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The First Vatican Council pronounced that the pope, in or out of council, would be protected by God with the gift of infallibility whenever he should define a doctrine pertaining to faith or morals. Matters of Faith can only involve religious propositions and the matter of those propositions are true or false judgments. A moral definition would involve a proposition that is right or wrong, rather than true or false. The difference between the two involves the end being sought. A doctrinal pronouncement defines a religious truth, which is the object of the intellect. A moral pronouncement defines a good, which is the object of the will. One could say that Faith engages intellectual belief, morals engage voluntary action.

A moral act is a human act performed with knowledge and free will. Every consciously deliberate action is a moral act, and each one is either morally good or morally evil. If it leads us to our final end, eternal salvation, it is a morally good act. If it takes us away from salvation, it is a morally evil act, a sin. Morals, therefore, pertain to human conduct.

Articles in this section treat of a wide variety of issues that, immediately, proximately, or remotely, deal with the morality of human acts, whether individually or as a society.

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Analysis of grave flaws in family synod final report: Urgent prayer and action needed

What follows is an exact reposting of “Analysis of grave flaws in family synod final report: Urgent prayer and action needed” from the Voice of the Family site.  Earlier this month the Synod Secretariat published the lineamenta of the Ordinary Synod on the Family to be held in October 2015. This lineamenta consists of (1) the final report (relatio synodi)  of the Extraordinary Synod held … More →

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St. Thomas University Offering Students Work With Several Major Pro-Abortion Orgs

TFP: Students at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota – a Catholic institution founded in 1885 – are currently being offered “volunteer/internship opportunities” with mega-abortion provider Planned Parenthood, according to the university’s web site. Other pro-abortion advocacy groups featured by the university as “volunteer/internship opportunities,” include NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota, Pro-Choice Resources, Family Tree Clinic, and the National Organization for Women-Minnesota (NOW). More on this … More →

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Torture Is Never Justified

Phil Lawler has what may be considered by some traditional-minded Catholics a “controversial” article on Catholic Culture website on this current issue of the CIA’s use of torture to get information from terrorists or suspected terrorists. Prescinding from the issue of capital punishment, which the Church has never objected to for certain crimes, when it comes to torture, Lawler, in my view, is right. Catholic … More →

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Russia Will Not Allow Sex Ed in Classrooms Says Commissioner

BBCNews: Russian students currently don’t receive any sex education in schools, and Pavel Astakhov says introducing such classes would go against the country’s morals and traditions. “I am often asked: when will you have sex education? I say never,” he said during a meeting with parents,according to the Interfax news agency. Mr Astakhov said his counterparts in Europe see him as an “ideological enemy” for his … More →

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Why Liberalism Targets the Family

In his most important book, The Social Contract, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, an architect of the false philosophy of liberalism and thus a kind of godfather of the Revolution that has been unfolding since the philosophy first found political expression in France in 1789, declared that “whoever dares to say outside the Church is no salvation should be driven from the State.” That no nationally-visible Churchmen risk … More →

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German Episcopal Committee May Use Labor Law to Undermine Moral Commitment

National Catholic Register: In the latest in a series of attempts by German bishops to align Church teaching with secular values, a sub-committee of the German episcopal conference is planning to amend Church labor law to allow Church employees who are homosexual or divorced and civilly remarried to work in ecclesiastical institutions. Until now, those employed in the German Church – the second largest employer in the … More →

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Very Famous People Who Were Avid Eugenicists

The last entry will greatly inspire you. Matthew Archbold, National Catholic Register: Eugenics traces its roots back to the late 19th century when Charles Darwin’s cousin Sir Francis Galton coined the term. The theory is that human characteristics and afflictions could be bred out of the human race. It was all the rage in the early 20th century until Adolf Hitler came along and ruined all the … More →

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Continued Reasons for a Catholic Resistance

Before commenting on the substance of the Final Report, it is important to note that, soon after the release of the English translation of the Final Report which was officially written in Italian (not in Latin), suspicion arose as to the reliability and idiomatic accuracy of the translation. Indeed, as it seems, half sentences have been omitted altogether, and in different places. Therefore, all the … More →

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Kenyian Bishops Exposes Mandatory Vaccine That Causes Infertility and Miscarriages

Four points, they made: (Pia de Solenni, Aletaia)   That we are shocked at the level of dishonesty and casual manner in which such a serious issue is being handled by the Government. That a report presented to the Parliamentary Committee on Health  November 4, 2014 by the Ministry of Health, claiming that the Government had tested the Vaccine and found it clean of  Beta- … More →

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St. Thérèse Was Afraid to Die, the Cross Gave Her Courage

In the wake of the suicide of Brittany Maynard, the media was all aglow with accolades for her “courageous” decision to “die on her own terms.” She has now become the poster child for something called “death with dignity.” There is no such thing as “death with dignity” unless the one dying unites their pain with that of Jesus who died for their salvation. Then, … More →

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This is Why Gary Potter’s Article on Suicide Needs Wide Distribution

How sad this is! Many have written on Catholic websites hoping perhaps their message might get to this newly married woman. Even a seminarian with terminal cancer tried. Suicide is the ultimate act of hopelessness and can only happen when one runs from God. Now she has met her Maker. Brittany Maynard opted out of the excruciating pains of death and being a “burden” to her … More →

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The Deliquescent Hermeneutic of Moral Mensheviks

Today’s neo-conservatives in the Church — also called “neo-Catholics” — are the doctrinal, moral, and theological equivalent of Russia’s revolutionary Mensheviks. As Solzhenitsyn often said, Mensheviks prepare the field for Bolsheviks (as did the Girondins for the Jacobins). Dr. Jeffrey Mirus is one such. He has recently declared that there is room for considering what he calls “the Kasper Proposal,” because it is not, after all, a … More →

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Review of Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior is Changing Everything

Review of Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior is Changing Everything. Robert Reilly. Ignatius Press, 2014. Robert Reilly has tackled head-on the drastic change in our society ongoing for the past several years; in fact, one could say that he has collided with this issue by exposing the rationale of its leaders in collusion with the current national administration, pushing the “gay” agenda to … More →

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The Failure of US Bishops to Stop Abortion

Mark Gallagher, Crisis Magazine: The bishops have continued on their failed course for forty years, with fateful, disastrous results. If the bishops would change course, the legal killing, now at 56 million, could be stopped. The bishops need to teach that: (a) Legislators have the compelling moral responsibility to pursue the Common Good, protecting the human life and respecting the human dignity of every person created … More →

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Revolutionary Doctrines on the Family

Much is being said about the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops just completed. Typically for such an event, ecclesiastical politics of the worst sort were on display, as can be seen from the excellent reportage of Sandro Magister and Rorate Caeli. In this respect, we have just witnessed a repeat performance of the kind of procedural manipulation very well documented to have taken place at Vatican … More →

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