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Words Coined By Saints

Michael Foley, in his Why Do Catholics Eat Fish On Friday, came up with four words invented by saints.  That’s not very impressive if you are comparing them to Shakespeare, who invented about one hundred new words, but it’s still … Continue reading

NY Times on the SSPX

The New York Times and its liberal progressivist sources have let it out. Wouldn’t you know it… they aren’t pleased that the Holy See has lifted the excommunications of the four traditionalist bishops of the SSPX. We were all dying … Continue reading

The Excommunications Have Been Lifted!

Heedless of the controversy surrounding Bishop Williamson’s recent public statements, the Holy Father has directed Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, to remove the latae sententiae excommunications declared by that same congregation against the four SSPX … Continue reading

More on Patrick McGoohan

I received a fascinating email from a close friend of mine and SBC, Mr. Dan Guenzel, which he has given me permission to share with our readers.  Poor Dan, were it not for Braveheart, he might be on his way … Continue reading

A Yoke of Love and Peace

My thoughts are full of the recent wedding of my son. There is a great deal involved leading up to this major event: the prayerful choice of a vocation, the months of courtship, the endless details, the physical and emotional … Continue reading