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From the Laptops

“From the Laptops,” the section of our site with opinion and commentary columns, is so named as a tribute to our old journal, From the Housetops (back issues still available). If checking back here every day becomes tiresome, you can subscribe to RSS feeds of “From the Laptops.”

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Mass Schedule for Sunday, May 29, 2016

There will be only one Mass on Sunday, May 29 at Saint Benedict Center. It will be at 10:30 AM and it will be a Missa Cantata. The Rosary will begin at 10:00 AM. The Mass will be the Second Sunday after Pentecost. It will not be the external solemnity of Corpus Christi, since we had a Missa Cantata and Eucharistic procession on Thursday, the … More →

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True or False Pope, the Complete Interview on YouTube

YouTube videos of Parts I and II of my Reconquest interview with Mr. John Salza are embedded below. John Salza is an attorney and Catholic apologist, who co-authored, with Mr. Robert Siscoe, a new book on the subject under discussion, True or False Pope? In these interviews, we examine the subject of sedevacantism, the novel idea that the popes since Vatican II are not actually valid popes, … More →

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UPDATE: Mass Schedule for Pentecost Week and Following

Another priest will be arriving late tonight (Friday, May 20), and the schedule for the next several days will be as follows: Mass according to the normal schedule beginning Saturday, May 21 and going till Thursday May 26, which is the Feast of Corpus Christi. (The normal schedule is 7:30 am low Mass daily, and two Sunday Masses: 7:30 AM low, and 9:30 AM high Mass). The … More →

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Cardinal Robert Sarah Warns against ‘Demonic Idolatry’ in US

(Thomas D. Williams/Breibart) In a Washington prayer breakfast Tuesday, a high-ranking Vatican cardinal denounced same-sex marriage, transgender bathroom laws, and attacks on the family as “demonic.” In his forceful address, Cardinal Robert Sarah (pictured), who runs the Vatican’s powerful liturgical department, said that these are “portentous times” for the Church and for the world, while slamming gender theory as “ideological colonization” and decrying the “insidious” … More →

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Equality Dogma Must Die

Or so says Selwyn Duke in his column, Drafting women: do we believe in equality or don’t we? Excerpt: I’ve also pointed out that our equality dogma is a con. Equality is not a thing of this world; in fact, in the realm of nature and man, inequality is the norm. And most of human history reflected this reality, with equality dogma born of the … More →

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Little Children

The number of times Jesus and the sacred writers refer to the faithful as “little children” or just “children” is most endearing. It manifests the love of the Sacred Heart for His little ones. I have collected here a list of verses wherein Our Lord, Saint Paul, or Saint John used this term of endearment. When Jesus appeared on the shore of the Sea of … More →

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Was God Mean in the Old Testament? YouTube Video.

The YouTube video below is the entirety of Reconquest 19: “KILL THEM ALL! (on the ‘Dark Passages’ of the Bible). Guest: Dr. Nathan Schmiedickie”. I also wrote an Ad Rem on the same subject. Not every episode will make its way to YouTube. But all the episodes of Reconquest are free if you listen to them at air time over at (See the schedule here.) … More →

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True or False Pope? Part I. Guest: John Salza

In the next Reconquest, we examine the subject of sedevacantism, the novel idea that the popes since Vatican II are not actually valid popes, but either lost their office or never had it for a variety of reasons (depending on the particular school of sedevacantist thought). My guest is Mr. John Salza, attorney and Catholic apologist, who co-authored, with Mr. Robert Siscoe, a new book on the subject, True … More →

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‘Symbolic of His Struggle against Reality’

The crew of Monty Python’s Flying Circus could hardly be considered paladins of orthodoxy or sound morals. To be direct about the matter, they are public blasphemers. Which is why the short excerpt below, brought to my attention by Mike Church, is so telling. In 1979, when the horrible film, The Life of Brian, was produced, liberal progressivists — even of the mockingly anti-Christian sort … More →

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FREE YouTube Reconquest Sampler: ‘Blessed Karl von Habsburg, Statesman and Victim’

All the episodes of Reconquest are free if you listen to them at air time over at (See the schedule here.) To listen ON-DEMAND or to DOWNLOAD the WHOLE SHOW (not just the 20-minute free segment that everyone can access), you will need to have a membership. This will also give you access to all the other quality programming on the Veritas Radio Network. Once … More →

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Saint Pulcheria: Two Christological Councils Owe Their Success to Her

No doubt one of the greatest women to grace the Church, Empress Saint Pulcheria was born in the year 399. She was the eldest daughter of Emperor Arcadius and assumed the regency for her younger brother, Theodosius II. Pulcheria and her sisters took vows of virginity, which she kept even after marrying a general, named Marcian, who agreed to respect her commitment to God. With … More →

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Tradition with a Capital “T”

In the next Reconquest, we consider the Catholic concept of Tradition, both in the general sense (embracing both Holy Scripture and Oral or Apostolic Tradition), and in the more specific sense of those Apostolic Traditions that were not written down. We consider also the related Catholic concept — much abused in our day — of development of doctrine. I talk about the meaning of Revelation, the Deposit … More →

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Protestant Minister Delivered From Demon While Praying Before Blessed Sacrament

Even practicing Catholics, serious ones, have a huge weakness. They believe that one can be saved outside the Church. Consequently, out of human respect, they are afraid they might hurt the feelings of Protestant (or non-Christian) family members or friends by asking them to become Catholic. It’s such a simple question. It’s such a charitable question; indeed no other invitation compares to this one. The … More →

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‘Immediately’: Characteristically St. Mark

The four evangelists used the adverb “immediatley” (euthus, in Greek) an amazing number of times. Saint Matthew used it twelve times, Luke fourteen times, and John only six times. Mark however, whose feast day was yesterday, used the word twenty-eight times, and his is the shortest Gospel, only sixteen chapters. Mark was the spiritual son of Saint Peter. “The church that is in Babylon, elected … More →

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In Honor of Saint Mark: Gabrieli Music!

From YouTube user, Karl Barton, comes the video below. Giovanni Gabrieli was organist and composer for Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice. He was the more famous nephew of Andrea Gabrieli. Here is his description from YouTube: This features scenes from Venice near St. Mark’s Basilica with the music of Giovanni Gabrieli “Plaudite, psallite, jubilate Deo” (Clap, sing praises, make a joyful sound to God). St. … More →

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