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Current Issues in the Church

There is so much Catholic information and commentary available now that the hard part is choosing what issues are most important enough to follow. Our website limits its coverage to those current events that touch on our doctrinal and missionary purposes. Issues involving our apostolate get top priority, but other issues affecting all of our lives are also highlighted in our news reports and columns.

A knowledge of Church history will give us the tools necessary to deal with many of the alarming current issues that threaten the Faith and the Church, theologically, morally, and socially.

Brother Francis has a tremendous appreciation for the history of the Church. He liked to call Church history “the laboratory of wisdom.” Why? Because the history of the Church is the history of human salvation, and choosing the best means to save one’s soul is the highest prudence. And prudence, says St. Thomas Aquinas, is wisdom in action.

A knowledge of Church history is essential if we are to apply the wisdom of the past, and the tragic errors of the past, to current issues and events in the Church. History is the laboratory of wisdom, but the application today of the lessons learned from history is prudence.

How, for example, are we to understand what St. Pius X meant when he said that “modernism is the synthesis of all heresies,” if we are ignorant of the history of the Church’s battles against heresy? How are we to evaluate the causes of what Pope Benedict referred to a “crisis of Faith,” if we unfamiliar with any of the twenty ecumenical councils that preceded Vatican II?

Christendom is gone as a reflection of the social reign of Christ the King, but Catholicism lives on, and the spiritual warfare is ever-present. We must keep informed, rejoicing in the good, and fighting against what is evil.

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Cardinal Who Knows Says ‘Forces’ Intent on Eradicating Christianity in Mid-East

Catholic Herald: “The forces that are at work now are intent on eradicating the Christian civilisation, nothing less,” said the 76-year-old US cardinal, who was in Sydney in October to reach out to the order’s 600 Australian members. Christians in the Holy Land face “daily horrors,” while “our public is very blase about the whole thing,” Cardinal O’Brien said. “Unless we face the facts, this … More →

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Cardinal Sarah’s Words Should be in Gold Letters

A priest who speaks as a priest ought, a bishop as a bishop, a cardinal as a cardinal, an official of the Holy See as an official of the Holy See. Ecce sacerdos magnus: (LifeSite) The cardinal’s most powerful statements, however, are his lament at the confusion about Holy Communion among the clergy. “I feel wounded in my heart as a bishop in witnessing such … More →

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Underground Priest Suffers Suspicious Death in China

AsiaNews: Father Pedro Wei Heping (pictured), a young underground Catholic priest, died on 6 November under suspicious circumstances. The clergyman’s body was found floating in a river in the City of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. The Cardinal Kung Foundation reported the news two days ago, saying that the authorities claimed that it was a case of suicide. However, friends and people who knew the priest exclude categorically … More →

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India: Woman Recounts Martyrdom of Her Husband by Hindu Mob

AsiaNews: I could not return to my home as the rioters had burned down my house. Spending whole night in the forest I came the following day to my mother’s house Raikia through forest. I met my husband there and as the place was not safe for us, we went through jungle to go to the nearby town. As we were going through the forest, my … More →

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Belgium: New Bishop-Elect Says Synod Did Not Go Far Enough

Catholic World Report: Bishop Jozef De Kesel: “The Synod may not have brought the concrete results that were hoped for, such as allowing divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Communion. But it is unbelievable how much it was a sign of a Church that has changed. The mentality is really not the same anymore. “I may be a careful person, but I do not think … More →

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Catholic Conference on Family Brings Unity and Draws Moslem Convert

AsiaNews: Conclusion of Indonesian Catholic Church’s National Conference in (Sagki 2015) themed on the family. Many testimonies flow from west to east. After 35 years of marriage, a Muslim woman has converted to Catholicism, her husband’s faith: “Now our joy is even fuller.” Hugo and Merlinda, two doctors, working in a Muslim majority area: “We have always been welcomed, despite our faith”. Read more here. Share, … More →

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Sunday in Syria: When Missile Hits, Move the Mass Outside

Imagine living in this war-torn nation not knowing if you will be the victim of terror at any moment. Yet the brave faithful gather for Holy Mass. Catholic News Agency: When a missile hit the roof of the church of Saint Francis Parish in Aleppo, Syria, the congregation didn’t flee. Instead, they continued Mass outside, confident in the Virgin Mary’s protection. “If the bomb had gone … More →

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Catholic Author Exposes Bigotry of The Boston Globe

The Hollywood formula film Spotlight, which celebrates The Boston Globe for its campaign to bring down the Catholic Church by revealing that hundreds of minors in the Archdiocese of Boston were molested by perverted priests—who are always carefully described as pedophiles and sexual abusers, rather than what they actually were, homosexual predators—opened today in Boston and throughout the nation. Predictably, the intrepid reporters of Morrissey … More →

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L’Osservatore Romano: Theologian Subverts Family on Front Page

Catholic Culture: In an article published on the front page of L’Osservatore Romano, an Italian theologian who participated in the last two synods on the family said the people of God can rejoice that the more recent synod’s final report gives witness to “doctrinal unity in pastoral plurality.” More here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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The Pope and the UN’s ‘Development Goals’

On September 25, shortly after Pope Francis gave his speech to the United Nations in New York, all 193 member states of the United Nations formally adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) about which many Catholics are very concerned. LifeSiteNews reported last August that, even though some more explicit pro-abortion points were left out of the final version of the SDGs — such as an “international … More →

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Bishop Athanasius Schneider on the Final Report of the Synod: Obscuration, Confusion, Subjectivity

(Rorate Caeli) The XIV General Assembly of the Synod of the Bishops (October 4 – 25, 2015), which was dedicated to the theme of “The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and Contemporary World”, issued a Final Report with some pastoral proposals submitted to the discernment of the Pope. The document itself is only of an advisory nature and does not possess … More →

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Ukrainian Church Decries Synod Discussing Homosexuality When the Family Was the Issue

Crisis: Sviatoslav Shevchuk, Head of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church: “It is a great tragedy and a great moral evil to propagandize homosexuality as some kind of model for relations or even the attempt, at the legislative level, to compare such a lifestyle with the family. Such pressure is an expression of great disdain toward the family and marriage as institutions.” Full report is here. Share, Bookmark, … More →

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Pat Buchanan on Heresy at the Synod

“Are Catholic truths immutable? Or can they change with the changing times? “This is the deeper question behind the issues that convulsed the three-week synod on the family of the 250 Catholic bishops in Rome that ended Saturday.” Full column is here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Phil Lawler Accuses Synod Fathers of ‘Deliberate Ambiguity’

Is the importance of getting a “consensus” greater than transmitting Catholic faith and morals in their integrity? For some of those involved in the recent Synod of Bishops, the answer seems to be Yes. For them, the Synodal process is a political “art of the possible,” and not a meeting of shepherds, spiritual fathers, and physicians of souls, who work for the salvation of those under … More →

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Bishop Conley: ‘Counterfeit Conscience’ No Appeal at Final Judgment

First Things: A Catholic who believes that conscience might really abrogate the Gospel has abandoned belief in the normativity of divine law, and its contribution to human flourishing. And a pastor who fails to instruct a misguided conscience seems to have forgotten that appeals to false conscience will offer no protection in the final judgment. Full article is here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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