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Biographies provide one of the more enjoyable ways to learn history, especially when they are well written. Focusing on the events surrounding the life of someone of great accomplishment gives the reader a window through which to see a slice of a time, its persons and places, as they relate to the subject of the biography.

Most, but not all of the biographies on our website are of extraordinary Catholic men and women whose sanctity, zeal, intelligence, and courage made the Church more holy and the world less evil.  One can see in the lives recounted how they impacted a certain part of the world, or, with some other individuals, even the whole world. In some cases, they affected future generations as well.  Their lives are posted so that our readers may learn history, especially that of the Church and Christendom, and draw inspiration from the Church’s heroes and heroines.  Occasional villains show up here, that we might learn how they, too, impacted history.

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Chaplain Fr. Willie Doyle, Another Great Priest Who Died on the Battlefield

K.V. Turley, Catholic World Report: Some years back, while doing research in a monastery library, I came across a passing reference to a priest and soldier. It intrigued me. His biography, published in 1920, was cited; I made a note, and left it at that, or so I thought. Because, unexpectedly, months later, I found the biography, and late one night sat down to read. Full … More →

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A Tale of Two Toussaints: A Catholic Legacy of Haiti

Haiti. What does the average American know of Haiti? We hear about this fellow Western Hemisphere nation when there is a disaster – a terrible earthquake; a direct hit from a tropical hurricane; the lingering aftermath to her suffering people because of lack of infrastructure and their inability to deal with such calamities, including scarcity of food, water and medicines. It seems a million miles … More →

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The Power and Glory of the Priesthood

A dedicated and much loved Catholic priest, who has been ordained just over a decade dies at the age of forty-nine. It seems like a tragedy, especially since many were dependent on him for the traditional liturgical life that he, with a small handful of others, were spreading themselves thin to provide for a scattered flock in southern Louisiana. But our purpose in life is … More →

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‘Yo, La Reina': Queen Of Half The Globe

Isabel, or Ysabel, as was the proper spelling during her own time, was an amazing woman. She has been called by many titles: First Lady of the Renaissance, The Godmother of the Americas, The Last Crusader, The Catholic Queen (an official title given to her by the reigning Pope, along with her husband, Fernando, as the “Catholic King”). Dr. Warren H. Carroll, a recent biographer … More →

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Baring, Dostoievski, and the Prevaricating Press

In 1927—some twenty-three years after the Menshevik Revolution and a decade after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia—Maurice Baring published an anthology of his earlier writings, entitled What I Saw in Russia. Lenin had died in 1924, and Stalin was on the verge of securing his own rule, which was largely consolidated by 1928. Therefore, Baring chose to report on those earlier things he had observed … More →

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Sister Lucy with Fr. McGlynn's Statue

The Priest, the Sister, the Statue — and a Louisiana Connection

Catholics know and love Our Lady of Fatima. We are familiar with the miraculous happenings of 1917 when Our Blessed Lady appeared to the three shepherd children at the Cova da Iria near Fatima, Portugal. We know the promises of Our Lady, we know the prayers that she taught the children, Lucia, Jacinta and little Francisco. We know of the great “Miracle of the Sun” … More →

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Saint Benedicta of the Cross

‘Come, We Go for Our People’

There are probably millions of stories of personal heroism and courage during the time of the Nazi regime in Europe. We recently wrote of one heroic German Franciscan, Father Karl Goldmann, and his exploits as a German SS soldier. The heart-wrenching story of Edith Stein, now known as Saint Benedicta of the Cross, is another to come out of this horrific time of the twentieth … More →

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The Porteño Pope and That Hideous Strength

For this great Argentine [Peron] Who worked tirelessly, That there should rule in the people love and equality. — Hugo del Carril, Marcha Peronista The shadow of that hyddeous strength, sax myle and more it is of length — David Lyndsay, The Monarche The election of Pope Francis, the first ever Argentine Pope, has left commentators and normal people alike scratching their heads, desperately trying … More →

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Waffen SS Poster

Father Karl Gereon Goldmann, SS, OFM

It is fascinating to contemplate the edifying life of Karl Gereon Goldmann, and to see so clearly the hand of God operating throughout it. Born in 1916, Karl was the third of seven sons of a devoutly Catholic German couple, Karl and Margareth. The older Karl was a country veterinarian, travelling with his brood of boys throughout the farm country of Fulda to tend to … More →

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Professor Fakhri B. Maluf studying with Father Leonard Feeney

Savoring Reality

This paper was written for a Festschrift in honor of Dr. Robert Hickson. It was intended to be a loving tribute to my superior, teacher, mentor, and friend, Brother Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M. Savoring Reality: An Introduction to the Childlike Catholic Mind of Brother Francis Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Rev. Father Michael Jarecki, just ordained in 1944

Father Michael A. Jarecki, in Memoriam

At 5:00 P.M., October 22, Rev. Michael Alexander Jarecki went to his reward, aged 95. Father Jarecki was a priest of the Ogdensburg, N.Y., Diocese, an ardent Apostle of Our Lady of Fatima, a longtime chaplain to Saint Benedict Center, devoted friend and ally of Father Feeney and Brother Francis, and an indefatigable laborer in the vineyard of Our Lord Jesus Christ. A priest loyal … More →

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Garcia Moreno, August 6, 1875+, Greatest Catholic Statesman and Martyr for the Faith

Joseph F.X. Sladky pays honor to Garcia Morena in today’s issue of Crisis Magazine: On 6 August 1875, in the Plaza Major of Quito, Ecuador, a man lay dying.  It was the First Friday of the Month.  Earlier, after spending time in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament in the Cathedral, the man made his way to the Presidential Palace to meet with his ministers.  As … More →

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Fr. Ciszek visits with Sr. Marie Louis Bertrand, OP

Father Walter Ciszek, Warrior for Christ in Atheist Russia

“I was born stubborn.” “…I was tough, not in the polite sense of the word, but in the sense our neighbors used to use the word those days in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, when they shook their heads and called me ‘a tough.’” “I was a bully, the leader of a gang, a street fighter – and most of the fights I picked on purpose – just … More →

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Eva Peron

What Does a Saint Look Like?

When Catholics think of someone in modern time who might be a saint, they seem to think first of all of a person wearing a religious habit or the collar, a sister, priest or pope, Mother Teresa, Msgr. Escriva, John Paul II. It’s even the case with martyrs. Thanks to For Greater Glory, the movie, more U.S. Catholics may be aware of the cristeros today … More →

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Catholic Heroism in the Face of Nazi Domination

A Review of When Hitler Took Austria, by Kurt von Schuschnigg. Ignatius Press, 2012 When I took up this book for my reading pleasure and to add to my store of historical knowledge, I expected it to be something a bit different. I was somewhat disappointed in it at the beginning, but as the story of the von Schuschnigg family unfolded, it became more interesting … More →

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