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Along with our crusade in defense of the defined doctrine of no salvation outside the Church, Saint Benedict Center is committed to working for the conversion of America. The false ecumenism and religious indifferentism that infected the Church in the twentieth century did much to dissipate the promising momentum of conversions to the Faith that marked nineteenth century America.

It is astonishing to read about the great work that Catholic priests and religious, sisters and brothers, were doing throughout this vast land not so long ago. Converts were flocking into the Church because our priests were giving Protestants not only an invitation, but knowledge of the Faith, and a challenge to submit to a visible religious authority that had all the divine credentials. Whether it was through reading apologetic and polemical materials or by attending one of the thousands of missions given by Jesuits and Redemptorists, the hearts of non-Catholics were responding to grace in ever growing numbers. America was on its way to becoming a Catholic nation, and that was before the more massive waves of Catholic immigrants came here after the turn of the century.

It can happen again.

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KC Royals VP Relates His Amazing Story of Becoming a Catholic

Trent Beattie, National Catholic Register: Is it true that you grew up Lutheran but always had respect for the Catholic Church? Yes, I grew up as a Missouri Synod Lutheran, and, while for many years I didn’t actually want to become Catholic, I still had a fascination with the Catholic Church. Our Lutheran confirmation training included not only our position on things, but that of … More →

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Benedictine Nuns Offer Traditional Song and Liturgical Chant

CNA: Together with the joys of the Resurrection and feasting, this Easter will have an added delight: listening to the new album by the hit-making, Missouri-based Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles. “Many people do not realize that the Easter season lasts well beyond Easter Sunday – for a full 50 days in fact! Hopefully our recording will help bring many to a fuller awareness … More →

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An Indomitable Woman: Margaret Haughery, The Breadwoman of New Orleans

When one thinks of New Orleans and its people, the common belief is that New Orleanians are primarily of French extraction. Although the Mediterranean influence in the city since its founding and early history — both France and Spain flew their flags over the city — is predominant, that is not to say that people of other European nationalities did not find their home there. … More →

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A Sick and Satanic US War Against Catholic Mexicans: Polk’s 1846 Massacres

I posted this in the Column section in the hope that more people would read it. Just a bit more information as a side bar: The Spanish flag has flown for a longer period over more of the land that would become the USA than the Stars and Stripes. Am I patriotic? Do I believe “My country, right or wrong?” “Yes,” to the first question, … More →

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The Three Goods

What do people talk about? Apart from something current in the news, like Ebola at the moment of this writing, doubtless the favorite subject of most persons is themselves and their doings. This is so much the case that another favorite is criticizing anyone who won’t stop talking about himself long enough for others to get back to their favorite subject. After self, what gets … More →

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New Jersey Sister of Charity to Be Beatified October 4

This is great news for my family. My aunt is a Sister of Charity at Saint Elizabeth’s Convent where Sister Miriam Theresa resided. My aunt worked with the late Sister Zita at the Sister Miriam Theresa League House. The new Blessed’s meditations are recorded in her book, Greater Perfection. CNA: October 4, 2014 marks an historic moment in the life of the Catholic Church in … More →

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Counterrevolutionary Considerations

Saint Benedict Center’s conference will take place very soon (October 10-11). As I prepare my own comments on this year’s theme, I thought I would give both a plug for, and a sneak preview of, what our attendees will be hearing in a little over a month. Our theme is “Catholic and Counterrevolutionary.” For my purposes, I will define “counterrevolutionary” as “of or pertaining to … More →

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Though it’s a horror from which Catholics may recoil, it is a fact that since 2001, the year our continuing war in Afghanistan was begun, more U.S. military personnel have committed suicide than have been killed in action in that country and Iraq combined. Apart from age and occupational groups where it has been on the rise for some time, suicide is also now the … More →

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Catholic and Patriotic

Patriotism is a great virtue. To be a patriot is to love one’s fatherland. This means that it is to love the land of the people that sired you. Patriotism is a natural overflow of the virtue of piety — that is, the virtue of the home. As piety would have us rendering what is due in justice to parents and other family members, patriotism … More →

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Papal Blasts From the Past

Leaving my apartment building last February 18, I fell on the icy front steps and broke both bones of my right forearm, the radius and ulna, about two fingers below the wrist bone. It wouldn’t be until six weeks later that I could hold a pen and another two before I began to use it. As for typing, I’m still not up to speed and … More →

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Father Nicholas Viel, First Canadian Martyr

When the Eight North American Martyrs are praised for their apostolic zeal, holiness, and fortitude, we honor their memory: Saints Isaac Jogues, Jean de Brebeuf, Rene Goupil, Antoine Daniel, Noel Chabanel, Gabriel Lalemant, Charles Garnier, and Jean de Lalande, all of whom were martyred between 1642 and 1649. Saints Isaac Jogues, Jean de Lalande, and Rene Goupil were martyred in what is now New York … More →

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Southern General Longstreet Converted by Jesuit Poet Abram Ryan

Donald R. McClary, The Catholic Stand: It was in New Orleans on March 7, 1877 that Longstreet converted to the Catholic faith.  His conversion was brought about by Father Abram J. Ryan, the poet laureate of the Confederacy.  An Episcopalian, Longstreet had noticed that the pews were vacant around him when he went to worship.  Father Ryan assured him that in the Catholic Church people … More →

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Neighboring Village Rivalries, Not Just Football, But Religious Vocations Growing up, the twins, now 26, milked cows side by side on the family farm. They both graduated at the top of their high school class. And with theirordination on Saturday, they have begun careers as Roman Catholic priests, two of 477 men in the United States expected to be ordained this year. They demonstrate that priestly vocations are not evenly distributed by family … More →

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Catholic School ‘Kino Teens’ Serve the Hungry at Deportation Center

These generous high school students named their charity group after the intrepid  Jesuit mission founder, Father Eusebius Franz Kühn, also called “chino” in Spanish. He founded 24 missions in Mexico and the Arizona area. Father Kino’s statue is one of 100 in the DC capitol building’s Statuary Hall, which is dedicated to the most illustrious citizens from each of the fifty states. I wrote a biography … More →

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First Catholic Church in New Hampshire

The Brothers were doing a little investigating today in preparation for a hike to the First Catholic Church in New Hampshire. We will be taking our FNE boys on an 11-mile hike from Charlestown, N.H. to Old Saint Mary’s. The site is on the National Register of Historic Places and has interesting little writups on the Connecticut River Joint Commissions web site and The edifying and interesting story … More →

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