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From the Laptops

“From the Laptops,” the section of our site with opinion and commentary columns, is so named as a tribute to our old journal, From the Housetops (back issues still available). If checking back here every day becomes tiresome, you can subscribe to RSS feeds of “From the Laptops.”

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Chinese Communist Economist Argues That Christianity Would Be Good for China

Four years ago I posted a column on our website about  Lou Tseng-tsiang, a Prime Minister in the Chinese Republic in the early 1900s. While serving in his post Lou Tseng, who had been Protestant, converted to the Catholic Faith, under the influence of his devout Belgian wife. You can read about him here. After her death, Lou entered a Benedictine monastery in Belgium, was ordained, and later … More →

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Bl. Junipero Serra: The Real Man, Anti-Catholic Propaganda to the Contrary

I have just read a misinformation post (mostly misinformation or at best one-sided exaggeration) about a holy Franciscan missionary by not one, not two, but three contributors: Joe Mozingo, Matt Hamilton, and Jeff Gottlieb from the Los Angeles Times. Astounding, but hardly surprising, given the secular climate we are swimming in! As if any of these contributors could have lasted a day doing such work of charity as Father Serra did, in such … More →

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Epiclesis and Filioque: Church Unity and the Schismatics January 19

In praying for the return of the schismatics to Church unity under the pope, I thought, by way of contrast, to clarify my own mind on two issues that, as I see it, have no basis being controversial at all. The sin of schism is a sin against charity, a rupture of the bond of charity, a grave offense against the Holy Ghost. As I … More →

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Votive Mass for Peace on Sanguinary ‘Roe’ Anniversary

The Mass propers we prayed here at Saint Benedict Center this morning were not those for the martyr saint of today, Saint Vincent; nor were they for that other Saint Vincent whose feast falls today: Saint Vincent Pallotti. They instead came from the Votive Mass for Peace (Da Pacem) in the traditional Roman Missal. This is because January 22 is, by decree of the United … More →

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Scrolling Issue Fixed on Site

Many of our readers probably noticed that we had a glitch on our site for a time. When a reader scrolled near the bottom of a page, he could not scroll back up; he was trapped in the comments section. This nuisance was fixed last evening, thanks to the competence of our fantastic web designer, who can parse php in his sleep. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Malarkey’s Malarkey: No Trip to Heaven and Back

I remember when this story came out five years ago. Like scores of other similar fantasies that get posted on the Internet, especially on Spirit Daily website, this was not true.  The poor boy has just come out and admitted he made the whole thing up. See admission here. Publisher, Tyndale House, has pulled the book, The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven. Yet others proliferate. … More →

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Only in Baptism Does One Become a Child of God

This is a very good article addressing the error of the popular and widespread euphemism that all men are children of God by creation. Rachel Lu, Crisis Magazine: This last Sunday, we were treated to the Gospel reading in which Christ is baptized by St. John the Baptist. It’s a compelling passage, especially because it focuses our attention on the purpose and meaning of baptism. The … More →

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Do You Know What Your Kid Is Studying in College?

Having recently completed a fun and enlightening read of Dr. Elizabeth Kantor’s Politically Incorrect Guide to English and American Literature, then just happening on the article “Un-Donne: When Secular Students Confront Reverent Classics” by Joan Faust in the Winter edition of Academic Questions, the journal of the National Association of Scholars, I began to ask myself, what are they teaching kids these days in college, … More →

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Enough With the Lies, Islam IS a ‘Religion’ of Slaughter and Violence

History to the dogs. Who cares about that? Forget the victims and the Catholic martyrs from the seventh century on. Islam is a “religion of peace” don’t you know. Just read the holy Koran. Not that there weren’t Moslems who were peaceful at heart. Of course there were, and are. But, these peaceful Moslems never condemned their long history of merciless assaults upon Christians. They … More →

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Saint Norbert College to Host Pro-Abortion Gloria Steinem

Feminist provocateur Gloria Steinem is still on the circuit at eighty years-old. And, the Norbertines in De Pere, Wisconsin, find her quite worthy to give a presentation. I know a little bit about the Norbertines in De Pere, a very comfortable abbey to be sure. An indoor swimming pool and — for those who are really ascetic — a sauna room enhances the ambience. I know this because I … More →

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On Being Charlie

In his “Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie,” David Warren reverses the popular meme that summarizes the response of a decadent, de-christianized West to a surly, truculent Islamism. A nice sample of his writing is this: A great deal of blather has been expended on “the defense of our values.” This plays right into the fanatics’ hands, for they know we don’t have any. Another is … More →

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USA/Israel Flag Pin: What is This Popping Up All Over Catholic Websites?

It’s everywhere on Catholic websites. Ads for this US/Israel Flag Pin. A lot of money must be going into this strange, blitzkriegish propaganda. What is up with this barrage of Ads? Pardon the rhetorical question. Catholics, who really care for the Jews and want to convert them unto life eternal, Catholics who believe in the words of our Jewish Savior, should take note of the … More →

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Cardinal Burke Mans Up

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke was recently interviewed by Matthew James Christoff of the New Emangelization Project on the topic of the Catholic “Man-crisis” and what to do about it. The whole interview is worth reading, and not only because it wounded the progressivist sensibilities of the liberals at Crux. His Eminence says some very good things about Catholicity and manhood. Suggestion: You commenters on this site — the … More →

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Saint Abel, January 2, and Other Old Testament ‘Saints’

Forty-Two Old Testament Saints Today is the feast day of Abel the Just, son of Adam and Eve, and the first man to die. He was killed by his brother Cain out of a jealous rage, a jealousy all the worse because it was spiritual. God accepted the sacrifice of Abel because he offered it with Faith. God must have revealed the proper sacrifice and … More →

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Nothing Miraculous to See Here, the Star of Bethlehem Was a Supernova

It happens every now and then. And it must have happened 2000 years ago. A supernova. And it appeared in Judaea at the time of the Birth of Christ. The Bible tells us that Moses parted the Red Sea. Never mind the miraculous details, that was just Moses being Moses, or whoever wrote the Book of Exodus being whoever. The fact is, scientists explain, that … More →

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