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Some Doubted

Holy scripture is replete with challenges. Many times in the Gospels Our Lord lays down commandments that are calling each of us to rise above nature and do the seemingly impossible: “Pray always,” “Be ye perfect,” “Love your enemies,” or — the ultimate challenge when it comes to any human obstacles that would compete with the love of God, no matter how dear — ”If … More →

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Grateful Memories of a Slow Learner

When a 1954 graduate of the West Point Military Academy consented to read and critique an extended monograph I had written on the strategic imperial phenomenon of Private Military Companies and Security Services (also in the clandestine or covert world), I was fearfully hesitant to let him do so. For, he was a very learned and keen-minded man, and a retired Lieutenant General then also … More →

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November/December 2016 Mancipia

The November/December 2016 Mancipia is now posted (scroll down for PDF). Back issues of this newsletter are linked from our downloads page. If you would like to receive our bi-monthly newsletter via U.S. mail, please sign up to get it regularly.   Click here to download the PDF file.   Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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“The Time Has Not Come”

Although these lines won’t reach readers until after the event, in real time they are written prior to the November 8 presidential election. The voting won’t affect what is said because neither of the major-party candidates, not the one who can’t be trusted nor the other who is corrupt, is a person a Catholic would want for U.S. President, not a Catholic who understands that … More →

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Teaching Your Unruly Child to Think Straight

Children who violate the fourth commandment — honor thy father and mother — think differently than those who are well-behaved. Recalcitrant children believe that the fulfillment of their needs should always come first, even though their demands are not only unfair but involve stepping on the toes of their peers and those in authority. The errant thinking, unruly child is self-absorbed, believing he is always … More →

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Priest, Poet, Patriot: Father Abram J. Ryan

The first American-born child of Irish parents who immigrated to this country sometime before 1835, Abraham Joseph Ryan came into the world on February 5, 1838 in Hagerstown, Maryland. Matthew Ryan and Mary Coughlin Ryan, his parents, came to the United States from Clogheen, County Tipperary, Ireland with their two daughters and one son seeking a better life in a new land. They settled first … More →

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Autumn Reveries

Mellow-faced, with eyes of faery, wistful clad in tinted leaves, See the brown October tarry by the golden rows of sheaves; Oak & acorn in his garland, fruit & wineskin in his hands, Mystic pilgrim from a far land down the road to farther lands. —from “October,” H.P. Lovecraft September and October have arrived, and with them my favourite season — autumn! In cooler climes, … More →

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Commemorating Blessed Emperor Karl

Nothing can be made again exactly as it once was. That would include the Catholic Christendom which consisted of the peoples of the lands of Europe and their overseas outposts whose laws and customs were rooted in and conformed to the teachings of Our Lord as recorded in Holy Scripture and of the Latin-rite branch of the Church He founded. It is possible, however, to … More →

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Keeping the Counter-Reformation Going

This year’s Conference was a rousing success. We had a full house for the two days of talks and a wonderful time socializing and getting to know the new folks who came; one from California (he was inducted into the Third Order) and one from West Virginia, not to mention our guest speaker, Mike Church, from Louisiana. The following is a run down of the … More →

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Cardinal Manning’s Understanding of Courage

In 1892, near the end of Cardinal Henry Edward Manning’s life, he published an essay entitled “Courage,” which is the last-but-one chapter of his own longer collection of eleven essays modestly entitled Pastime Papers.His Chapter 10 on “Courage” is also a fitting complement to his profound Chapter 1, entitled “Honour.” Because of the learning and depth and unmistakable variety of Cardinal Manning’s fresh insights concerning … More →

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Saint Robert Southwell: A Brief Life

Robert Southwell was born in 1561, the third son of Richard Southwell, a gentlemen and courtier of Horsham St. Faith in Norfolk. His mother was Bridget Southwell, a Copley of Sussex. His paternal grandfather was Sir Richard Southwell of Wodrising Norfolk, a man who personally benefitted from the suppression of the monasteries under Henry VIII. Horsham Saint Faith, where Robert grew up, was once a … More →

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A Commentary On Father Schouppe’s Purgatory Explained Alas! We do not sufficiently remember our dear departed, their memory seems to perish with the sound of the funeral bells.  Saint Francis de Sales Have pity on me, have pity on me, at least you my friends (Job 19:21). Reading Jesuit Father F.X. Schouppe’s *(d. 1904) book, Purgatory Explained by the Lives and Legends of the Saints … More →

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September/October 2016 Mancipia

The September/October 2016 Mancipia is now posted (scroll down for PDF). Back issues of this newsletter are linked from our downloads page. If you would like to receive our bi-monthly newsletter via U.S. mail, please sign up to get it regularly. Click here to download the PDF file.   Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Cardinal Manning: Honour

While attempting to retrieve a memorable 1909 Hilaire Belloc essay (“The Missioner”) for a College student — to be then conveniently found in a 1926 Anthology entitled Representative Catholic Essays — I unexpectedly saw and read for the first time an earlier 1892 essay on “Honor” by Henry Edward Cardinal Manning, who was one of Belloc’s own beloved mentors and heroes. Cardinal Manning’s fresh and … More →

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Dropped Down the Memory Hole

Affirmation today of the dogma that outside the Church there is no salvation (extra ecclesiam nulla salus) is usually immediately qualified with “but…” The qualification is meant as a sign by whoever affirms the teaching that he does not really fall within the parameters set by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, eighteenth-century godfather of liberalism, in his most important book, The Social Contract: “Whoever dares to say outside … More →

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