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We Need a Little Christmas – Or a Lot!

…I’ve grown a little leaner Grown a little colder Grown a little sadder Grown a little older And I need a little angel Sitting on my shoulder I need a little Christmas now –Jerry Herman, “We Need a Little Christmas” As anyone knows who has been out shopping in this strange electoral Winter of 2016 knows, the stores — as some have been since before … More →

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Ethiopia: Zealous Young Catholic Helps Bring 300 to Baptism, More Coming

CNA: A distant part of Ethiopia last week celebrated the baptisms of 300 adult catechumens, youth, and infants. “Today when you receive this great Sacrament of Baptism you become sons and daughters of God, people of God and members of the Church; this brings great joy in heaven and great joy on earth for the entire Church,” Bishop Lesanu-Christos Matheos Semahun of the Bahir Dar-Dessie Ethiopian … More →

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Interview With ‘Tough’ Catholic Coach of Tampa Bay Bucs

National Catholic Register, Trent Beattie: As a young boy, Mark Duffner aspired to the priesthood — and the papacy. The Annandale, Virginia, native wanted to become the first pope from the United States. However, being introduced to football in high school would usher in a change to his life goals. Duffner, 63, started coaching as a graduate assistant for Ohio State legend Woody Hayes in 1975. … More →

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Thomas Myron Hooker, RIP

Funeral for Homeless Man, a Regular at San Francisco Church California Catholic Daily: Thomas Myron Hooker was a beloved fixture at Star of the Sea Church in the Richmond District of San Francisco. When Mass was being celebrated or when the church was empty, Thomas was often found in the back in prayer and keeping a watchful eye on the church. Always cheerful and smiling, … More →

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Irish Catholic ‘Martyr’ Ann Glover Hung as a ‘Witch’ in Boston 1688

CNA, Mary Rezak: The last person hanged for witchcraft in Boston could be considered a Catholic martyr. In the 1650s, Ann Glover and her family, along with some 50,000 other native Irish people, were enslaved by Englishman Oliver Cromwell during the occupation of Ireland and shipped to the island of Barbados, where they were sold as indentured servants. Full article here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, … More →

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Teaching Your Unruly Child to Think Straight

Children who violate the fourth commandment — honor thy father and mother — think differently than those who are well-behaved. Recalcitrant children believe that the fulfillment of their needs should always come first, even though their demands are not only unfair but involve stepping on the toes of their peers and those in authority. The errant thinking, unruly child is self-absorbed, believing he is always … More →

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Our Little Catholic ‘Babushkas’

Catholic Culture, Father Jerry Pokorsky:  One of the most memorable homilies I’ve heard was given by a New York City priest when I was in the seminary. He introduced his homily with a droll comment about “little Italian grandmothers” and their big families. The details escape me. But his quip drew twitters of chuckles from the seminarians. The popular caricature of little Italian grandmothers can … More →

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120 Priests Hear Confessions in Bogota mall

Somehow I cannot see this happening in a city of the US. If it were to happen, what a great gift that would be to an American city! CNA: For two days this week, a shopping mall in Bogota, Colombia was transformed into a “Confess-a-thon,” as 120 priests administered the Sacrament of Reconciliation to shoppers and those passing by. More here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Christ the Conqueror

Our Lord Jesus Christ is truly King. As Pope Pius XI taught, He is so by right of nature, that is, by virtue of His being the God-Man; but He is also King “by a right of conquest, which He acquired when He became our Redeemer.” One way to conceptualize the life of Christ is as a warrior come down to conquer. Our Lord Himself … More →

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Commemorating Blessed Emperor Karl

Nothing can be made again exactly as it once was. That would include the Catholic Christendom which consisted of the peoples of the lands of Europe and their overseas outposts whose laws and customs were rooted in and conformed to the teachings of Our Lord as recorded in Holy Scripture and of the Latin-rite branch of the Church He founded. It is possible, however, to … More →

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PIME Missioner/Journalist’s Autobiography About His Experiences in Communist China

Father Piero Gheddo, AsiaNews: After I was ordained in 1953, I immediately began working in journalism, interviewing – among others – our PIME missionaries who had been expelled from China (140, including five bishops) at that time. They were quite pessimistic about the fate of the Chinese Church because, they said, “they are sending away us foreign missionaries, jailing bishops, priests and nuns, and they are … More →

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Mark Wahlberg to Play Ex-Boxer Priest, an Anti-Catholic Convert, Fr. Stuart Long, in Movie

See Video here. And facts about Father Long’s astounding story here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Meditation on Old Age, Aches and Pains, Eccles. 12:1-8

Although I am not that old, I identify well with the shaky, weak legs (fear of heights and perils in the streets), and the loss of one’s “grinders.” Monsignor Pope: Today I would like to discuss the Gospel from last Saturday morning’s daily Mass (25th Week of the Year). For indeed one of the more beautiful passages in the Old Testament is the 12th Chapter … More →

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On Padre Pio’s Feast Day, Let Us Give Thanks for His Father

Seton Magazine, John Clark: On a hot and sunny day about one hundred and twenty-five years ago, on a little Italian farm, the landscape contained a familiar image—a man tending to the needs of his land. That man, Grazio Mario Forgione, was happily joined that afternoon by his son, whom he had named “Francesco” in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi. As Grazio worked the … More →

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A New Order of Crusaders: Seriously!

As I write, two events are on the horizon for the religious here at Saint Benedict Center. The first is the annual Pilgrimage for Restoration (September 23-25), a three-day, sixty-five mile walking pilgrimage from Lake George, New York, to Auriesville, New York, where we will pray in the spot sanctified by the martyrdom of three of the eight holy Jesuits known collectively as the “North American … More →

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