polemicists.

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Was God Mean in the Old Testament? YouTube Video.

The YouTube video below is the entirety of Reconquest 19: “KILL THEM ALL! (on the ‘Dark Passages’ of the Bible). Guest: Dr. Nathan Schmiedickie”. I also wrote an Ad Rem on the same subject. Not every episode will make its way to YouTube. But all the episodes of Reconquest are free if you listen to them at air time over at (See the schedule here.) … More →

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Kill Them All!

Much attention has been given to the so-called “dark passages” of the Bible in recent years. This is largely due to the use put to these passages by the enemies of the Christian name, by which I mean the aggressive, new-fangled atheists, who lately write pompous books against God, and get further media attention in order to attack Him. The “dark passages” are those parts … More →

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Can Mary Save Us?

Provocative question, no? Merely seeing the question asked may cause some sectarians to lose their breakfast cereal. I’m going to answer it by stealing the reply a Ukrainian (I think) priest gave to a non-Catholic objection on — of all places — a YouTube video. Commenting on the Arvo Pärt’s piece, “Most Holy Mother of God,” with its manifold repetitions of the verse, “Most Holy Mother of God, … More →

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Stunning Anti-Catholic Lie Makes Pope a Devil Worshipper

Today, a friend sent me a link to this YouTube video (scroll down for the insanity), asking me to comment on its veracity. Under the title, “Pope Francis Declares Lucifer As God” (sic), an anti-Catholic deceiver (probably lying, but at least deceived himself) has mistranslated the Exultet and turned it into a prayer of adoration directed to Satan. What is the Exultet? Here’s what the Catholic … More →

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Is the Bible Catholic?

A logical, lucid, and brief article below by Jeff Mirus for Catholic Culture. Well worth sharing with Bible-thumpers, or any Protestant, who is open to the truth. You may also want to read Father Arnold Damen’s, The Church or the Bible, on our website. It is a great work of simple, and humorous, apologetics. Catholic Culture: The other day I referred to Dave Armstrong’s fine collection of essays, Proving the … More →

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The Real Truth About the Crusades: The Glory of the Crusades

Haven’t we all at some time in our discussions with Catholics, both practicing and fallen-away, and with non-Catholics alike, heard the comment in the middle of a conversation, “But what about the Crusades; what about the Inquisition?” While we make our point on some other aspect of the Faith, these two topics are invariably brought up to throw us off kilter because they absolutely know … More →

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Selwyn Duke Answers Michael Savage’s Non-Omnipotent God Theory

Worth reading… (Renew America) Torture, pain, beheadings, the murder of children…. If God exists and is all good, how could He allow such suffering and evil? This is a common question, and a lament often an impediment to faith. It also was addressed recently on the Savage Nation radio show, where host Michael Savage – exhibiting his versatility and talk virility – will sometimes broach … More →

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Charles Coulombe Interviewed on Americanism On this week’s edition of Mic’d Up, Michael Voris unpacks the heresy of Americanism. Guests include historian Charles Coulombe, Catholic apologist Robert Sungenis, and theologian Fr. Brian Harrison. comment: Charles Coulombe’s interview is first, beginning right after the short news segment. Apparently the video cannot be imbedded here, so readers are encouraged to go to the site to view it. If you like what … More →

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The Globe’s Kevin Cullen Defines Once Catholic Ireland as “Backward”

In a metro column of The Boston Sunday Globe of August 24th, serial Catholic basher Kevin Cullen wrote about the controversy in Ireland over the discovery of unmarked graves of children at the site of a maternity home in Tuam administered bythe Bon Secours Sisters. Though disturbing questions remain, the affair has been characterized by hysterical press coverage and extravagant claims, almost all of which … More →

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Protestant Convert Writes Excellent Letter Telling Family Why She Became a Catholic

Defenders of the Catholic Faith website Dear Family,  So that you know I have been vigilant in reading and studying about the Catholic Church.  Below are the many, many reasons why it is apparent to me that the Catholic Church is Christ’s Church that he built, and why there is no doubt in mind this is where I belong.  Sorry it’s so long, but there … More →

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Very Good Article on Christ and the OT Figure of the Lamb of God

Quartermaster of the Barque: For those of us who lack multiple degrees in theology, ancient history, and sacred scripture, diving into exegesis isn’t much different than Aristotle recognizing a Nike “swoop” or President George Washington thinking the Apple Computer logo is just a cute drawing of the favorite fruit of the original owner of his teeth. While idioms and hidden meanings abound in any culture, it’s difficult — … More →

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The Folly of Materialism

Here is interesting admission of one materialist, quoted by Joe Heschmeyer in his brilliant article “Nothing’s the Matter with Atheistic Materialism” posted on Shameless Popery website: I’m reminded of the biologist Richard Lewontin, who candidly admitted that he and other scientists accepted materialism in spite of the evidence, rather than because of it, simply to avoid any reference or need for God: Our willingness to accept scientific claims that are … More →

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Ten Great Passages Supporting Papal Primacy and Authority

This a powerful “top ten” list from Tim Staples of Catholic Answers, wherein he proves from the New Testament that Saint Peter and his successors are the Vicars of Christ. The only thing I would have added, along with the commission given thrice to Peter alone by the Resurrected Christ to feed His sheep, is that, as we have it in Greek (and the Vulgate, too) … More →

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Faith and Miracles

With his Apostolic Letter of October 11, 2011, Porta Fidei, Pope Benedict XVI declared that a “Year of Faith” will begin on October 11, 2012, and conclude on November 24, 2013. October 11, is the feast of the Divine Maternity. What is Faith? The Baltimore Catechism gives a very simple definition of Faith as the first of the three theological virtues: “Faith is a supernatural … More →

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Boy Scouts and Homosexuality: What’s the Big Deal?

By now, readers are no doubt aware of the enormous moral capitulation by the Boy Scouts of America on the subject of homosexuality. Shortly after being informed of the bad news, I wrote a column that began with the words, “It is a crime against boyhood, manhood, and the honor of a once noble institution.” I will not reiterate here what I said there. Disregarding … More →

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