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Priest, Poet, Patriot: Father Abram J. Ryan

The first American-born child of Irish parents who immigrated to this country sometime before 1835, Abraham Joseph Ryan came into the world on February 5, 1838 in Hagerstown, Maryland. Matthew Ryan and Mary Coughlin Ryan, his parents, came to the United States from Clogheen, County Tipperary, Ireland with their two daughters and one son seeking a better life in a new land. They settled first … More →

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Don Pelayo Starts the Reconquest

In the year 711, the Visigothic Kingdom of Spain fell to the invading Umayyad Muslim forces. This was due to the fateful victory of the Berber commander Ṭāriq ibn Ziyad, over Visigothic forces in the Battle of Guadalete. Spain’s monarch, King Rodrigo, was either killed in that battle or perhaps escaped to what is now Portugal. Either way, his tomb was found in Spain’s Iberian … More →

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Natalie Delage Sumter

A Lady of French Royal Blood in the Wilds Of South Carolina: Natalie Delage Sumter When we hear the name Sumter, if we are reasonably knowledgeable of our country’s history, the first thing that pops into our minds is “Fort Sumter” (lately much in the news) where the first shots of the War Between the States were fired. Do we know how this landmark of … More →

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An Interview with Mike Church

A SiriusXM Radio Personality Discovers Catholic Tradition and Perennial Philosophy This is an intense and inspiring interview between two friends of Saint Benedict Center, Mike Church, the one interviewed, and David Simpson, the interviewer. Mike Church is a radio talk show personality, who hosts Satellite Radio’s longest running talk show since 2003, the Mike Church Show. He is also a contributor to online journals: The Imaginative Conservative, … More →

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Chris Ferrara’s Interview with Mike Church, a Philosophy Student of Brother Francis

We’ve told our readers about Mike Church before. Now, Chris Ferrara has interviewed Mike for The Remnant. The interview features questions and answers about Mike’s reversion to Catholicism, his conversion to tradition, and his love of the traditional Mass. The major thrust, though, is on how this radio personality has transformed his secular radio program into an instrument for evangelism, getting converts to the faith in the process. … More →

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Chaplain Fr. Willie Doyle, Another Great Priest Who Died on the Battlefield

K.V. Turley, Catholic World Report: Some years back, while doing research in a monastery library, I came across a passing reference to a priest and soldier. It intrigued me. His biography, published in 1920, was cited; I made a note, and left it at that, or so I thought. Because, unexpectedly, months later, I found the biography, and late one night sat down to read. Full … More →

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A Tale of Two Toussaints: A Catholic Legacy of Haiti

Haiti. What does the average American know of Haiti? We hear about this fellow Western Hemisphere nation when there is a disaster – a terrible earthquake; a direct hit from a tropical hurricane; the lingering aftermath to her suffering people because of lack of infrastructure and their inability to deal with such calamities, including scarcity of food, water and medicines. It seems a million miles … More →

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The Power and Glory of the Priesthood

A dedicated and much loved Catholic priest, who has been ordained just over a decade dies at the age of forty-nine. It seems like a tragedy, especially since many were dependent on him for the traditional liturgical life that he, with a small handful of others, were spreading themselves thin to provide for a scattered flock in southern Louisiana. But our purpose in life is … More →

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‘Yo, La Reina’: Queen Of Half The Globe

Isabel, or Ysabel, as was the proper spelling during her own time, was an amazing woman. She has been called by many titles: First Lady of the Renaissance, The Godmother of the Americas, The Last Crusader, The Catholic Queen (an official title given to her by the reigning Pope, along with her husband, Fernando, as the “Catholic King”). Dr. Warren H. Carroll, a recent biographer … More →

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Baring, Dostoievski, and the Prevaricating Press

In 1927—some twenty-three years after the Menshevik Revolution and a decade after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia—Maurice Baring published an anthology of his earlier writings, entitled What I Saw in Russia. Lenin had died in 1924, and Stalin was on the verge of securing his own rule, which was largely consolidated by 1928. Therefore, Baring chose to report on those earlier things he had observed … More →

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Sister Lucy with Fr. McGlynn's Statue

The Priest, the Sister, the Statue — and a Louisiana Connection

Catholics know and love Our Lady of Fatima. We are familiar with the miraculous happenings of 1917 when Our Blessed Lady appeared to the three shepherd children at the Cova da Iria near Fatima, Portugal. We know the promises of Our Lady, we know the prayers that she taught the children, Lucia, Jacinta and little Francisco. We know of the great “Miracle of the Sun” … More →

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Saint Benedicta of the Cross

‘Come, We Go for Our People’

There are probably millions of stories of personal heroism and courage during the time of the Nazi regime in Europe. We recently wrote of one heroic German Franciscan, Father Karl Goldmann, and his exploits as a German SS soldier. The heart-wrenching story of Edith Stein, now known as Saint Benedicta of the Cross, is another to come out of this horrific time of the twentieth … More →

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The Porteño Pope and That Hideous Strength

For this great Argentine [Peron] Who worked tirelessly, That there should rule in the people love and equality. — Hugo del Carril, Marcha Peronista The shadow of that hyddeous strength, sax myle and more it is of length — David Lyndsay, The Monarche The election of Pope Francis, the first ever Argentine Pope, has left commentators and normal people alike scratching their heads, desperately trying … More →

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Waffen SS Poster

Father Karl Gereon Goldmann, SS, OFM

It is fascinating to contemplate the edifying life of Karl Gereon Goldmann, and to see so clearly the hand of God operating throughout it. Born in 1916, Karl was the third of seven sons of a devoutly Catholic German couple, Karl and Margareth. The older Karl was a country veterinarian, travelling with his brood of boys throughout the farm country of Fulda to tend to … More →

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Professor Fakhri B. Maluf studying with Father Leonard Feeney

Savoring Reality

This paper was written for a Festschrift in honor of Dr. Robert Hickson. It was intended to be a loving tribute to my superior, teacher, mentor, and friend, Brother Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M. Savoring Reality: An Introduction to the Childlike Catholic Mind of Brother Francis Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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