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Current Issues in the Church

There is so much Catholic information and commentary available now that the hard part is choosing what issues are most important enough to follow. Our website limits its coverage to those current events that touch on our doctrinal and missionary purposes. Issues involving our apostolate get top priority, but other issues affecting all of our lives are also highlighted in our news reports and columns.

A knowledge of Church history will give us the tools necessary to deal with many of the alarming current issues that threaten the Faith and the Church, theologically, morally, and socially.

Brother Francis has a tremendous appreciation for the history of the Church. He liked to call Church history “the laboratory of wisdom.” Why? Because the history of the Church is the history of human salvation, and choosing the best means to save one’s soul is the highest prudence. And prudence, says St. Thomas Aquinas, is wisdom in action.

A knowledge of Church history is essential if we are to apply the wisdom of the past, and the tragic errors of the past, to current issues and events in the Church. History is the laboratory of wisdom, but the application today of the lessons learned from history is prudence.

How, for example, are we to understand what St. Pius X meant when he said that “modernism is the synthesis of all heresies,” if we are ignorant of the history of the Church’s battles against heresy? How are we to evaluate the causes of what Pope Benedict referred to a “crisis of Faith,” if we unfamiliar with any of the twenty ecumenical councils that preceded Vatican II?

Christendom is gone as a reflection of the social reign of Christ the King, but Catholicism lives on, and the spiritual warfare is ever-present. We must keep informed, rejoicing in the good, and fighting against what is evil.

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Questions Surround ‘Confession’ of Shanghai Bishop Ma

AsiaNews: Vatican officials advise “not to make too much of what is written” in a blog posted on June 12, where Msgr. Thaddeus Ma Daqin proclaims his support for the Patriotic Association (PA) and asks forgiveness for the mistakes he made in the recent past. Full report is here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Interview With Catholic President of Iraqi Christian Relief Council

National Catholic Register: In this interview with the Register, Juliana Taimoorazy, founder and president of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council and a fellow at the Philos Project, speaks about her work as a Catholic and Assyrian descendent of genocide survivors in trying to save her Assyrian people from extermination by ISIS and create secure homeland on the ancestral Nineveh Plain. For both the Church and … More →

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Reconquest Episode 27. Contracepting Heaven and Earth. Guest: C.J. Doyle

My good friend C.J. Doyle joins me for the next Reconquest. C.J. is the Executive Director of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, a frequent speaker at Saint Benedict Center Conferences, and an informed and erudite Catholic culture warrior, who has done a great deal for many years to defend faith and family in the Bay State. Our subject is “Contracepting Heaven and Earth,” which … More →

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Father Malachi Martin and Our Lady of Fatima

While attempting with integrity to preserve a memoria fidelis (“a memory faithful to the truth of the past”), the following tale proposes to help us guard against self-deception and presumption. The latter, we should fittingly recall, is both a form of pride, but also one of the two forms of hopelessness (along with despair) so prevalent and so subtly dangerous today, especially in the sentimental … More →

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The Wilton Diptych. Edmund is shown with Edward the Confessor, John the Baptist and Richard II.

And Now for Something Completely Different: the Islamification of the U.K.

Due to some mystery lurking deep within the algorithms of YouTube, I was recently presented with a recommendation to watch this video, dating from 1984, of Graham Chapman appearing on a British television program called “Opinions.” I was intrigued because of something I saw in the text summarizing the video. Not yet five minutes in, I stopped it in disgust. If you recognized the first part of … More →

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True or False Pope, the Complete Interview on YouTube

YouTube videos of Parts I and II of my Reconquest interview with Mr. John Salza are embedded below. John Salza is an attorney and Catholic apologist, who co-authored, with Mr. Robert Siscoe, a new book on the subject under discussion, True or False Pope? In these interviews, we examine the subject of sedevacantism, the novel idea that the popes since Vatican II are not actually valid popes, … More →

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SSPX’s Bishop Fellay: Little By Little Rome Is Giving Us All We Need for Reconciliation

MENZINGEN, Switzerland (National Catholic Register) — Reconciliation between the Society of St. Pius X and Rome looks to be imminent, as a key obstacle — opposition to certain aspects of the Second Vatican Council — may no longer be a cause for continued separation from the Church. Bishop Bernard Fellay, the superior general of the SSPX, told the Register May 13 that he is “persuaded, … More →

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Cardinal Robert Sarah Warns against ‘Demonic Idolatry’ in US

(Thomas D. Williams/Breibart) In a Washington prayer breakfast Tuesday, a high-ranking Vatican cardinal denounced same-sex marriage, transgender bathroom laws, and attacks on the family as “demonic.” In his forceful address, Cardinal Robert Sarah (pictured), who runs the Vatican’s powerful liturgical department, said that these are “portentous times” for the Church and for the world, while slamming gender theory as “ideological colonization” and decrying the “insidious” … More →

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Prefect of CDF, Cardinal Muller, Says ‘No’ for Communion for Divorced/Remarried

Maike Hickson, 1Peter 5: News is now spreading about Cardinal Gerhard Müller’s varied remarks on marriage, as well as on the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia itself, during his trip to Spain at the beginning of May. As the Spanish website now reports, Cardinal Müller spoke at a presentation of his new book on hope at the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid, Spain, where he affirmed … More →

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Denying ‘Transgenderism’ a Hate Crime at Jesuit College

Fr. Z blog: The College Fix: Believing in two genders is a ‘hate crime’ under police investigation at Catholic college ‘You can have your opinion’ as long as it doesn’t ‘deny my existence’ It’s uncommon at Jesuit universities these days for someone to openly share a traditional Catholic viewpoint. [Which we have seen over and over again.] When it happened at Loyola Marymount University in Los … More →

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Catholic Media Ignores Real Nature of Islam

Crisis Magazine, William Kilpatrick: What’s the biggest news story of our time? What has been the biggest story for the last decade and one-half? Answer: the resurgence of Islam, and, in particular, the rapid spread of Islamic jihad. But, with a few exceptions, you would never know it from reading the Catholic press. If you look through the list of titles published by Catholic book … More →

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Madrid: Archbishop Bans Crdl Muller From Presenting New Book at Catholic College

The Eponymous Flower: (Madrid) Pope’s confidant as a censor? Madrid Archbishop Carlos Osoro Sierra forbade Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Prefect of the faith of the Catholic Church, to present his latest book “Informe sobre la esperanza” (State of  Hope) at the Catholic University of San Dámaso present in Madrid. The reasoning? Because it was “a book against the pope.” Read more here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Philosopher Friend of Benedict XVI Says Amoris Laetitia Will Split the Church

1Peter5, Maike Hickson: Today, 28 April, an important exclusive interview with a well-known Catholic philosopher has been published in Germany. The important statements of Professor Robert Spaemann might well indicate that the wind is turning now against the “Francis Revolution”. Read his sobering critique here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Regularization of the SSPX? Looks Likely, When? Is the Question

CNA: Pope Francis may soon offer the Society of Saint Pius X regular canonical status within the Church, without requiring the acceptance of certain texts of the Second Vatican Council with which they disagree. Full report is here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Hans Kung Exhuberant With Pope’s Response to His Appeal to Change Infallibility Dogma

National Catholic Reporter, Editor’s note: Fr. Hans Küng, the Swiss theologian, says that he has received a letter from Pope Francis that responds “to my request to give room to a free discussion on the dogma of infallibility.” Küng declined to show the letter to NCR, citing “the confidentiality that I owe to the Pope,” but he says the letter was dated March 20 and sent … More →

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