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Heresies and Errors

“For there must be also heresies: that they also, who are approved, may be made manifest among you” (1 Corinthians 11:19). St. Thomas defines heresy as “a species of infidelity in men who, having professed the faith of Christ, corrupt its dogmas.” God allows His faithful to be exposed to heresy in order to test their Faith, their docility, and obedience to Catholic authority. At Baptism we receive the theological virtue of Faith, which is a supernatural light for our intellect, which enables us to “see” the truths that God has revealed through His Church, or as Father Feeney so simply put it, “to think the thoughts of God.” A person, therefore, bearing within him this infused light, will immediately recognize pernicious doctrine for the darkness that it is.

Religious errors, on the other hand, are not necessarily opposed to the virtue of Faith. A validly baptized person may for a period fall into a material error on account of a misrepresentation of Catholic doctrine, or outright misinformation, and be innocent of the sin of heresy. He made be told, for example, that Catholics worship Mary as God, and then he would be in error about what Catholics believe. The providence of God will be sure to provide this person an opportunity, be it by way of a book or a Catholic acquaintance, to hear the truth. Then, if he cooperates with the light of Faith that is in him, he would be bound to accept the truth and seek out the full teaching of the Church.

If as the saying goes “contrast clarifies the mind,” then by studying the Church’s battles against heresies throughout her history, a Catholic can fortify his own Faith. The articles falling under this category are such. They are part of the library of the Church Militant as guardian of the truth and refuter of all heresies.

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Glimpses Behind Closed Doors: Marco Tosatti on Cardinal Kasper’s Self-Correction

While observers of the discussion concerning the Synod of Bishops on Marriage and the Family are still wondering what it was that has recently caused Cardinal Walter Kasper suddenly (but stammeringly) to deny that which he had claimed a year or so ago – namely, that Pope Francis personally supports his “Kasper proposal” – the well-informed Vatican journalist Marco Tosatti now has his own explanation. On … More →

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A Manifesto of Christian Resistance

From Brother Alexis Bugnolo… Originally posted on From Rome: Against perverse and unnatural forms of Marriage TO BE READ FROM ALL THE PULPITS OF AMERICA I, as a disciple of Christ Jesus, hold and believe that the US Supreme Court has no authority to impose Sodom upon America in name of the US Constitution; and that such a judgement would be null/void. For the institution … More →

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In Defense of Rachel Dolezal

This is going to be a very short post. I want to come to the defense of Rachel Dolezal. She’s getting a lot of bad press now because she is a white woman of German and Czech ancestry who says, “I identify as black,” and who called an African-American man her father when he is biologically not so, and who became the president of a local … More →

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Gregorian Hosts Secret Meeting of Dissident Bishops, Priests, Theologians

National Catholic Register: A one-day study meeting — open only to a select group of individuals — took place at the Pontifical Gregorian University on Monday with the aim of urging “pastoral innovations” at the upcoming Synod of Bishops on the Family in October. Around 50 participants, including bishops, theologians and media representatives, took part in the gathering, at the invitation of the presidents of … More →

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Dissenter From Church’s Moral Teaching Given Vatican Post

Crux: An internationally known preacher and writer known for pushing the boundaries of Catholic orthodoxy and a strong ally of Pope Francis was given a boost by the Holy See Saturday. In a move sure to raise eyebrows among the Church’s traditional guard, Pope Francis named the Rev. Timothy Radcliffe a consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, the Vatican announced Saturday. More … More →

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Homosexual Activism is New Gnosticism

Robert R. Reilly, Catholic World Report: If Eric Voegelin (1901-85) were alive today, I think that he would see the homosexual movement as a form of Gnosticism—a spiritually pathological, magical reconstruction of reality, or of a “second reality.” Voegelin wrote that, “All gnostic movements are involved in the project of abolishing the constitution of being, with its origin in divine, transcendent being…”i Does this seem … More →

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Switzerland: Bishops Conference Says Church Moral Teaching Must Change

Catholic Culture: “The exclusion of remarried divorcees from the sacraments must be ended,” stated Walter Müller, the bishops’ information officer, as he summarized Swiss Catholics’ “very concrete requests to Rome.” “Partnerships for gays and lesbians should have a place in the Church,” he added, as he noted that only a “small minority” of Swiss Catholics supported the “current doctrine of the Church with its rigid discipline.” … More →

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Conversion to Christ Out, Defending the Koran In for Catholic Archbishop

Just the title of this website should be an indication of what is coming. I use the spelling “Koran” for consistency. Parallels, Many Stories, One World: As a 12-year-old Catholic boy growing up in England, Michael Fitzgerald decided he wanted to be a missionary in Africa. Eight years later, he was studying theology and learning Arabic in Tunisia. He went on to devote his priestly … More →

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Creflo Dollar Needs a New Jet and the Devil Doesn’t Want That

This is great. This guy makes Calvin look like a mendicant. He has been promising his “millions” of devotees for decades that if they tithe to his ministry they will be rich and healthy. And people fall for it. And the ones who do are usually already well off. The poor are not so stupid, but the well-to-do, or those climbing for riches, are easy … More →

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Is President Obama the Anti-Christ?

One of our tertiaries sent me a link this morning with a video provocatively entitled, “Did Jesus Give us the Name of the Antichrist?” He asked my opinion on it, and this is my reply (which will not make sense unless you see the 4 minute video, which I could not imbed in this posting for technical reasons) … Dear Sam, This is typical hysterical nonsense … More →

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Episcopal Clergyman Insults Catholics on Good Friday

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today criticized the Associate Rector of Boston’s historic Trinity Church, the Rev. William W. Rich, for insulting Catholics on Good Friday. During the church’s annual “Stations of the City” walk, while stopped in front of the Central Reform Temple of Boston, Rev. Rich asserted to his followers that in the past, some Catholics murdered Jews on Good Friday. Rich offered … More →

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New Bishop for San Diego Won’t Deny Communion for Pro-Abort ‘Catholic’ Politicians

Whispers in the Loggia: It’s being called the “Cupich appointment of the West,” and not without reason – resolving the highest-profile vacancy on the current US docket, at Roman Noon tomorrow the Pope is slated to name Bishop Robert McElroy, the 61 year-old auxiliary of San Francisco known as one of the Stateside bench’s most outspoken progressives, as the sixth bishop of San Diego and … More →

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Heretics and Holy Confessors: the Conclave of 1549, Battles Among the Cardinals

Roberto di Mattei: Rorate Caeli: The Conclave that opened on November 30th 1549, after the death of Paul III, was certainly one of the most dramatic in the history of the Church. The English Cardinal, Reginald Pole (1500 – 1558) was indicated by everyone as the great favourite.  The Pontifical robes were prepared for him and he had already shown someone his thanksgiving speech.  On … More →

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Cardinal Kasper Includes Martin Luther Among Saints of ‘Great Gospel Tradition’

Catholic Culture: L’Osservatore Romano has published excerpts from a new book by Cardinal Walter Kasper on Pope Francis. Pope Francis, writes the retired president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, is a radical in the sense of emphasizing the roots of the Gospel message and the joy it brings. The Pope “does not advocate a liberal position, but a radical position” and is … More →

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Cardinal Baldisseri: ‘Dogma Has Its Own Evolution . . .’

Diane Montagna, Aleteia: Last week, the debate about next October’s Synod on the Family came into view once again as the Secretary General of the Synod, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, opened a three-day (January 22 -25) international conference of lay and family movements in Rome. Full article is here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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