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Moi Aussi, Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie

Honore de Balzac, the great nineteenth-century French novelist whose chief work is the series of short stories and novels collectively known as The Human Comedy, wrote that “when the Revolution cut off the head of the King, it cut off the head of every father in France.” Balzac being a Catholic royalist in his politics, his statement is hardly surprising. It is also true. Something … More →

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Francis Fukuyama: “The End of History?”

Through the alertness of a friend and through his informative recent note to me, I soon discovered many more things about Francis Fukuyama’s quite unexpected latest book, which is entitled Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy (2014). According to the author himself, writing in his own blog on The American Interest website, it was scheduled to be … More →

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A couple of months ago folks were in a dither about Ebola, especially folks who see themselves as the center of the universe, and in our day (or any other) that is too many. Now, there is nothing wrong with having an ego. On the contrary, it is necessary. Ego, after all, is another word for self. Without one we wouldn’t exist. The folks we’re … More →

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Hilaire Belloc’s Sense of Destiny and Living Memory of a Woman and Child

With a friend’s recent gift to me of his just re-published 1936 anthology of Hilaire Belloc’s essays, I had with gratitude the welcome occasion to re-read — and even to read aloud to my wife again in the evening — two of those essays I have always cherished: “The Good Woman”; and “The Portrait of a Child.” With poignancy and plangent tones, Belloc’s prose — … More →

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Paying For What We Expect

Rich men find pleasure in owning yachts, race horses and sports teams. Pleasure is piled upon pleasure when a rich man can sell a team for many millions of dollars more than he paid knowing he is able to keep the first forty percent of his profit before government begins to tax the remainder. The pleasures of poor men are nothing – yea, less than … More →

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“That’s Not Santa, That’s Your Dad”

My siblings and I were so blessed to have parents who gave their five children the most beautiful and happy Christmases. The first thing that went up in our house was the Nativity scene with all the characters in place waiting until midnight, Christmas Eve, for mom to place the Infant Jesus in the manger. She did that while we were sleeping before she and … More →

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The Pagan Temptation

A few weeks ago, I did something I have not done since I was nine years old. I went to a performance at the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre near downtown Los Angeles. It was a delightful rendition of The Nutcracker — and I was as delighted by the puppets performing the old classic as were the oohing and ahhing children around me; for a short … More →

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An Indomitable Woman: Margaret Haughery, The Breadwoman of New Orleans

When one thinks of New Orleans and its people, the common belief is that New Orleanians are primarily of French extraction. Although the Mediterranean influence in the city since its founding and early history — both France and Spain flew their flags over the city — is predominant, that is not to say that people of other European nationalities did not find their home there. … More →

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The Saint as a Counterrevolutionary: Some Depictions in the Historical Novel Stephana Schwertner by Enrica von Handel-Mazzetti

In the last few weeks, the Catholic Church has been faced with some grave assaults on the moral teaching of the Her Incarnate Divine Founder, Jesus Christ, as was in part disclosed in the public documents of the Synod of Bishops in Rome (5-19 October 2014). Each Catholic is now confronted with the question of how he should more deeply contribute to the defense of … More →

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Why Liberalism Targets the Family

In his most important book, The Social Contract, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, an architect of the false philosophy of liberalism and thus a kind of godfather of the Revolution that has been unfolding since the philosophy first found political expression in France in 1789, declared that “whoever dares to say outside the Church is no salvation should be driven from the State.” That no nationally-visible Churchmen risk … More →

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The Holy Souls in Purgatory

I cherish every dogma of our holy Catholic Faith. Every dogma is a gift from God, a “pearl of great price” (Matthew 13:46). Every verse from holy scripture, New as well as Old Testament, is sacred. In the Old Testament we have the Psalms. They are such a joy to read, a comfort to reflect on, a challenge to lift us up and give us … More →

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Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

The just-passed feasts of Michaelmas and Our Lady of the Rosary, redolent with their memories of the bright Archangel who cast Satan out of Heaven and the great Captains (Don Juan of Austria and Prince Eugene of Savoy) who crushed the Turks at Lepanto and Belgrade have me thinking about heroism and heroes. Just what does the former really mean, and where — in this … More →

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Continued Reasons for a Catholic Resistance

Before commenting on the substance of the Final Report, it is important to note that, soon after the release of the English translation of the Final Report which was officially written in Italian (not in Latin), suspicion arose as to the reliability and idiomatic accuracy of the translation. Indeed, as it seems, half sentences have been omitted altogether, and in different places. Therefore, all the … More →

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Father Malachi Martin’s Interview with Brother Francis 1992

Editor: Father Malachi Martin interviews Brother Francis. Recorded on May 4, 1992, by Pat Romano. Father Martin gave the interview here at the monastery in Richmond. He died seven years later in 1999. He authored seventeen books of fiction and non-fiction. At the time of the interview Father Malachi was interested in writing a book on Father Leonard Feeney. Please be aware that this is … More →

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The Three Goods

What do people talk about? Apart from something current in the news, like Ebola at the moment of this writing, doubtless the favorite subject of most persons is themselves and their doings. This is so much the case that another favorite is criticizing anyone who won’t stop talking about himself long enough for others to get back to their favorite subject. After self, what gets … More →

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