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Heresies and Errors

“For there must be also heresies: that they also, who are approved, may be made manifest among you” (1 Corinthians 11:19). St. Thomas defines heresy as “a species of infidelity in men who, having professed the faith of Christ, corrupt its dogmas.” God allows His faithful to be exposed to heresy in order to test their Faith, their docility, and obedience to Catholic authority. At Baptism we receive the theological virtue of Faith, which is a supernatural light for our intellect, which enables us to “see” the truths that God has revealed through His Church, or as Father Feeney so simply put it, “to think the thoughts of God.” A person, therefore, bearing within him this infused light, will immediately recognize pernicious doctrine for the darkness that it is.

Religious errors, on the other hand, are not necessarily opposed to the virtue of Faith. A validly baptized person may for a period fall into a material error on account of a misrepresentation of Catholic doctrine, or outright misinformation, and be innocent of the sin of heresy. He made be told, for example, that Catholics worship Mary as God, and then he would be in error about what Catholics believe. The providence of God will be sure to provide this person an opportunity, be it by way of a book or a Catholic acquaintance, to hear the truth. Then, if he cooperates with the light of Faith that is in him, he would be bound to accept the truth and seek out the full teaching of the Church.

If as the saying goes “contrast clarifies the mind,” then by studying the Church’s battles against heresies throughout her history, a Catholic can fortify his own Faith. The articles falling under this category are such. They are part of the library of the Church Militant as guardian of the truth and refuter of all heresies.

This Year’s Holy Week Blasphemy

You might call it “Holy Week for Atheists.” Having recently celebrated their annual high holy day, atheists of various stripes — including some who call themselves “Christian” — line up once more to “despise dominion and blaspheme majesty” during Lent, and, especially, Holy Week. This year’s blasphemy is courtesy of Professor Bart D. Ehrman, the author of an exciting new book reheating boring old heresies. Ehrman was recently interviewed … More →

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Another ‘Catholic’ High School in a Tizzy: Priest Spoke About Right Morals

Father Z’s Blog: A little gift in time for World Youth Day. Once again we have an example of the Magisterium of Sophomores. Another ‘c’atholic High School blows up when they hear the truth about Catholic teaching. Yah… I want to be part of a Church in which high school students determine our morality. Read report here with Fr. Z’s commentary.

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Progressivists love to paint anything they disagree with as some form of “fascism.” Most often, the thing has nothing to do with fascism, but that matters not to the liberal rhetorician. Michael Voris plays of this rhetoric here: ( Grab a pen and write the word down as quickly as you can and start using it everywhere — the word is… homofascism. A working definition you … More →

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Diabolical Revisionism: Luther ‘Loved’ the Church?

He just hated the teachings of the Church, especially on supernatural and interior justification (rebirth) of the soul, and made a mockery of Our Lord’s word on the necessity of good works for salvation. Oh, and he hated the pope(s)  (and the papacy). Speaking of the pope, here is what Doctor Martin wrote in 1520: “If we punish thieves with the yoke, highwaymen with the … More →

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Media Paints False Picture of Islam as Religion of Peace

Crisis Magazine: According to Reporters Without Borders, the U.S. has dropped to 46th place in press freedom.  The lowered ranking was based on the conviction of the WikiLeaks informant, the effort to punish NSA leaker Edward Snowden, and the Justice Department’s monitoring of reporters. Unmentioned by the report, however, is an equally serious cause for concern.  Most press censorship in the U.S. is self-imposed.  The masters of … More →

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Cardinals at ‘Secret Consistory’ Critical of Kasper’s Novel Doctrine

Rorate Caeli: Marco Tosatti reporting for La Stampa, exclusive: The Consistory on the 22nd February to discuss the family, was supposed to be secret. Instead a decision came from the top that it was opportune to publish Cardinal Kasper’s long report on the theme of the Eucharist for the divorced and remarried. In all probability [this] to open the way in prospect of the October … More →

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Converting at Boston College, to Atheism

On April 13, 1949, Fr. Keleher, the President of Boston College, fired Dr. Fakhri Maluf, James R. Walsh, and Charles Ewaskio from the faculty at Boston College for accusing the school of heresy against defined dogma, and supporting Father Leonard Feeney in upholding that dogma. The dogma, of course, was no salvation outside the Church. On April 14, Fr. Keleher stated the following to the … More →

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I AM What I Say I Am Even If I’m Not

No, it’s not a new Dr. Seuss book. The Doc could not possibly have gotten this bizarre, even if he had OD’d on psychedelic green eggs and ham. To the news story below, I must append two “prequels.” First, in some places, laws are in effect or are being contemplated that allow men who think they’re women and women who think they’re men to use … More →

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Grave Threat to Church Authority: German Bishops on Communion for Divorced

Matt Talbot, Renew America: The following is a good letter to the editor, written by Father Brian W. Harrison, O.S., of St. Louis, Mo., that appears (in slightly abbreviated form) in the February 2014 issue of Inside the Vatican magazine. “Dear Dr. [Robert] Moynihan,” Read letter here.

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The Pro-Life Movement Is Ill

This is so NOT inasmuch as it is pro-life, but inasmuch as it is weak on birth control. Michael Voris gives us a little glimpse of how moribund the movement is. Why? Because Catholics have not done their job to guide the movement into a genuine Christian moral stance against the complexus of evils we face in the abortion issue. In the words of Cardinal … More →

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Fox’s Catholic Conservatives: Neither Catholic nor Conservative

Without any effort at judging the internal forum of others, we can conclude from their public statements that the self-identified Catholic pundits on necon Fox News are for conserving little beyond revolutionary social order in politics (economic liberalism and the military state combined with moral libertarianism), and nothing of fidelity to the Catholic Church. Their Catholicism is of the cafeteria variety, with heaping mounds of … More →

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Guide to the Catacombs Needs Some Guidance

Vatican: The official guide to the catacombs of Saint Priscilla thinks he sees women priests in the recently restored frescoes. UCANews:  The Vatican on Tuesday unveiled newly restored frescoes in the Catacombs of Priscilla, known for housing the earliest known image of the Madonna with Child — and frescoes said by some to show women priests in the early Christian church. Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the … More →

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‘Extinction’ of CoE, Shouldn’t That Tell Anglicans Something

UCANews: The Church of England is “one generation away from extinction”, the former Archbishop of Canterbury has warned. Lord Carey, 78, said churchgoers should be “ashamed” of themselves for failing to invest more in young people and called for urgent action before its too late. The outspoken Lord said that unless more was done to attract new worshipers then every one of the 43 CofE … More →

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Syncretism: ‘Cosmic Christ’ in the Spirits of Animism

The winds of change are blowin’ for liberal “theologian” Paul Hwang as he indoctrinates the young and, hardly inculpable, ignorant Catholics with his anti-clerical and syncretistic heresies. But, his kind have been around for decades now, promoting all kinds of gelatinous substitutes for the true, visible, and hierarchical religion. Any union-less unity will do for cosmic-minded pretenders of Dr. Hwang’s ilk as long as the … More →

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Pat Robertson is Dead Wrong!

A few days back the supposedly pro-life Robertson was answering questions from his viewers on his world-wide broadcast of the 700 Club – the flagship show of a televangelism empire Robertson constructed around himself and is now passing on to his son. A viewer sent in a question about contraception – wondering, correctly, if it was immoral. Then things got weird.

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