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Dumb Bells

Dumbbells, the smaller one hand weights used by body builders, were named after a tool used by church bell ringers in teaching the art of steeple bell ringing to their apprentices. The tool was a special bell that would not … Continue reading


“Consideration is the heart of charity.”  This can be applied to how we treat our fellow man and also how we treat the Mysteries that God has revealed to us.  Another name for consideration in this case is meditation. 

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: A Tribute

When the enemies of Christian social order attack one of its champions, they are never satisfied simply to say he is wrong. They also invariably seek to discredit the man as a man by casting doubt on his integrity or … Continue reading

Editorial: Our Work is Cut Out For Us

Catholic World News (CWN) reports: “US Catholics tilt left, Pew survey finds.” The recent Pew Forum study under discussion “shows that many self-described American Catholics ignore Church teachings on both theological and social issues.”