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From the Laptops

“From the Laptops,” the section of our site with opinion and commentary columns, is so named as a tribute to our old journal, From the Housetops (back issues still available). If checking back here every day becomes tiresome, you can subscribe to RSS feeds of “From the Laptops.”

Timely Indeed: An Inspired Letter to a Despairing Catholic from the Author of ‘Action’ Jean Oussett

I have just read one of the best clarion calls I have ever read to help rally the faithful, with holy and supernatural hope, to action and not to despair in the present crisis of faith. It is a call to assist Christ in His Passion by not abandoning the Church, His Body, during her passion. To comfort Him in His Mystical Body as He … More →

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The Tridentine Profession of Faith

One of the great works of the Council of Trent was to produce the Tridentine Profession of Faith, a statement of the Creed that clearly articulates the perennial Faith in the face of the revolutionary doctrines of the Protestant so-called “Reformers.” Its tone is what would be called today (usually disparagingly) “triumphalist.” To some of us, that is a good thing. There is a Catholic … More →

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Holy Week, Easter Schedule at Saint Benedict Center

Join us for Holy Week and Easter Sunday. (You can get directions here.) The schedule is as follows: Maundy Thursday: Rosary: 6:30 pm; High Mass: 7:00 pm; Confessions: After Mass (The High Mass is followed by all-night Eucharistic Adoration.) Good Friday: Confession: 1:00-3:00 pm; Rosary: 2:00 pm; Stations of the Cross: 2:30 pm; Mass of the Presanctified: 3:00 pm Holy Saturday: Confession: 4:00-5:00 pm; Rosary: 10:00 pm; Solemn Easter Vigil Mass (Blessing of Fire & Easter Water): … More →

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Espying Salvation

As Moses lifted up the cross on high With brazen serpent ’round its frame entwined So was the Son of Man ‘twixt earth and sky On Holy Rood fix’d fast for men to mind. To smitten Hebrews Moses gave the cure, That they who looked thereon would healéd be. But Jhesu with His Flesh made off’ring pure, Gained grace and pardon for humanity. “If I … More →

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The Desolation of Katrina

Almost nine years ago, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast and did great damage to New Orleans, where I grew up. The Crescent City’s “Ninth Ward” was one of the hardest hit areas. It so happens that the Ninth Ward is where my high school, Holy Cross, was located. I was just sent a link to the two-minute YouTube video below, that has joined aerial shots … More →

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Progressivists love to paint anything they disagree with as some form of “fascism.” Most often, the thing has nothing to do with fascism, but that matters not to the liberal rhetorician. Michael Voris plays of this rhetoric here: ( Grab a pen and write the word down as quickly as you can and start using it everywhere — the word is… homofascism. A working definition you … More →

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Diabolical Revisionism: Luther ‘Loved’ the Church?

He just hated the teachings of the Church, especially on supernatural and interior justification (rebirth) of the soul, and made a mockery of Our Lord’s word on the necessity of good works for salvation. Oh, and he hated the pope(s)  (and the papacy). Speaking of the pope, here is what Doctor Martin wrote in 1520: “If we punish thieves with the yoke, highwaymen with the … More →

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Saint Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart

The most popular of all the saints named Margaret, with the exception of that of the Scots and their own Queen Saint Margaret, is Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, the “Beloved Disciple of the Sacred Heart.” She was born at Lhautecour, France, on July 22, 1647. Her parents, Claude and Philiberte Alacoque  were poor and devout. That may sound typical in the lives of so many … More →

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Mozillians, Dominicans, and Quislings

Considerably more significant than Mozilla’s trashing of Brendan Eich is what has happened to  Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, the Dominican who’s been thrown under the bus by ecclesiastical quislings who lack her fortitude in standing up for Catholic teaching. Why is it more significant? Because opposition to sound morality is more to be expected in the world than in the Church. When teaching sisters who defend … More →

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Three New Saints Were Apostles of the Americas

A little Triumphalism here, cobbled from Rome Reports and Vatican Information Services. The Pope signed the decree for an “equivalent canonization,” recognizing them as saints of the Universal Church. Vatican City, 3 April 2014 (VIS) – This morning the Holy Father Francis received in audience Cardinal Angelo Amato, S.D.B., prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, during which he extended the liturgical cult … More →

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Brother Mongoose Goes to New Jersey

Our Brothers Louis Marie and Joseph Mary went to New Jersey and Philadelphia this week to do some apostolic work. Among their tasks was a visit to our brethren of the North Star Group, the Federation of North American Explorers group in New Jersey. A small photo album that our North Star brethren posted on Facebook has some photos of “Brother Mongoose”1 (Brother Louis Marie) … More →

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Vietnam: He Made His Chains ‘The Most Severe Rosary in the World”

This is an astounding conversion story of a poet, musician and soldier, who was sentenced to life while a prisoner from the time of the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. The grace of God is an awesome gift. In the case of J.B Nguyễn Hữu Cầu, the grace of the Catholic Faith kept him alive in the most dire circumstances for twenty-eight of his … More →

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The Root of All Evil Is the Root of All Evil

My news item from yesterday on the incredible gap that has widened under President Obama between the rich and the poor received the following criticism. I am impelled to give it a very brief reply. If I upset the defenders of the mega-rich exploiters of the hard-working poor, then so be it. I am a Catholic. I am also Irish and I know the history … More →

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The Passion of Spain Comes to an End

(Rorate Caeli) Exactly 75 years ago, the arms silenced in Spain at the end of almost three years of war, and almost a decade of intermittent grave persecution of the Church which reached its zenith in 1936. The greatest persecution of Catholics since late Antiquity, Spaniards condemned as reactionaries by their fellow citizens, had taken place in the territory retained by the Communist-inspired forces, and … More →

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