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Current Issues in the Church

There is so much Catholic information and commentary available now that the hard part is choosing what issues are most important enough to follow. Our website limits its coverage to those current events that touch on our doctrinal and missionary purposes. Issues involving our apostolate get top priority, but other issues affecting all of our lives are also highlighted in our news reports and columns.

A knowledge of Church history will give us the tools necessary to deal with many of the alarming current issues that threaten the Faith and the Church, theologically, morally, and socially.

Brother Francis has a tremendous appreciation for the history of the Church. He liked to call Church history “the laboratory of wisdom.” Why? Because the history of the Church is the history of human salvation, and choosing the best means to save one’s soul is the highest prudence. And prudence, says St. Thomas Aquinas, is wisdom in action.

A knowledge of Church history is essential if we are to apply the wisdom of the past, and the tragic errors of the past, to current issues and events in the Church. History is the laboratory of wisdom, but the application today of the lessons learned from history is prudence.

How, for example, are we to understand what St. Pius X meant when he said that “modernism is the synthesis of all heresies,” if we are ignorant of the history of the Church’s battles against heresy? How are we to evaluate the causes of what Pope Benedict referred to a “crisis of Faith,” if we unfamiliar with any of the twenty ecumenical councils that preceded Vatican II?

Christendom is gone as a reflection of the social reign of Christ the King, but Catholicism lives on, and the spiritual warfare is ever-present. We must keep informed, rejoicing in the good, and fighting against what is evil.

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The Common Factor

A month ago the SBC website posted an article by me in which I wrote: “Money is not evil. We all need it. What is evil is putting it at the center of the life of the society and men making the acquisition of it a main purpose of their life, as if our lives haven’t higher purpose.” My language was mild. That of Our … More →

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So Much Evil, So Many Opportunities!

The days are evil. We are beset. It reminds me of a quote attributed to that great philosopher, Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller, USMC: “All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us…they can’t get away this time” (source). A litany of recent miseries might include: the de-Christianization of the Middle East (largely due to American “Disaster … More →

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Analyzing The Heterodoxies Of The ‘Shadow Council’

As some readers might recall, on May 25, 2015, the presidents of the German, Swiss, and French Bishops Conferences had organized a private conference at the Gregorian University in Rome. This “Shadow Council,” as it soon was called, was criticized for its secrecy and obliqueness. The suspicion arose that this meeting was intended for preparing some revolutionary strategies and argumentation in order to promote the … More →

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‘Crux’ Publishes Poll by Anti-Catholic Hate Group

The Boston Globe’s visceral, longstanding, and institutionally pervasive hostility towards Roman Catholicism plummeted to new depths of malice and mendacity yesterday, when its religious website Crux, billed as “Covering all things Catholic,” published a column by a functionary of the anti-Catholic hate group, Catholics for Choice. In a disinformation piece entitled “Do Catholic millennials buy US bishops’ religious freedom arguments?”, one Jen Girdish, identified as Associate Director of Communications for the group, … More →

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Who’s Your Daddy?

Good Vortex here. Another reminder of the need for good Catholic men and good Catholic fathers. The slang expression “Who’s your daddy?” holds a lot of of significance these days owing to the “man crisis.” A boy passing into young manhood is at a severe disadvantage without a father rooted in the Faith. That is so blindingly clear it seems almost insulting to a person’s … More →

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Catholic Legislators Serving Planned Parenthood: Naming Names, Pulling No Punches

The gruesome revelations that Planned Parenthood—America’s largest perpetrator of abortions—is now engaged in the hideously evil and horrifically ghoulish practice of harvesting for profit the body parts of the unborn children it murders on an industrial scale, ought to remind the Catholic community that this demonic entity thrives because of the financial support it receives from the taxpayers through the votes of our elected representatives. A recent article … More →

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Cardinals Mueller and Brandmueller Speak Up

In the middle of very troubling statements coming from theologians and priests from Germany —  such as Father Bernd Hagenkord, S.J., head of the German Branch of Radio Vatican, who just earned much criticism for his publishing of an article and a picture both promoting the homosexual agenda — it is encouraging to see that some important prelates of the Church are expressing their strong … More →

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Naomi Klein Doesn’t Speak Catholic

As a traditionalist who believes there is no salvation outside the Church, I may be presumed by many to think we Catholics should avoid non-Catholics, should not cooperate with them in any area of common human interest, and should avoid like the plague anything that might be misunderstood by modern conservatives to appear “lefty” (even if it’s not). Such a presumption would be entirely mistaken. As … More →

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Documents from Controversial Pre-Synod ‘Shadow Council’ Now Published

ROME, July 17, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) — On July 15, the German, Swiss and French Bishops’ Conferences finally published the documents from their much-criticized “Shadow Council” of May 15 at the Gregorian University in Rome. As the German Branch of Vatican Radio reports, the documentation is now available in German, Italian, and French and it contains six presentations about: The words of Jesus concerning marriage and … More →

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A Sermon of Father Michael Rodriguez: ‘Catholic Truth, Outside of Which There is no Hope and no Salvation’

(Sensus Fidelium) Many are becoming increasingly aware of the darkness of atheism descending upon our times. It is impossible to believe in God and accept the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah. There can be no clearer sign of Satan’s reign than the exaltation of this sin. How have we come to this point? It is because the majority of Catholics have turned away from True … More →

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Another Priest Kidnapped in Syria

This is only a week after the Franciscan Father Dhiya Azziz was kidnapped and a week later released. Agenzia Fides: Since last Sunday no one is able to get in contact with Greek-Melkite priest Antoine Boutros and with Al-Said Abdun, who was driving him from the city of Shahba to Sama Hinadat, where father Antoine was supposed to celebrate Sunday Mass. The news of their … More →

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Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber: a Rap Sheet

It is no secret that the German Professor, Hans Joachim “John” Schellnhuber, was one of the three speakers on the occasion of the official presentation of the Pope Francis’ Encyclical, Laudato Si, this past June 18. Numerous Catholic commentators were taken aback by this selection of one of the main advocates of the trans-national Global Warming Agenda for the task. That agenda, we recall, maintains … More →

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Obamacare Ruling Crushes Work of Little Sisters of the Poor

CNA: The Little Sisters of the Poor have reiterated their commitment to following their conscience as they care for the poor and dying, following a federal appeals court ruling that they must obey the federal contraception mandate. “As Little Sisters of the Poor, we simply cannot choose between our care for the elderly poor and our faith,” said Mother Provincial Sr. Loraine Marie Maguire. Full … More →

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Why? 6 of Total of 10 Irish Seminarians Sent Away

Father Z comments: Once in a while it is good to be reminded that the oppression is still going on. Did you see the story about the “conservative” seminarians who were given the heave ho from Maynooth Seminary in Ireland? More on this here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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German ‘Radio Vatikan’ Undermines Moral Magisterium with Graphic Homoeroticism

On July 2, Radio Vatikan, the German branch of the official Vatican radio station, published a highly troubling article which summed up the claims of the theologian and president of the European Association of Catholic Theology, Father Martin Lintner, OSM, of Brixen, Italy. Father Lintner claims that the Church’s attitude toward homosexuality is changing and softening. As the title of the article of Radio Vatikan says: … More →

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