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Heresies and Errors

“For there must be also heresies: that they also, who are approved, may be made manifest among you” (1 Corinthians 11:19). St. Thomas defines heresy as “a species of infidelity in men who, having professed the faith of Christ, corrupt its dogmas.” God allows His faithful to be exposed to heresy in order to test their Faith, their docility, and obedience to Catholic authority. At Baptism we receive the theological virtue of Faith, which is a supernatural light for our intellect, which enables us to “see” the truths that God has revealed through His Church, or as Father Feeney so simply put it, “to think the thoughts of God.” A person, therefore, bearing within him this infused light, will immediately recognize pernicious doctrine for the darkness that it is.

Religious errors, on the other hand, are not necessarily opposed to the virtue of Faith. A validly baptized person may for a period fall into a material error on account of a misrepresentation of Catholic doctrine, or outright misinformation, and be innocent of the sin of heresy. He made be told, for example, that Catholics worship Mary as God, and then he would be in error about what Catholics believe. The providence of God will be sure to provide this person an opportunity, be it by way of a book or a Catholic acquaintance, to hear the truth. Then, if he cooperates with the light of Faith that is in him, he would be bound to accept the truth and seek out the full teaching of the Church.

If as the saying goes “contrast clarifies the mind,” then by studying the Church’s battles against heresies throughout her history, a Catholic can fortify his own Faith. The articles falling under this category are such. They are part of the library of the Church Militant as guardian of the truth and refuter of all heresies.

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Only in Baptism Does One Become a Child of God

This is a very good article addressing the error of the popular and widespread euphemism that all men are children of God by creation. Rachel Lu, Crisis Magazine: This last Sunday, we were treated to the Gospel reading in which Christ is baptized by St. John the Baptist. It’s a compelling passage, especially because it focuses our attention on the purpose and meaning of baptism. The … More →

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Dalai Lama Admits His Office is a Man Made Institution

(TIME) The Dalai Lama has conceded that the title may die with him and that it is “up to the Tibetan people” to decide whether someone follows him. In a BBC interview on Tuesday night, the 79-year-old leader said: “The Dalai Lama institution will cease one day. These man-made institutions will cease.” “There is no guarantee that some stupid Dalai Lama won’t come next, who will … More →

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Spirit Daily Posts Another ‘Miracle Story’ of Catholic Now Protestant

Pro-Medjugorjie website Spirit Daily often posts laudatory articles of ‘righteous’ Protestants who have visions and miracles and near-death experiences. None of them renounce their heresy and become Catholic. It isn’t in the message of the “vision.” And Medjugorjieite Michael Brown has no problem with that. This latest tells about the miraculous recovery of a wayward Catholic sky-diver who went from the cusp of hell to the … More →

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Smith, Young? Polygamy, Child Abuse, Stealing Friend’s Wives? No Problem

Mormons will find a way to carry on. Did I mention Brigham Young’s Green Meadow massacre? And these are the founders! Then, again, Henry VIII had six wives and killed two of them. And he started the Anglican Church. Then there’s Luther. NYTimes: Mormon leaders have acknowledged for the first time that the church’s founder and prophet, Joseph Smith, portrayed in church materials as a … More →

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The Paramagisterium

The Catholic Church is infallible. Her infallibility is supremely invested in the Roman Pontiff, but is also exercised by the college of bishops, when they universally teach the same doctrine with and under the pope. Not only books, but libraries of books have been written to explain the truths expressed in those two sentences, there being myriad complexities surrounding an issue that is, at its heart, quite simple. … More →

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Review of Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior is Changing Everything

Review of Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior is Changing Everything. Robert Reilly. Ignatius Press, 2014. Robert Reilly has tackled head-on the drastic change in our society ongoing for the past several years; in fact, one could say that he has collided with this issue by exposing the rationale of its leaders in collusion with the current national administration, pushing the “gay” agenda to … More →

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Revolutionary Doctrines on the Family

Much is being said about the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops just completed. Typically for such an event, ecclesiastical politics of the worst sort were on display, as can be seen from the excellent reportage of Sandro Magister and Rorate Caeli. In this respect, we have just witnessed a repeat performance of the kind of procedural manipulation very well documented to have taken place at Vatican … More →

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The Globe’s Kevin Cullen Defines Once Catholic Ireland as “Backward”

In a metro column of The Boston Sunday Globe of August 24th, serial Catholic basher Kevin Cullen wrote about the controversy in Ireland over the discovery of unmarked graves of children at the site of a maternity home in Tuam administered bythe Bon Secours Sisters. Though disturbing questions remain, the affair has been characterized by hysterical press coverage and extravagant claims, almost all of which … More →

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Fr. Grimm: Church Should Canonize Exemplary Non-Catholics

Below is a clip from Father Grimm’s fanciful article in UCANews. The last paragraph is a perfect example of the condescending obfuscation typical of liberal theologians. Abraham, Moses and the prophets had the same Faith, inchoatively, that we do; they believed in a Savior to come; we believe that He has come, rose from the dead, and lives forever in heaven and in the Eucharist. “Abraham,” Jesus told the pharisees, … More →

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Catholic Action League Exposes Planned Parenthood’s Fraudulent Claims

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today criticized the claims made by Marta Walz, President and CEO of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, about public safety conditions in front of Bay State abortion clinics. In a press conference held in the State House this afternoon announcing plans to impose new restrictions on pro-life expression outside of clinics in response to McCullen v. Coakley, Walz claimed that the U. S. Supreme Court … More →

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On the Hermeneutic of Continuity

Robert De Mattei, Rorate Caeli: The ultimate criteria of judgment for a Catholic must be the one of the Church: to love and hate what the Church loves and hates: loving the truth in all of its uniqueness and integrity and hating error in all of its multiplicity of expressions. Orthodoxy and heterodoxy remain the final measure of judgment which Christian Reason must be subject to. … More →

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Papal Blasts From the Past

Leaving my apartment building last February 18, I fell on the icy front steps and broke both bones of my right forearm, the radius and ulna, about two fingers below the wrist bone. It wouldn’t be until six weeks later that I could hold a pen and another two before I began to use it. As for typing, I’m still not up to speed and … More →

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No Problem With Heresy, the Devil Provides Wonders at Medjugorje

The defined dogma of No Salvation Outside the church, and the Church’s condemnation of interfaith ecumenism (Mortalium Animos, Pius XI) are laughable when it comes to the devil’s apparitions (angel of light) and “cures” at Medjugorje. Oh, yes, and there are “conversions.” Conversions to what? The Eucharist? But, Vicka says that Our Lady said all religions are pleasing to God  “The Blessed Mother says all religions … More →

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Speaking in Tongues? St. Paul Was Inspired to Write ‘Tongues Will Cease’

Yet, the charismatics, 50,000 of them, who gathered at the Olympic Stadium in Rome recently, ‘spoke in tongues,” some of them appeared to do so anyway, with no interpreters, because no one had a clue what they were gibbering about. Saint Augustine: “In the earliest time the Holy Ghost fell upon them that believed: and they spoke with tongues which they had not learned ‘as … More →

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Boston Archdiocese Condemns Satanic Black Mass

On May 8, the Archdiocese of Boston released the following statement condemning the scheduled black mass on Harvard’s campus: ( The Catholic community in the Archdiocese of Boston expresses its deep sadness and strong opposition to the plan to stage a “black mass” on the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge. For the good of the Catholic faithful and all people, the Church provides clear … More →

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