The Woman at the Well

“This is indeed the Saviour of the world.” John 4:42 Fools miss the sublime truths of Holy Scripture. While the story of Jesus’ meeting with the Samaritan woman is one of the most well known episodes in Holy Scripture, few … Continue reading

Mary’s Perpetual Virginity

“The friends of Christ refuse to admit subsequent marital relations between Joseph and Mary. Accordingly, those who denied the virginity post partum are not the friends of Christ; they are not true Christians.” (St. Basil the Great +379) People of … Continue reading

Be an Apostle, and How

In Ad Rem 89, I promised some thoughts on winning converts. Specifically, I said I would answer this question: “How do you tell someone he needs to convert without sounding rude or judgmental, or just turning him off?” Now I … Continue reading

Confess Your Sins!

St. Francis de Sales, the Bishop of Geneva, was responsible for the conversion of Lady Stafford, a Protestant noble woman, who had formerly been intransigent in her opposition to the Catholic Faith. After going to one of his Masses, she … Continue reading

Are you called?

The young man asked Our Lord: “Good Master, what good shall I do that I may have life everlasting?” It was the question of one blessed with wealth, but who realized that life eternal was a far more precious treasure.

Moslems Can Be Converted

The following amazing story is taken from a chapter in a book published in Bombay, India, called Love Without Frontiers. The book is a biography of a zealous Salesian missionary priest still functioning in India, Father Aurelius Maschio.

Chivalry and Our Lady

This article was serialized over two issues of our magazine, From the Housetops. Here, we present parts I and II together. —Editor Chivalry, it is said, is dead. Inasmuch as it was already being said before the rise of modern … Continue reading