Book Reviews

Anti-Christ Word Games

John Rao Black Legends and the Light of the World (Forest Lake, MN, Remnant Press, 2011) ISBN: 1-890740-17-9 Dr. John C. Rao, D. Phil., Oxford, is Associate Professor of History at St. John’s University and director of the Roman Forum. … Continue reading

The Gentle Air and the Hurricane

The book is written like a novel, but it is not one. It purports to be true history, written in the genre of a novel. Each chapter is a series of tableaux that form a miniature biography of a single family member. If the author set out to undo notions of the drab and colorless Middle Ages, his laudable goal was met with considerable success. For here we find ourselves in the world of chivalry and religious fervor, with personalities as colorful as their knightly heraldry and stained-glass windows. Continue reading

In the Beginning

In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood By Walt Brown, Ph.D. Center for Scientific Creation This is a book written by a scientist about science. The scientist is also a Christian, and the motivation for his book … Continue reading