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From the Laptops

“From the Laptops,” the section of our site with opinion and commentary columns, is so named as a tribute to our old journal, From the Housetops (back issues still available). If checking back here every day becomes tiresome, you can subscribe to RSS feeds of “From the Laptops.”

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Catholic Columnist Ross Douthat Lambasts Sen.Ted Cruz Insulting Speech

I do not know much about Ross Douthat and I am therefore not advocating his columns. I don’t read them online, nor do I have time to. I try to keep exclusively with news that affects the Church. And this latest spiel by Cruz does affect the Church very much. Cruz is a staunch advocate of Israeli policy, no matter what that might be. “My … More →

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On Papal Infallibility

The Remnant’s Chris Jackson posted last Friday a clear and concise defense of the dogma of papal infallibility — what it is and what it is not — written by Father Michael Gavin in 1881. The article was written to refute an attack on said doctrine by a Protestant, Dr. Littledale. This is definitely worth a slow read. The Remnant: “From Fables About Papal Infallibility” by the Rev. Michael Gavin, 1881: … More →

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Breaking News: Chinese Reds Don’t Like Dalai Lama Saying He’s the Last Reincarnation of Buddha

Need some comic relief. This is a doozy. The atheist Communist  government of China wants the right to say who the next reincarnation of Buddha is. It’s their tradition, say the atheists. The Dalai Lama had dubbed some little tyke to be the reincarnation of his number two man, Panchen Lama, but the Reds put the poor boy under house arrest and named their own reincarnated … More →

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Congratulations to the Newly Professed and Community

A religious profession is a good and beautiful thing. We here at Saint Benedict Center, Richmond, congratulate the Brothers and Sisters at Saint Benedict Center in Still River, Massachusetts, on the recent profession of Sister Mary Imelda: On September 8th, 2014, Sister Mary Imelda, novice, the former Mary-Kate Duffy of Shirley Massachusetts, made her first vows to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, as His bride. The … More →

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Keep the Church of Holy Innocents Opened!

Petition His Eminence Cardinal Dolan to Keep the Church of the Holy Innocents Open! Click here to sign. They almost have reached their goal! Please consider supporting the parishioners of the Church of the Holy Innocents and the daily traditional Mass by signing this petition and by asking others to do the same. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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2014 Conference Schedule

Join us on Friday-Saturday, October 10 and 11, 2014, for Saint Benedict Center’s annual conference. You may register online or by telephone: (603) 239-6485. What: This year’s conference theme is “Catholic and Counterrevolutionary” Where: Saint Benedict Center, 95 Fay Martin Road, Richmond, New Hampshire, 03470. When: Friday and Saturday, October 10 and 11, 2014. Both will be full conference days. How Much: Go here for price and schedule. Schedule: Friday, October 10 7:00 Holy … More →

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How Power Brokers Beat War Drums

Read Behind the Sinking of the Lusitania by Pat Buchanan if you want to see how the United States have been led into wars by morally bereft politicians. And now they’re doing it again in Ukraine and Iraq/Syria. About how America became involved in certain wars, many conspiracy theories have been advanced — and some have been proved correct. When James K. Polk got his declaration of … More →

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‘The Vicar of Bray’ Explains How to Keep a Job in Tough Times

Thanks to WikiPedia and YouTube, in cooperation with, ambitious seekers of ecclesiastical preferment everywhere may learn the tricks of the trade. Whether its a cushy sinecure you want, or something more labor intensive, just take the advice of the Vicar of Bray: In good King Charles‘s golden days, When Loyalty no harm meant; A Zealous High-Church man I was,1 And so I gain’d Preferment.2 Unto … More →

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League Criticizes Hibernians for Capitulating to Homosexual Group

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today criticized the Ancient Order of Hibernians — organizers of New York’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade — for inviting a homosexual group to march in the 2015 parade. The parade committee said its “change of tone and expanded inclusiveness is a gesture of goodwill to the LGBT community in our continuing effort to keep the parade above politics.” The … More →

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‘Without Tradition, We Are Cattle’

Rorate Caeli has posted a fine piece of Spanish counterrevolutionary writing from the pen of Juan Manuel de Prada. The author makes some of the same points I have tried to make here on, notably in Traditionalism is an Affirmation and Catholic and Patriotic. Nothing pleases more those who wish to reduce us to a lonely crowd than to see us set up bison runs, … More →

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NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade Sells Out

Pat Archbold writes, in Cardinal Dolan and the NYC St. Patrick’s Gay Parade?: If reports are to be believed, a compromise is in the works that will amount to nothing less than an endorsement of the gay identity in the 2015 NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade. The Irish Times reports that under pressure from NBC, not only will a group be allowed to march in the parade with … More →

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The Globe’s Kevin Cullen Defines Once Catholic Ireland as “Backward”

In a metro column of The Boston Sunday Globe of August 24th, serial Catholic basher Kevin Cullen wrote about the controversy in Ireland over the discovery of unmarked graves of children at the site of a maternity home in Tuam administered bythe Bon Secours Sisters. Though disturbing questions remain, the affair has been characterized by hysterical press coverage and extravagant claims, almost all of which … More →

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Victory for School Choice in New Hampshire

(Cato Institute) Low- and middle-income children in New Hampshire will now be able to use tax-credit scholarships at any school they choose, whether secular or religious. This morning, the New Hampshire Supreme Court (NHSC) followed the precedent of the U.S. Supreme Court in unanimously ruling that the petitioners challenging the “Live Free or Die” state’s scholarship tax credit law lack standing because they could not demonstrate any harm. The law grants … More →

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Anthony Fraser, RIP

We received sad news this morning. Anthony Fraser, the son of Hamish Fraser, died of a heart attack, either last night or early this morning. Anthony was the editor of Apropos Magazine, the successor to his father’s Approaches. Like his great father, he was an intrepid defender of the Social Rights of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King and an ardent devotee of integral Catholic … More →

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The Saint Thérèse We Did Not Read About

Joe Sparks of Catholic Household website highlights some of the temptations that Saint Thérèse, the Little Flower, had to endure that are, to put it mildly, frightening. The first issue of her autobiography, Story of a Soul, was heavily edited (censored actually) by her sister, Mother Agnes. That must have been the version I read many years ago. John Clarke’s edition, however, which was published in 1975, is … More →

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