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Introduction to Apologetics

Apologetics is a Greek word compounded from apo and logos, meaning “to give a reason for.” St. Peter uses it in his first epistle: “But sanctify the Lord Christ in your hearts, being ready always to satisfy every one that asketh you a reason (apologian) of that hope which is in you” (3:15). Some of the Fathers of the Church called the treatises that they … More →

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Through Belloc’s Eyes: Saint Patrick’s Person and Presence

Slightly more than a century ago, four years before World War I began, and six years before the Easter Rising in Dublin, Hilaire Belloc published an essay on Saint Patrick of Ireland in one of his collections of varied essays, entitled First and Last (1910).This compact six-page essay—containing important concepts and vivid personal experiences—was published five years after J.B. Bury, the Protestant Regius Professor of … More →

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March/April 2014 Mancipia

The March/ April 2014 Mancipia is now posted (scroll down for PDF). Back issues of this newsletter are linked from our downloads page. If you would like to receive our bi-monthly newsletter via U.S. mail, please sign up to get it regularly.   Click here to VIEW full size, DOWNLOAD as PDF file, and/or PRINT.

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A Review of ‘The Church Under Attack’

My favorite popular Catholic historian has done it again! How does she do it? Dr. Diane Moczar seems to have a gift not only for digging up and remembering thousands of details of Catholic history throughout the ages, but she writes with a flair that grabs our interest from the very first words of her book, The Church Under Attack: Five Hundred Years That Split … More →

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The Consequences of Character

In my ongoing efforts to understand certain policies of Pope Pius XI — especially his ecumenical Ostpolitik towards Bolshevik-Soviet Russia (1922-1933) and his correlative (and concurrent) conciliatory policy towards Leftist France (especially during the years 1925-1927) — I came across a fair and indeed affectionate assessment of the character of Pius XI’s successor, Pope Pius XII. This set of discernments was rendered by one of … More →

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Remembering Fr. Bradley

In the 1980s, during an evening meal at our home, after the eight children had gone to bed, Father Bradley festively and inimitably narrated with tears of mirth how three Jesuit priests of quite different character once found a house for rent and then attempted to live together in that home while they were all teaching at a Catholic university in Staten Island, St. John’s … More →

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Should the Good Times Roll?

The season of Septuagesima in which we find ourselves has a number of popular names: “Carnival” from carne vale – farewell to meat, in token of the approach of Lent. Another is Mardi Gras – “Fat Tuesday,” the last day before the fasting and abstinence of Ash Wednesday. Now, if all you know about Mardi Gras is the exposure of flesh and heavy drinking on … More →

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Getting What We Deserve

Registering his thoughts on an article by me published on the SBC website a couple of months ago, “When Government Fails,” Gene De, a regular website visitor whose frequent comments are always intelligent and welcome, posted this: “Because spiritual sloth has set in in our country – and in the hearts of men – we doom ourselves by our own devices. In other words, we … More →

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What is “Inculturation?”

The recently-completed season of Christmas has many lessons to teach us. One is that every nation has its own way of celebrating the mystery of the Incarnation. Indeed, as numerous websites show us, the ways of expressing belief in the Nativity and Epiphany of Our Lord are as varied as the cultures and languages of mankind — seemingly infinite. Easter, too, receives similar treatment; the … More →

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February 6, 1934: A Royalist Last Stand

February 6 is a date that means nothing to Americans but it is the anniversary of one of the most memorable events in modern French history, an event with repercussions not merely for the French but other peoples belonging to that Catholic Christendom of which the land that would become the United States was once part, though the United States never was, and whose last … More →

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On Being ‘Single Issue’

Joseph Sobran will go down as one of the great American thinkers of our time. Now, Mr. Sobran is considered controversial in some circles, due largely to his not-so-amicable break with William F. Buckley. But I don’t think Sobran set out to be controversial; I suspect he was too preoccupied with more transcendent and enduring things than that. I had the privilege of meeting Mr. … More →

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What is America?

Nothing reflects the strangely mixed nature of our country so much as the uniquely American way of celebrating Christmas. The Christmas Tree is German; Santa Claus, via Clement Moore, Thomas Nast, the old New York Sun, and Coca-Cola, Dutch; holly and mistletoe are English; and the Nativity Scene ultimately Italian. Depending on where you live, English plum pudding, eggnog, and tom-and-jerries may take their place … More →

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“The Betrothed”, Alessandro Manzoni and Pope Pius XI

After recently discovering some previously-unknown-to-me, trustworthy reports about the generous diplomatic and priestly sacramental presence of the future Pope Pius XI (Monsignor Achille Ratti) in Poland towards the end of World War I and during the gravely consequential Battle of Warsaw in the summer of 1920 against the invading Bolsheviks from the east, I also then gratefully discovered a 1937 book entitled Pius the Eleventh, … More →

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What Is Christendom?

The question posed by the title of this article was asked several of us by our august editor. Its immediacy is reinforced by the season of Christmas – which, despite being under sporadic attack by “holiday” partisans, centers on the one Holy Day still observed by the majority of the world. Despite the anti-Christian moral tone of many of “her” governments around the world, the … More →

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More on the Battle of Warsaw / General Fuller’s Insights

While recently reading some of G.K. Chesterton’s written reflections in 19271 shortly after his return from his invited April-May visit to Poland, and then also some of his more abiding insights about the plight and character of Poland almost a decade later, in his posthumously published autobiography in 1936, I thought to bring to the further appreciation of a modern audience, by way of sobering … More →

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