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A Little Question on the Word ‘Conservative’

Being now in the full throes of the 2016 presidential election cycle, political news and talk is now even louder than usual. There are many wars of words, most of them horribly shallow and uninformed by sound principles. In light of that, I have a question. When Milo Yiannopoulos, the self-styled “Dangerous Faggot,” passes for “conservative,” what on God’s green earth is being conserved? Share, Bookmark, … More →

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Reconquest Episode 33: Heretics, Apostates and Schismatics Oh My! Guest: Ryan Grant

There is a schedule change for this Episode of Reconquest. It will premiere at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (6 p.m. Central) on Wednesday, July 20. My guest once more in Mr. Ryan Grant. As the name I’ve given the show suggests, the topics covered — from Saint Robert Bellarmine’s book, On the Church Militant — are heretics, apostates, and schismatics. Ryan and I discuss what these … More →

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St Lazarus between Martha and Mary, by 
Maestro de Perea (source)

St. Mary Magdalene is the Same Mary, the Sister of Lazarus and Martha of Bethany

I had doubted this in the past. My main reason was that Saint Mary Magdalene is called “the Magdalene” not “Mary of Bethany.” Magdala was in Galilee, not Judea, where Bethany was.  I stand corrected by this informative article by Father Ryan Erlenbush on the New Advent website. I do not agree with every point Father makes, but the principal argument he develops so well has convinced … More →

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Four-Part Radio Series: The Warnings of Fatima Are Here

Cross posting from Veritas Radio Network site… Mandeville, LA – Mike Church begins a 4 part series looking into the Miracle of The Sun and the events that preceded them in Fatima Portugal. Mike will be joined by Christopher Ferrara. In testimony to EU in 2012 Chris Ferrara stated the following: “And we are here today to ask that this body consider endorsing the motion to … More →

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Reconquest Episode 32. On the Church Militant. Guest: Ryan Grant

Mr. Ryan Grant, of Mediatrix Press, is my guest. The subject is the book by Saint Robert Bellarmine, On the Church Militant, which Ryan translated and published. We discuss the first three chapters of the book, which explain the origin of the word Church, its precise and accurate definition (against false definitions on the sectarians), and a summary of who are considered members of the … More →

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Cardinal Schönborn Says Amoris Laetitia is Binding Doctrine

Maike Hickson, writing for Austrian Catholic website reports that on 7 July, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn published an interview in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, in which he said that Amoris Laetitia is a binding doctrinal document. From now on, says Schönborn, all the previous magisterial texts concerning marriage and the family “have to be read in the light of Amoris Laetitia.” Schönborn also said … More →

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Medieval illustration of Pentecost from the 12th-century Hortus deliciarum of Herrad of Landsberg (details)

Holy Twelves

Back in April I posted an article on the “Holy Forties.” Now I would like to post a short piece on the “Holy Twelves.” We begin, of course, with the twelve Apostles: Peter, Andrew, James (the Greater), John, Simon, James (the Less), Jude, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, and Matthias. Here are other “Twelves”. There were twelve tribes of Israel (or Jacob). They are: Reuben, Simeon, … More →

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Reconquest Episode 31. The Precious Blood of Jesus

The price of our salvation is the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. In the nineteenth century, there was a real flowering of devotion to the Precious Blood, thanks to such notables as Saint Gaspar del Bufalo, Father Frederick Faber, and, of course, Blessed Pope Pius IX, who instituted the Feast of the Precious Blood (later moved by Saint Pius X to July 1), in thanksgiving for the … More →

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I Saw Bishop Athanasius Schneider Last Night, and I’m Glad I Did

Last night, at Holy Ghost parish in Tiverton, Rhode Island, Brothers and Sisters from Saint Benedict Center were among the hundreds present for Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s much-anticipated presentation on the crisis in the Church. What was especially rewarding for me in hearing His Excellency speak were not so much his own words, but the “prophetical” writings of a succession of recent popes that he quoted at length. Citing Blessed Pius … More →

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Reconquest Episode 30: Saint Ferdinand III, with Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen

For this show, I am joined by Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen (with whom I previously discussed the Spanish Carlists). Our subject is Saint Ferdinand III, the Crusader and liberator of Catholic Spain, who united the two Iberian Kingdoms of Leon and Castile, ruling — after his successful Reconquista — a territory roughly two-thirds the size of present-day Spain. Included in our discussion are the Saint’s Marian piety, … More →

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Gianna Jessen and Brownson’s ‘Smallest Peg’

Meet Gianna Jessen. She’s not a Catholic. She identifies as a Christian. She says she only wants Jesus. Before I go on with this, let me say that I, too, hate reading news stories (or anything else on the Internet) peppered with Twitter tweets. I will try to be sparing in my selection of embedded tweets. But, as this concerns something that happened on Twitter, … More →

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Reconquest Episode 29. Giving God His Due

On this show, I consider a standard objection to Catholic devotion: the charge of idolatrous worship of the Blessed Virgin, the saints, and the angels. I call the show Giving God His Due. The question boils down to this: What is it that Catholics offer to the Virgin Mary, the other saints, or the angels that is due to God alone? What is God’s due that … More →

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The Problem of Pluralism and the Remedy of (True) Religion

Mike Church and Chris Ferrara discuss the contrast between Christendom and Western Modernity, and also the remedies to the problems of the latter. To cut to the chase, the real remedy is conversion to the Catholic Faith and the Christian social order that goes along with it. If you consider that this kind of programming should get to more people, please consider supporting the Veritas … More →

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Reconquest Episode 28. Saint Robert Southwell: The Truth, the Beauty, and the Gore. Guest: Charles Coulombe

For my next Reconquest, I will be joined by Charles Coulombe. Charles and I will discuss “Saint Robert Southwell: The Truth, the Beauty, and the Gore.” Topics will include a brief biological sketch of the missionary-martyr-poet, the purpose of his poetry, and some of that poetry itself. His was an amazing career as a hunted missionary who not only exercised a priestly, sacramental mission among the … More →

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Simon Bening: The Temptation of Christ

The Temptations of Christ in the Desert

The Three Temptations of Christ in the Desert After forty days of fasting and prayers Our Lord is tired and hungry. He has not yet begun His public life. Saint John the Baptist has given testimony that Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Jesus is baptized by John and he retires to a desert place to prepare … More →

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