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Maurice Baring’s Insights on the Russian Character

How might a deeply reflective book of almost four hundred pages written by a Catholic Englishman some seven years before the 1917 Communist Revolution in Russia — and thus also seven years before Our Lady of Fatima’s own 1917 sustained appearances in Portugal — help us to understand “the errors of Russia” and well as Russia’s distinctive religious and moral strengths? To include Russia’s persevering … More →

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The Celtic Church — Myth and Reality II

[Click here for part one.] Depending upon whom you read or speak to, the received modern narrative about “Celtic Spirituality” is roughly like this. Once upon a time, the Druids lived happily in green and misty Celtic lands, leading their smiling people in harmony with nature. Healers, vegetarians, and in touch with the rocks, plants, animals, stars, suns, planets, Moon, and of course Mother Earth … More →

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The Suffocation of a Managed Political-Ecclesiastical Glossary

It was almost three months after the raids of 11 September 2001 against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and yet the language of public discourse was still swollen and fevered. On many fronts one could not easily block out the strident and intrusive sounds and shifting images of alarm, mounting fear, and an obscurely expanding war — for, we were incessantly told “America … More →

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A Most Beautiful Hymn to our May Queen, Mary the Mother of God, Akathistos Theotokos

There are many good reasons why May is dedicated to Our Lady. Several important Marian feast days fall during this month: Our Lady of Fatima on the 13th, Our Lady Help of Christians on the 24th, feast of the Visitation on the 31st and, on the same day, we have the feasts of Our Lady Mediatrix of all Graces and the Queenship of Mary. May … More →

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The Armenian Genocide

Since little media attention was paid in this country to the anniversary, most readers may be barely aware, if aware at all, that it was a hundred years ago last month that the rulers of Turkey in 1915-16 began a campaign of deportations and killings that nearly exterminated the Armenians, the first of the world’s peoples to become Christian. About two million Armenians lived in … More →

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The Conflict Between the North and the South–A Book Review

Volume I – The North and the South and Secession: Who was in the Right? An Examination of Cause and Right Adam Miller is a brave man to tackle this touchy subject — the American Civil War, or (more correctly) the War Between the States, or (as he prefers) the War of Northern Aggression. As he explains, it cannot correctly be called a “civil” war, … More →

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The Higher Chivalry of Catholic Christianity

In any reflective discussion of a man’s “chivalrous disposition” or of the “chivalrous ethos and attitude” itself, one is also soon likely to speak of “a man of honor” and even “the matter of honor” itself and perhaps even “honor’s” own etymological relation to “honesty” — and even as a form of “gracious but firm forthrightness.” However, today, one does not usually, or immediately, think … More →

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The Celtic Church — Myth and Reality

For many people — practicing, nominal, and non-Catholic alike — in the United States, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere, St. Patrick’s day is welcome relief from the rigours (if any) of Lent, or at the very least a mid-spring party. Shamrocks abound as do green clothes of all varieties; the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, Emerald Society, and suchlike bodies parade — … More →

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Speaking the Truth about Oneself and the Barrier of Presumptuous Hebetude

It came to pass this morning soon after our breakfast with the children, and when they had already gone to their studies or play and music in another room, that my German wife turned to me and posed several searching and sincere questions about the Church. In addition to some historical questions, she asked about the sacramental doctrine of the Catholic Church, and especially moral … More →

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Cui Bono?

War is terrible, especially in modern time when Christian standards that used to regulate its conduct are no longer observed. When it threatens it is desirable to ask: Cui bono? Who benefits? When the Prime Minister of Israel addressed the U.S. Congress on March 3 it was obvious, but what about Ukraine? As these lines were written in real time reports were beginning to circulate … More →

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March/April 2015 Mancipia

The March/April 2015 Mancipia is now posted (scroll down for PDF). Back issues of this newsletter are linked from our downloads page. If you would like to receive our bi-monthly newsletter via U.S. mail, please sign up to get it regularly.   Click here to VIEW full size, DOWNLOAD as PDF file, and/or PRINT. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Josef Pieper’s Presentation of Purity and Virtuous Temperance

It is now many years ago that a learned Catholic priest said to me in passing and with modesty during one of our conversations that “in the Old Testament there was always a close connection between impurity and idolatry—as is so today with sexual promiscuity’s link to the ‘cult of man’.” This was indeed “a searchlight insight,” as Hilaire Belloc once called Cardinal Manning’s sudden … More →

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Longfellow and the Faith

And in despair I bowed my head “There is no peace on earth,” I said, “For hate is strong and mocks the song Of peace on earth, good will to men.” Then pealed the bells more loud and deep: “God is not dead, nor doth He sleep; The wrong shall fail, the right prevail With peace on earth, good will to men.” These lines of … More →

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The Cluniac Reform: How Great Catholics Respond to Crisis

There’s no denying that we find ourselves in a wasteland in Church, State, and family today. But let us not, on that account, engage in handwringing and whining. Brother Francis used to call some Catholic writers who majored in this, “professional wailers,” after those Arabs he knew who got paid to set the mood at funeral rites by mourning bombastically. According to Brother, the motto … More →

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“Impostor-Terms” and the Disorder of Expediency: Albert Jay Nock’s Insights on Language and Moral Conduct

In his 1937 collection of perceptive essays, entitled Free Speech and Plain Language, a classically educated master of English prose, Albert Jay Nock (1870-1945), presents many insights about the use and abuse of language which remind us of the ancient Greek historian Thucydides. For, in his The Peloponnesian War (431-404 B.C.), Thucydides also showed a keen attentiveness to the concept and reality of Justice, and … More →

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