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Along with our crusade in defense of the defined doctrine of no salvation outside the Church, Saint Benedict Center is committed to working for the conversion of America. The false ecumenism and religious indifferentism that infected the Church in the twentieth century did much to dissipate the promising momentum of conversions to the Faith that marked nineteenth century America.

It is astonishing to read about the great work that Catholic priests and religious, sisters and brothers, were doing throughout this vast land not so long ago. (Learn here about “Real American Apostles.”) Converts were flocking into the Church because our priests were giving Protestants not only an invitation, but knowledge of the Faith, and a challenge to submit to a visible religious authority that had all the divine credentials. Whether it was through reading apologetic and polemical materials or by attending one of the thousands of missions given by Jesuits and Redemptorists, the hearts of non-Catholics were responding to grace in ever growing numbers. America was on its way to becoming a Catholic nation, and that was before the more massive waves of Catholic immigrants came here after the turn of the century.

It can happen again.

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Memorial Day Tribute to the Valiant Chaplain Fr. Emil Kapaun

Catholic Culture, K.V. Turley: It was Thanksgiving, so he knew where to find them. The postman made for the local Catholic Church. Fearing the worst, he handed the telegram to the parish priest. After Mass concluded, its contents were read out privately to those to whom it was addressed: More here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Review of Willa Cather’s ‘Death Comes to the Archbishop’

An interesting look at a Protestant who wrote with a pulsating intensity of the inner beauty of the Catholic culture of the Southwest. The Catholic World Report, Bradley J. Birzer: “I am amused that so many of the reviews of this book begin with the statement: ‘This book is hard to classify.’ Then why bother?”—Willa Cather, 1927 Willa Cather’s novel—or “narrative” in the style of … More →

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Antonin Scalia Viewed as a Liberal

When U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia died last February 13, I was shocked, as one always is by the news of an acquaintance’s unexpected death, but not surprised. You had only to look at him and see that he had probably never met a bowl of pasta or piece of cake he didn’t love, and also that he had probably never seen the … More →

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MICM Articles in “The Explorer”

The Explorer, the publication of the Federation of North American Explorers (FNE), has its latest issue (Lent, 2016) online now. Sister Maria Rosaria, Sister Marie Gabrielle, and I all have contributions to it, as does Father Lawrence Lew, O.P., and the intrepid and hard-working Mr. David Smith, of the North Star Group in New Jersey (New Jersey? Yes, New Jersey). Give it a read, if … More →

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Freed Slave, Devotee of Sacred Heart, Served the Poor of Denver

CNA: Despite her own poverty, Greeley spent much of her time collecting food, clothing and other goods for the poor. She would often do her work at night, so as to avoid embarrassing the people she was assisting. “She stood out because of how extraordinary she was,” David Uebbing, chancellor of the Archdiocese of Denver, told the Denver Catholic. “Even though she was only earning … More →

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Butte: Copper Town’s Catholic Roots and a Miracle

The Christian Review: Former resident John W. Blewett described the Catholic atmosphere in his piece Riches Above, Riches Below: “One of the Masses I loved to serve as a boy was the 5:15 a.m. mass in our parish. The church was filled with miners carrying their breakfast/lunchpails. In some instances their wives and children would be with them at that early hour. For everyone there, … More →

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Dominican Rep Cardinal, He Speaks Like a Man

What a breath of fresh air! Imagine if all cardinals spoke like Cardinal Nicolas Lopez Rodriguez! We’d have a Church Militant again. Catholic Culture: A Catholic prelate in the Dominican Republic has invited controversy by saying that the American ambassador to his country, who is openly homosexual, should “focus on housework, since he’s the wife to a man.” More here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Our Lady’s Knight

Many years ago as a young man I read an inspiring book to which I was drawn by its title: Our Lady’s Knight: The True Story of Technical Sergeant Leo E. Lovasik.  I do not have the book in hand but it is available from Amazon and other booksellers. I remember how inspired I was by this biography of a valiant US army pilot who … More →

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Great: 350 Priests Hear Confessions at Bogota Mall

What a wonderful idea. God bless them all. That’s 350 priests at one mall for just two days. Could that happen in the USA? Wish it could. Even ten priests at a mall for two days! Bogotá, Colombia, Oct 14, 2015 / 03:05 am (CNA).- In the South American nation of Colombia – where an estimated 70 percent of the population identifies as Catholic – … More →

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Happy Columbus Day / Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar

This year, the “observance” of Columbus Day (always a Monday) falls on the actual Columbus Day, October 12. The day is also the Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar, but this is not mere coincidence. The great Catholic explorer promised his disgruntled men that if land were not spotted on this feast of Our Lady, they would turn back to Europe. Our Lady, in … More →

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More Exemplary Testimony About Yogi Berra the Catholic

Thank you to Brother John Marie Vianney, M.I.C.M., Tert., a baseball enthusiast to be sure, for these tidbits and clippings about the recently deceased great Yankee catcher. These were the days when athletes did not have big egos and had thick skin. Baseball was just a game. Players did not take themselves so seriously as tender souls do today. Yogi and Pope John  XXIII Reporter: “I … More →

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Pope Francis Canonizes Father Junipero Serra

Sister Maria Philomena wrote a biography of Father Serra, The Father of California. You can read it here. In his homily for the canonization, Pope Francis stressed the zeal of the saint to spread the joy of the gospel unto death: “He kept going, because his brothers and sisters were waiting. He kept going forward to the end of his life. Today, like him, may we … More →

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The Devil’s Tabernacle

When I was still in grammar school an Irish missionary priest visited our home. His name was Father Patrick Shine. He had been a missionary in Africa. He was as a traditionalist before there were “traditionalists,” a friend of and guest at Saint Benedict Center when we were in Still River, Massachusetts. He once prophesied concerning himself: “When I have said a perfect Rosary I … More →

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The OFFICIAL Graphic for the Pope’s American Visit (SBC Version)

The media in the US have been scrambling for “papal” and “Catholic” news stories in the lead-in to Pope Francis’ American visit (September 22 – 27). With headlines like “Conservative dissent is brewing inside the Vatican” and “As Pope visit nears, U.S. Catholic Church faces financial strain,” the press is telling us all about Catholic, and specifically “American Catholic” things (the American Cardinal Burke figures prominently … More →

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Mark Twain Admired Church in Hawaii for Being ‘Unmistakably Catholic’

Servant and Steward: Finding myself in the unusual situation without another book to read at hand, I picked up a copy of Mark Twain’s Letters from Hawaii, edited by A. Grove Day (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1966). More here.   Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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