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The First Vatican Council pronounced that the pope, in or out of council, would be protected by God with the gift of infallibility whenever he should define a doctrine pertaining to faith or morals. Matters of Faith can only involve religious propositions and the matter of those propositions are true or false judgments. A moral definition would involve a proposition that is right or wrong, rather than true or false. The difference between the two involves the end being sought. A doctrinal pronouncement defines a religious truth, which is the object of the intellect. A moral pronouncement defines a good, which is the object of the will. One could say that Faith engages intellectual belief, morals engage voluntary action.

A moral act is a human act performed with knowledge and free will. Every consciously deliberate action is a moral act, and each one is either morally good or morally evil. If it leads us to our final end, eternal salvation, it is a morally good act. If it takes us away from salvation, it is a morally evil act, a sin. Morals, therefore, pertain to human conduct.

Articles in this section treat of a wide variety of issues that, immediately, proximately, or remotely, deal with the morality of human acts, whether individually or as a society.

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Catholic Laymen Speak Up in Defense of a Persecuted Swiss Bishop

On August 10, as reported (, a Swiss umbrella organization of homosexuals, Pink Cross, has sued Bishop Vitus Huonder for defending the Catholic Church’s traditional teaching on homosexuality. Bishop Huonder has since then made a public statement where he repeats his apology for not putting the quotes from the Old Testament in a sufficient context — namely, that he did not intend to invite violence … More →

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400,000 in Philippines Sign Petition to Pope to Stand Firm on Marriage Law and Communion

AsiaNews: More than 400,000 people, including 105 prelates, have signed a ‘Filial Appeal’, urging Pope Francis to stand by the traditional marriage in the forthcoming Synod on the Family in October. Read more here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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A Man Protects Children: ‘That’s What It Means to Be a Man’

The following is part of an article written by a “pro-choice” husband who received a strong scolding from his pro-life wife. Right now the author is still hesitant to “be a man.” Ruben Navarrette, Jr., The Daily Beast: As I’ve only realized lately, to be a man, and to declare yourself pro-choice, is to proclaim your neutrality. And, as I’ve only recently been willing to admit, even … More →

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Speakers at Gregorian ‘Shadow Council’ Denounce Objective Order of Morals

CNA: Yes to contraception, homosexual acts, and Communion for the divorced and remarried – all considering the circumstances. No to understanding any acts as intrinsically evil. These are the positions advocated by speakers at the May 25 “shadow council” which gathered prelates and theologians, led by the German bishops, at a Jesuit university in Rome. More on this here. Share, Bookmark, Like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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So Much Evil, So Many Opportunities!

The days are evil. We are beset. It reminds me of a quote attributed to that great philosopher, Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller, USMC: “All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us…they can’t get away this time” (source). A litany of recent miseries might include: the de-Christianization of the Middle East (largely due to American “Disaster … More →

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Good Article on Obligation to Fight SCOTUS Unlawful Attack on Marriage

The Seton Magazine article is excellent especially the following call for supernatural hope at the end: Parents, in discharging the difficult task of educating their children to become good and faithful Catholics in the midst of an increasing adverse society, should have the firm confidence that the Lord will grant them all the graces necessary to discharge their tasks. The grace of the Lord and the … More →

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Drone Flying into Poland to Drop off Abortifacients

Kathy Schiffer, National Catholic Register: The drone, laden with its noxious cargo, will be launched at 11 a.m. Saturday, June 27. It will carry its load from “Am Winterhafen” (Winter Harbor) in Frankfurt, Germany, where abortion and contraception are readily available, and will cross the Oder River to Sludice, Poland. The final destination in the city will be announced on Friday evening. Since the drone will be visually … More →

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A Manifesto of Christian Resistance

From Brother Alexis Bugnolo… Originally posted on From Rome: Against perverse and unnatural forms of Marriage TO BE READ FROM ALL THE PULPITS OF AMERICA I, as a disciple of Christ Jesus, hold and believe that the US Supreme Court has no authority to impose Sodom upon America in name of the US Constitution; and that such a judgement would be null/void. For the institution … More →

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Close Advisor of Pope Speaks about Pope’s Methods of Changing the Church

On May 10, the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera published an interview with Archbishop Victor Fernández who is a close collaborator of Pope Francis. He is said to have ghost-written Pope Francis’ first Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium and to be now involved in the drafting of the Pope’s encyclical on questions concerning the environment. He had previously worked together with then-Cardinal Bergoglio in Argentina, and … More →

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Perseverance: a Graduation Speech

The following is a brief introductory speech I gave at IHM School’s graduation this past Sunday. Readers should know that our school in rural southern New Hampshire is very small. We had one graduate this year — a fine young man who is very intelligent. Not that I would actually do this, but I surmise that if I invited Marc to the microphone to recite Brother Francis’ … More →

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The Church’s Condemnation of Birth Control, Comments by Chesterton

This is a provocative article, well-written, succinct, and, in the end, surprising. Dale Ahlquist, Crisis Magazine: It is interesting now to look back at the various reactions when the pope issued his encyclical on contraception. I dug up the following, and I think they pretty much speak for themselves. It is hardly necessary to add any comments at all except to say how little things … More →

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The Irish Referendum

Some may have hoped the outcome would be otherwise, but it is difficult to see how anyone could actually expect Irish voters to reject same-sex “marriage”. If there was a surprise about the outcome it was that the “Yes” votes were not higher than 67 percent. I expected something nearer to 75 percent. But, then, my view of Irish Catholicism, and especially its historically dominating … More →

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By Overwhelming Popular Vote Ireland Mocks Marriage

Yet, this Preamble to the Irish Constitution is still on the books: In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred,We, the people of Éire, Humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ, Who sustained our fathers through centuries of trial, Gratefully remembering … More →

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60% of Dutch Doctors Admit They Killed Patients

First Things: Today, most Dutch doctors openly embrace euthanasia and assisted suicide—and not only for those who are dying. A just-released study in the Journal of Medical Ethics delineates the profoundly corrupted medical morality of the Netherlands. The study asked doctors about their practice of, and attitudes toward, euthanasia. An astonishing 60 percent of respondents reported having lethally injected a patient. Demonstrating how thoroughly euthanasia consciousness … More →

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Pamela Geller Dares the Jihadi Devil

The neoconservative warhawk Pamela Geller did what all great strategists in the history of armed conflict would recommend — from Sun Tzu to Thucydides to B. H. Liddell Hart: she organized a cartoon drawing contest to mock what is most sacred to her enemy in an effort to show the moral superiority of her people over that enemy. Brilliant. If Ms. Geller cannot be commended for prudence or fortitude, she … More →

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