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“The Time Has Not Come”

Although these lines won’t reach readers until after the event, in real time they are written prior to the November 8 presidential election. The voting won’t affect what is said because neither of the major-party candidates, not the one who can’t be trusted nor the other who is corrupt, is a person a Catholic would want for U.S. President, not a Catholic who understands that … More →

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Priest, Poet, Patriot: Father Abram J. Ryan

The first American-born child of Irish parents who immigrated to this country sometime before 1835, Abraham Joseph Ryan came into the world on February 5, 1838 in Hagerstown, Maryland. Matthew Ryan and Mary Coughlin Ryan, his parents, came to the United States from Clogheen, County Tipperary, Ireland with their two daughters and one son seeking a better life in a new land. They settled first … More →

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Keeping the Counter-Reformation Going

This year’s Conference was a rousing success. We had a full house for the two days of talks and a wonderful time socializing and getting to know the new folks who came; one from California (he was inducted into the Third Order) and one from West Virginia, not to mention our guest speaker, Mike Church, from Louisiana. The following is a run down of the … More →

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Columbus Believed in and Lived the Doctrine That There Is No Salvation Outside the Church

Although our country celebrates Columbus Day today, Monday October 10, so as to give workers a long weekend, everyone knows that the real holiday is October 12. This is the day, in 1492, when Christopher Columbus first sited land after a seventy-two day voyage westward across the Atlantic. The day before that he had promised his crew that if they did not see land by … More →

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A Swiss Guard and His Rosary

Dr. Mario Enzler: On the liturgical calendar October 7th is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. This feast celebrates the naval victory of the Holy League fleet at Lepanto which in 1571 saved Christian Civilization from defeat at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. Pope Pius V knew well the tremendous importance of resisting the aggressive expansion of the Ottomans and the certain consequences of … More →

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Patriotism and the Conversion of America

What is patriotism for a Catholic? Do we have to be patriotic? How do we do so? These questions are answered in the first segment of this episode of Reconquest. For the remaining segments, I give a rapid-fire review of the history of evangelism in the New World. Here are some links to helpful resources on the same subject. The YouTube video below is a free. … More →

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Placing Blame Where It Belongs

The downward spiral of society in Western Europe and North America that began in the sixteenth century with the Protestant revolt, accelerated in the eighteenth when liberal rule began to replace Christian government and then gathered still more speed during the two following centuries, now appears to have stopped. Instead we seem to have gone into free-fall. Consider that only a few years ago it … More →

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What on Earth Do Catholics Want?

The incomparable Patrick J. Buchanan authored a column on the racial and religious remapping of Europe and America: “Will the West Survive the Century?” The twin engines propelling these demographic shifts are the birth dearth of Europeans (in both continents), and the careless immigration policies of Europe and its North-American outposts. Inasmuch as these phenomena are both practical expressions of liberalism, and inasmuch they are … More →

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NYC Has More Churches Dedicated to Our Lady Than Any City in the World

National Catholic Register, Angelo Stagnaro: Many people, Catholic or not, are unaware that the city of Los Angeles is dedicated to and named after the Virgin Mary. On September 4, 1781, Spanish governor Felipe de Neve, with the assistance of two Franciscan priests, gave the village its official name, El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles del Río de Porciúncula which translates to … More →

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Fr. Emil Kapaun One Step Closer to Beatification

Seasons of Grace, Kathy Schiffer: Pope Francis is one step closer to considering the sainthood cause of Father Emil Kapaun, a military chaplain who died in a prison camp during the Korean War. On June 21, consultants of the Vatican Congregation for the Causes of Causes approved the historical documents which had been submitted last November by the Diocese of Wichita. The panel of six historical consultants … More →

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Memorial Day Tribute to the Valiant Chaplain Fr. Emil Kapaun

Catholic Culture, K.V. Turley: It was Thanksgiving, so he knew where to find them. The postman made for the local Catholic Church. Fearing the worst, he handed the telegram to the parish priest. After Mass concluded, its contents were read out privately to those to whom it was addressed: More here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Review of Willa Cather’s ‘Death Comes to the Archbishop’

An interesting look at a Protestant who wrote with a pulsating intensity of the inner beauty of the Catholic culture of the Southwest. The Catholic World Report, Bradley J. Birzer: “I am amused that so many of the reviews of this book begin with the statement: ‘This book is hard to classify.’ Then why bother?”—Willa Cather, 1927 Willa Cather’s novel—or “narrative” in the style of … More →

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Antonin Scalia Viewed as a Liberal

When U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia died last February 13, I was shocked, as one always is by the news of an acquaintance’s unexpected death, but not surprised. You had only to look at him and see that he had probably never met a bowl of pasta or piece of cake he didn’t love, and also that he had probably never seen the … More →

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MICM Articles in “The Explorer”

The Explorer, the publication of the Federation of North American Explorers (FNE), has its latest issue (Lent, 2016) online now. Sister Maria Rosaria, Sister Marie Gabrielle, and I all have contributions to it, as does Father Lawrence Lew, O.P., and the intrepid and hard-working Mr. David Smith, of the North Star Group in New Jersey (New Jersey? Yes, New Jersey). Give it a read, if … More →

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Freed Slave, Devotee of Sacred Heart, Served the Poor of Denver

CNA: Despite her own poverty, Greeley spent much of her time collecting food, clothing and other goods for the poor. She would often do her work at night, so as to avoid embarrassing the people she was assisting. “She stood out because of how extraordinary she was,” David Uebbing, chancellor of the Archdiocese of Denver, told the Denver Catholic. “Even though she was only earning … More →

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