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Two Years of Francis

Two years ago this month Jose Mario Bergoglio was elected pope. I want to talk here about faith and to do so in the context of this anniversary. Before I turn to my subject there are some other things I want to say. The first is that I continue to maintain, as I have done on the SBC website before now, that Pope Francis has … More →

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The Farsightedness and Omissions of a Professed “Superfluous Man”: The Intellectual Journey of Albert Jay Nock

It is now nearly forty-five years ago that Albert Jay Nock’s intellectual autobiography was first recommended to me by a well-respected and graciously well-mannered “Epicurean Conservative” Professor at the University; and I was at once arrested by its title: The Memoirs of a Superfluous Man (1943). My first question to Professor John Shelton Reed was: “Why was he superfluous?” Soon, with the help of Professor … More →

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Begone Satan! I Will Lay Down My Life in Obedience to My Father

Sunday’s Gospel for the first week of Lent recounts the three temptations of Our Lord near the end of His forty day solitary fast in the desert. He is in the company of “the beasts” (Mark 1:13). The Old Serpent is watching Him. The first two temptations are more easily understood than the third. After forty days without food, Jesus, in His human nature, is … More →

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A Raging Bull in the China Shop

Are some stories too harrowing or too intense to be turned into movies? Well, yes there are. Word comes to us that Shusaku Endo’s novel Silence is being turned into a motion picture. Endo’s story of a priest whose mind and will are all but crushed by a people who refuse to be swayed by the Catholic Faith is a veritable tsunami of despair. It is … More →

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The Fast Path and the Slow Path of Subversion: Roberto de Mattei’s Recent Strategic Insights

To understand how faithful Islam still tries, by faster and slower means, to instil and instal itself in Europe today — and in the secular West in general — will enhance the weakened Cultural Immune System of the Catholic Faith; and also assist our fitting and loyally obliging Strategic and Tactical Resistance to some of Islam’s actual or externally manipulated cultural and religious subversions. For, … More →

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Decline and Fall…and Rise?

When Austria was defeated by Prussia in a war in 1866 and political power and cultural dominance within greater Germany shifted from Vienna to Berlin, the people of Vienna tried to mask their true feeling of loss by acting gaily, but gaiety, like laughter that lasts more than four or five seconds, soon becomes forced. To keep up the appearance of theirs, the Viennese resorted … More →

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Why Saint Benedict Center Insists on a Philosophical ‘Platform’

(The following two articles, written by Larry Koralewski, a long-time student of Brother Francis, will be the first of a number of installments to come, most of which will deal with the Saint Benedict Center courses on Philosophy.) Why Saint Benedict Center Insists on a Philosophical “Platform” Anyone who has read the news knows about political platforms. It is a statement which gives the aims … More →

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Fortitude, Proportion, and Innocence: Discerning Perceptions from Hilaire Belloc’s The Silence of the Sea (1940)

While I was last evening and this morning reading aloud to our six-year-old daughter the full 1836 text of “The Little Mermaid,” by Hans Christian Andersen, I came to think of Hilaire Belloc as well as of Caryll Houselander and their own deep hearts for the Little Children—and for the Sea (like Hans Christian of Odense, Denmark!). And since I have also been re-reading some … More →

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Restoration or Desecration?

On the Feast of All Saints, 1983, I worshipped at Mass in the Sistine Chapel with Pope St. John Paul II on the altar. Msgr. Alfons Stickler, the Austrian-born Vatican Librarian and champion of the Tridentine Mass and of Latin as the language of the Church, was consecrated a bishop at this Mass (St. John Paul made him a cardinal in 1985). After the Mass … More →

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Moi Aussi, Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie

Honore de Balzac, the great nineteenth-century French novelist whose chief work is the series of short stories and novels collectively known as The Human Comedy, wrote that “when the Revolution cut off the head of the King, it cut off the head of every father in France.” Balzac being a Catholic royalist in his politics, his statement is hardly surprising. It is also true. Something … More →

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Francis Fukuyama: “The End of History?”

Through the alertness of a friend and through his informative recent note to me, I soon discovered many more things about Francis Fukuyama’s quite unexpected latest book, which is entitled Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy (2014). According to the author himself, writing in his own blog on The American Interest website, it was scheduled to be … More →

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A couple of months ago folks were in a dither about Ebola, especially folks who see themselves as the center of the universe, and in our day (or any other) that is too many. Now, there is nothing wrong with having an ego. On the contrary, it is necessary. Ego, after all, is another word for self. Without one we wouldn’t exist. The folks we’re … More →

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Hilaire Belloc’s Sense of Destiny and Living Memory of a Woman and Child

With a friend’s recent gift to me of his just re-published 1936 anthology of Hilaire Belloc’s essays, I had with gratitude the welcome occasion to re-read — and even to read aloud to my wife again in the evening — two of those essays I have always cherished: “The Good Woman”; and “The Portrait of a Child.” With poignancy and plangent tones, Belloc’s prose — … More →

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Paying For What We Expect

Rich men find pleasure in owning yachts, race horses and sports teams. Pleasure is piled upon pleasure when a rich man can sell a team for many millions of dollars more than he paid knowing he is able to keep the first forty percent of his profit before government begins to tax the remainder. The pleasures of poor men are nothing – yea, less than … More →

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“That’s Not Santa, That’s Your Dad”

My siblings and I were so blessed to have parents who gave their five children the most beautiful and happy Christmases. The first thing that went up in our house was the Nativity scene with all the characters in place waiting until midnight, Christmas Eve, for mom to place the Infant Jesus in the manger. She did that while we were sleeping before she and … More →

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