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Current Issues in the Church

There is so much Catholic information and commentary available now that the hard part is choosing what issues are most important enough to follow. Our website limits its coverage to those current events that touch on our doctrinal and missionary purposes. Issues involving our apostolate get top priority, but other issues affecting all of our lives are also highlighted in our news reports and columns.

A knowledge of Church history will give us the tools necessary to deal with many of the alarming current issues that threaten the Faith and the Church, theologically, morally, and socially.

Brother Francis has a tremendous appreciation for the history of the Church. He liked to call Church history “the laboratory of wisdom.” Why? Because the history of the Church is the history of human salvation, and choosing the best means to save one’s soul is the highest prudence. And prudence, says St. Thomas Aquinas, is wisdom in action.

A knowledge of Church history is essential if we are to apply the wisdom of the past, and the tragic errors of the past, to current issues and events in the Church. History is the laboratory of wisdom, but the application today of the lessons learned from history is prudence.

How, for example, are we to understand what St. Pius X meant when he said that “modernism is the synthesis of all heresies,” if we are ignorant of the history of the Church’s battles against heresy? How are we to evaluate the causes of what Pope Benedict referred to a “crisis of Faith,” if we unfamiliar with any of the twenty ecumenical councils that preceded Vatican II?

Christendom is gone as a reflection of the social reign of Christ the King, but Catholicism lives on, and the spiritual warfare is ever-present. We must keep informed, rejoicing in the good, and fighting against what is evil.

Toronto Court Orders Catholic Schools to Cease Requiring Mass Attendance

Catholic Culture: Catholic schools are free to operate in Ontario, as long as they don’t provide religious education. That’s the message that seems to be coming from the Ontario Superior Court, which has ruled that Catholic high schools cannot require students to attend Mass. In its immediate impact, the court’s decision seems to affect only non-Catholic students, who are already excused from religious-education classes. But look carefully … More →

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Mozillians, Dominicans, and Quislings

Considerably more significant than Mozilla’s trashing of Brendan Eich is what has happened to  Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, the Dominican who’s been thrown under the bus by ecclesiastical quislings who lack her fortitude in standing up for Catholic teaching. Why is it more significant? Because opposition to sound morality is more to be expected in the world than in the Church. When teaching sisters who defend … More →

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Three New Saints Were Apostles of the Americas

A little Triumphalism here, cobbled from Rome Reports and Vatican Information Services. The Pope signed the decree for an “equivalent canonization,” recognizing them as saints of the Universal Church. Vatican City, 3 April 2014 (VIS) – This morning the Holy Father Francis received in audience Cardinal Angelo Amato, S.D.B., prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, during which he extended the liturgical cult … More →

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Chinese Priest Speaks of His 30 Years in Communist Prisons and Labor Camps

CNA: Monsignor Matthew Koo recounted being detained in a Chinese labor camp for thirty years due to his Marian devotion, noting that although the experience was painful there were also many blessings. “Oh, I thought that sacrifice is God’s gift. People say that ‘you suffered a lot,’ I said if not to suffer, how could I be here?” the priest said in a March 17 interview … More →

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Pakistan: Prayer and Fasting Day Today for Asia Bibi and Sawan Masih

AsiaNews: The Catholic Church of Pakistan today celebrated a Wednesday of Prayer and Fasting on behalf of Sawan Masih and Asia Bibi, two victims of the Asian country’s controversial blasphemy laws. Both have been sentenced to death and are awaiting for their appeal process to start. Meanwhile, several civil society organisations and ordinary believers have joined the initiative “in favour of the persecuted Christians”. Today activists and religious … More →

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The Battle for Marriage

There is a close parallel between the battle over the indissolubility of marriage now taking place in the Church and the contraception debacle of the late 1960s. Pope John XXIII started, and Pope Paul VI greatly expanded, the Papal Commission on Birth Control to examine the question of the probity of contraception in the wake of the invention of oral contraceptives. A false expectation was created, … More →

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Cardinals at ‘Secret Consistory’ Critical of Kasper’s Novel Doctrine

Rorate Caeli: Marco Tosatti reporting for La Stampa, exclusive: The Consistory on the 22nd February to discuss the family, was supposed to be secret. Instead a decision came from the top that it was opportune to publish Cardinal Kasper’s long report on the theme of the Eucharist for the divorced and remarried. In all probability [this] to open the way in prospect of the October … More →

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The UN’s Blindsided Assault on Vatican

These Stone Walls: Claudia Rosett, is journalist-in-residence with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and heads its investigative reporting project. Clearly, she is not someone with a defensive pro-Catholic axe to grind. Her article [Wall Street Journal, “The U.N. Assault on the Catholic Church,”  Feb. 10, 2014] began by exposing the charge levelled against the Holy See  in a Report published Feb. 5, 2014, by the United Nations … More →

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‘You Have a Right’; Thank You, Your Excellencies

How often to we hear “human rights” invoked to justify immorality? “I got my rights, ya know!” is a frequent refrain in modern discourse — emanating more often from man’s concupiscible appetite than from his intellect. But we do have rights. Among those we have as Catholics, there is this infrequently invoked right enshrined in Canon Law: The Christian faithful have the right to receive … More →

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Converting at Boston College, to Atheism

On April 13, 1949, Fr. Keleher, the President of Boston College, fired Dr. Fakhri Maluf, James R. Walsh, and Charles Ewaskio from the faculty at Boston College for accusing the school of heresy against defined dogma, and supporting Father Leonard Feeney in upholding that dogma. The dogma, of course, was no salvation outside the Church. On April 14, Fr. Keleher stated the following to the … More →

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Cardinal Burke on Cardinal Kasper’s ‘Error’ on Marriage

Cardinal Kasper’s text is becoming a “rallying point” for those who would change Catholic doctrine on marriage. Cardinal Burke would like to undo the “error” that his German brother in the College of Cardinals is propagating. The progressivists insist on two contradictory theses: 1) that the change is being proposed is a change, not in doctrine, but in pastoral practice; and 2) that it represents … More →

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Cardinal Burke Says ‘No Compromise’ on Faith and Moral Issues

Cardinal Burke interview with Radici Cristiane: The Eponymous Flower: “An end to the silence, an end to the anxiety, an end to the  cowardice. It is necessary to bear witness to the truth of Christ to affirm the natural right to call the healthy Catholic doctrine into memory and stand up to the rampant perversions of relativism and secularism against the Church, against life and against … More →

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Heroic Nigerians Go to Sunday Mass Risking Their Lives

Zenit: More than 2,000 people in northern Nigeria risked their lives by turning out for Sunday Mass yesterday (16th March) while their city was being bombed. Describing St Patrick’s Cathedral, Maiduguri, as “packed”, Father John Bakeni, the celebrant at the Mass, said people told him afterwards that if the attacks worsened they would prefer to die in church than anywhere else. Sunday’s Mass took place after suspected Boko … More →

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Pope Receives Head of Ukrainian Catholic Church

Zenit: Pope Francis today received in private audience His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk, major archbishop of Kyiv-Halyc in Ukraine. The meeting followed yesterdays referendum in which pro-Russian voters on the Crimean peninsula voted to secede from Ukraine. The United States and European Union have called the referendum illegal. No details of todays meeting have been given but it is likely that the fate of the Ukrainian … More →

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Defending Faith and Morals is not a Distraction

An editorial in The Anchor has taken the view that protecting the Irish-Catholic identity of a Saint Patrick’s Day parade from homosexual activists is a “distraction” from “our Lenten call.” They also took the occasion to smear Father Leonard Feeney. I posted a comment on the site, which, as of now, has not yet been approved. Here it is: The editorial errs where it says … More →

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