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Reflections On “Slithering Into Undisclosed Locations”

I have always enjoyed reading Sr. Marie Therese’s articles in the “Convent Corner” section of Mancipia. Her writing is concise, clearly presented, and filled with nuggets of wisdom, which are both practical and spiritually insightful. Sister’s most recent article entitled “Slithering Into Undisclosed Locations…” is, in my opinion, one of the crown jewels of the many pieces that she has written. In her comments on … More →

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The Perfect Versus the Good

A number of recent events are rather in my craw at the moment: the entirely secular inauguration of King Felipe VI of Spain; so much of what happens in Rome today; the July 4th celebrations in which we annually tell ourselves how wonderful we are, despite our national pastime of infanticide. My gut reaction to these and similar events is to say “to blazes with … More →

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An Unexpected Request for Alms in a Southern Harbor: Hilaire Belloc Under Sail in Palma of Majorca

While recently on the ocean-seacoast island of my boyhood home, I decided to read again amidst the inspiring cool sea breezes my own fragile first edition of Hilaire Belloc’s 1908 collection of essays, entitled On Nothing and Kindred Subjects, which was dedicated to his friend Maurice Baring who was not yet, but almost, a Catholic. In this Anthology, I have especially wanted to consider our … More →

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July/August 2014 Mancipia

The July/August 2014 Mancipia is now posted (scroll down for PDF). Back issues of this newsletter are linked from our downloads page. If you would like to receive our bi-monthly newsletter via U.S. mail, please sign up to get it regularly.   Click here to VIEW full size, DOWNLOAD as PDF file, and/or PRINT.

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An Option for the Officially Overwhelmed

A Question for You Have you ever felt like if pulling your hair out was an acceptable way to relieve stress, you would be bald? Are your hands getting raw from desperately clutching the end of your rope for so long? Can someone standing within a three-foot radius of you actually smell how short that fuse is burning? Yes? Then please keep reading. An Option … More →

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Papal Blasts From the Past

Leaving my apartment building last February 18, I fell on the icy front steps and broke both bones of my right forearm, the radius and ulna, about two fingers below the wrist bone. It wouldn’t be until six weeks later that I could hold a pen and another two before I began to use it. As for typing, I’m still not up to speed and … More →

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2014 Saint Benedict Center Conference

Where: Saint Benedict Center, 95 Fay Martin Road, Richmond, New Hampshire, 03470. Click here for map Click here to register online, or contact Russell LaPlume at (603) 239-6485. Theme: Catholic and Counterrevolutionary Come join us on Friday and Saturday, October 10 and 11, 2014, for two days of doing Catholic tradition: Holy Mass, intellectual formation, cultural activity, and Catholic camaraderie The speakers lined up so far: Fr. Sean … More →

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Holy Fear of the Lord: Necessary for Salvation

But I will shew you whom you shall fear: fear ye him, who after he hath killed, hath power to cast into hell. Yea, I say to you, fear him (Luke 12:5; Matthew 10:28)). There is no theme more often repeated in the Old Testament than holy fear of the Lord. Hundreds of verses from the inspired prophets exhort this salutary reverence due to the … More →

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What do Universities Teach?

Several recent occurrences have put me to thinking about universities in particular and education in general. One was marching in the Eucharistic Procession through the streets of Cambridge, MA, in support of the Blessed Sacrament against the planned Black Mass at Harvard Memorial Hall, sponsored by Harvard Extension School — though not by the University per se. Two thousand people converged on Harvard Square, and … More →

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Review of The Church Ascending by Dr. Diane Moczar

A New Title for a First Book: Review of The Church Ascending by Dr. Diane Moczar. Sophia Press, 2014 This is not a new book by this talented author, but a reprint of her first book, What Every Catholic Wants to Know, originally published in 2006. That work, under the old title, is now out of print. The Church Ascending is Dr. Moczar’s first effort … More →

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Woodrow Wilson, the Great War and Our World Today

My friend and colleague Charles Coulombe, a writer familiar to this website’s regular visitors, will attest that in 1992 when Bill Clinton was first elected, I predicted to him that nobody better would become President in the future. In other words, the future was bleak in that regard. Sure enough, Clinton has been succeeded by George W. Bush and Barack Obama, both of them chosen … More →

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Saint John and Belloc: Patmos and the Holy Land

Shortly after the 1939 commencement of World War II and the largely unexpected, rapid fall of France in 1940, Hilaire Belloc received another shock, an announcement which much more deeply pierced, and indeed almost broke, his heart: the loss of another son, Peter, on 2 April 1941. It was, moreover, his youngest son, and Peter was then under arms on active duty with the Royal … More →

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Debating With Liberals: Why This Is Often A Treadmill To Nowhere

Debating with liberals can be an intense experience and most frustrating indeed. We might turn red-faced, increase the tone of our voice, and repeat or rephrase a point in order to make evident that which to us seems to be common sense. “Perhaps we are not clearly expressing our thoughts,” we say to ourselves. “Reshuffling our words might help. If we are more specific, and … More →

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May/June 2014 Mancipia

The March/ April 2014 Mancipia is now posted (scroll down for PDF). Back issues of this newsletter are linked from our downloads page. If you would like to receive our bi-monthly newsletter via U.S. mail, please sign up to get it regularly.   Click here to VIEW full size, DOWNLOAD as PDF file, and/or PRINT.

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Seeking the Kingdom

Ever since Constantine legalized the Faith, Catholics have striven for perfection, far from the madding crowd of nominal believers and the outright corrupt. The first fruits of this quest were Ss. Paul the Hermit and Anthony the Abbot, from whom ultimately spring all the incredibly varied manifestations of religious life with which we are familiar. From time to time the same impulse has affected the … More →

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