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We are members of the Mystical Body of Christ. Therefore, we are not solitaries. We have a duty to help one another achieve our common salvation. We have a duty, first and foremost in our own homes, to work toward the restoration of the Catholic culture that our ancestors enjoyed. If we “cultivate” that culture ourselves, we can attract others. What we must realize is that we are not each our own species, like the angels (so taught St. Thomas), but we are members of one human race. God wills to restore and even more wonderfully recreate that original unity (disassociated after the dispersion at the Tower of Babel) in the one true Church. The articles found in this section emphasize the beauty of Catholic social and cultural life in its varied and sundry forms, as well as the harmony that flows from the incorporation of many into the one living Body of Christ. Viva Cattolicesimo!

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Catholic Doctor Who Died of Ebola, a Man of Faith and Charity

Catholic News Service: Dr. Martin Salia, the Maryland Catholic doctor who died Nov. 17 after contracting the Ebola virus while serving in his native Sierra Leone, was remembered by his family and parish priest as a man who loved God and who loved to serve others. “Dr. Salia lived the Gospel,” said Father Rick Gancayco, pastor of St. Mary Parish in Landover Hills, where the late … More →

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Lay Apostles Igniting a Growing Church in China

UCANews: (Steven Mosher for Aleteia): China’s Communist government has been on an anti-Christian rampage of late, tearing down churches in the coastal city of Wenzhou and elsewhere, arresting underground bishops and home church leaders, and illicitly ordaining pliant priests as Catholic “bishops”. But underneath this escalating campaign of repression — in fact, the reason for it — is a rapidly growing population of Christians. There … More →

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God Bless the Pope, Bishop Krajewski, and Andrea Bocelli

Aleteia: A 20th century composer once wrote a symphonic work called “The Fountains of Rome.” Apparently, there’s going to be a new “fountain” in the Eternal City. Under the direction of Pope Francis, showers for the homeless will be installed in St. Peter’s Square. Work will begin Monday. Read more here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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San Diego QB, Phil Rivers, Major Funder of Immaculate Heart Radio

California Catholic: San Diego’s most understated sports/radio heavy hitter would have to be Charger’s QB Philip Rivers, who reportedly committed $1 million of his money toward buying KCEO AM-1000 in 2012. Rivers and his wife Tiffany spearheaded the local drive to raise $3.75 million so that Sacramento-based Immaculate Heart Radio could buy KCEO and turn it into a 24/7 mouthpiece for the Roman Catholic way … More →

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Mother Marija Benedykta, a Foundress With a Passion

Aleteia: Poisoning, arson, an intrepid religious sister making her way into the former Soviet Union — it sounds like the plot of a box office thriller, rather than the makings of a reformed religious order. But the story of the fledgling Paulicrucian community — like the beginning of so many religious orders — has been fraught with challenges and blessings, roadblocks and new opportunities. Standing in the doorway of … More →

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Prayer Vigil Challenge

Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Still River, Massachusetts, is sending out the first prayer vigil challenge to the schools mentioned with more to come. This is a true challenge and needs to go viral! Notice the young man’s emphasis on chivalry and the protection of the weak by the strong. These are the standards of Christendom, fast fading from the West. Notice, too, the … More →

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Jaffa, Israel: 2500 Indians Honor Our Lady With Procession, Hymns, Rosarys

CNA: Thousands of Indian migrants and other pilgrims in the Holy Land celebrated a special Marian feast day with displays of prayer, devotion and unity. On the Sept. 13 feast of the Nativity of Mary – called “Monti Fest” – more than 2500 Indian Catholic migrants and pilgrims joined in a procession from St. Peter’s Church to St. Anthony’s Church in Jaffa. Mary is the protector … More →

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Let us Remember the Little Ones – Amidst the Devastation of Divorce

In the recent months, Pope Francis has stated repeatedly that one should have more mercy with those Catholics who are divorced and remarried civilly. In the context of the current discussion within the Church about Divorce, and how to deal with those Catholics who are remarried outside of the Catholic Church, what strikes me is how little explicit attention is given to the Little Ones, … More →

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Congratulations to the Newly Professed and Community

A religious profession is a good and beautiful thing. We here at Saint Benedict Center, Richmond, congratulate the Brothers and Sisters at Saint Benedict Center in Still River, Massachusetts, on the recent profession of Sister Mary Imelda: On September 8th, 2014, Sister Mary Imelda, novice, the former Mary-Kate Duffy of Shirley Massachusetts, made her first vows to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, as His bride. The … More →

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‘Without Tradition, We Are Cattle’

Rorate Caeli has posted a fine piece of Spanish counterrevolutionary writing from the pen of Juan Manuel de Prada. The author makes some of the same points I have tried to make here on, notably in Traditionalism is an Affirmation and Catholic and Patriotic. Nothing pleases more those who wish to reduce us to a lonely crowd than to see us set up bison runs, … More →

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Counterrevolutionary Considerations

Saint Benedict Center’s conference will take place very soon (October 10-11). As I prepare my own comments on this year’s theme, I thought I would give both a plug for, and a sneak preview of, what our attendees will be hearing in a little over a month. Our theme is “Catholic and Counterrevolutionary.” For my purposes, I will define “counterrevolutionary” as “of or pertaining to … More →

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Loving Father to Prodigal Daughter: ‘First, We Go to Confesssion’

This is very inspiring conversion story. One need not be a beautiful model to identify with Leah Darrow. Nor does one need to be a young woman. Her story is for every fallen away Catholic, especially the young who are living in sin or frequently falling. Her story is for Catholic parents, as well, who are suffering and praying for their wayward sons and daughters, … More →

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Salvation Here and Now

Our holy Faith forbids us to say that our salvation is entirely assured in this life and that we cannot fall from grace before we come to our particular judgment and accordingly be damned. The Council of Trent labels such a false assurance “rash presumption” in chapter twelve of its Decree on Justification. The only exception to this is for the just soul who has … More →

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Writer’s Eye-Witness Account of the Great Devotion of Korean Catholics

Courtney Grogan for CNA: On Aug. 17 Pope Francis stood at an altar in front of Gyeongbokgung Palace, the palace of a dynasty that ruled over the Korean peninsula for more than 500 years and was responsible for the torture and execution of an estimated 10,000 Catholics. In the face of such persecution, a public Mass would have been unimaginable in Korea just 150 years … More →

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Identical Twin Priests Whose Mother Refused Their Abortion

This is a wonderful story, not only because of the mother’s refusal to abort what her doctors told her was a terribly deformed baby with two heads and three arms but also because of the twin’s own conversion after they both stopped practicing their Catholic Faith. Not only that, but, while she was carrying the two, the doctor also told the mother that without an abortion she herself might die. … More →

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