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Princess Alessandra Borghese: A Faith Rekindled

Clip from London Telegraph: “Her attachment to traditional Catholic values is as fierce as it is unapologetic. On the evening of our meeting, she is due to address an audience at the Brompton Oratory, bastion of the unreformed approach to … Continue reading

Pray for the Soul of Tim Russert

Newsweek has an interesting article on the late Tim Russert, news host.  Everyone had been speaking about his strong Catholic Faith, so his friend, Jon Meacham, an Episcopalian, focused on that in his eulogy.

Pope Wants Tridentine Mass Available in Every Parish

From the London Telegraph Asked whether the Latin Mass would be celebrated in many ordinary parishes in future, Cardinal Castrillon said: “Not many parishes – all parishes. The Holy Father is offering this not only for the few groups who … Continue reading

Polish Volley Ball Star Gives Life for Her Baby

Tarnow, Jun. 12, 2008 ( – A Polish volleyball star who was buried on June 9 is being compared by local Catholics to Blessed Gianna Beretta Molla because of her heroic sacrifice for her unborn child. Agata Mroz, who was … Continue reading

Pope to Receive Bush in Medieval Tower

The American Spectator Joseph Lawler “In the dimming twilight of his presidency, George W. Bush finds himself with a 28 percent approval rating and few friends in high places. Today, however, he will revisit one of the most fascinating friendships … Continue reading

Vatican Set to Condemn Medjugorje

From Mail On Line World News “Andrea Gemma, 77, a bishop and once the Vatican’s top exorcist, told a magazine in Italy: ‘In Medjugorje everything happens in function of money: Pilgrimages, lodging houses, sale of trinkets. ‘This whole sham is … Continue reading

Ecumenism Sails On Without a Rudder

Just when you think there might be a shift towards promoting authentic evangelization (converting people to the true religion), you read some senseless declaration from the head of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, who’s on a mission to remission. … Continue reading

Canada Outlaws the Truth

This courageous article was written by a journalist who may have to pay drastically for it.  The US better wake up before the thought police take full control here.

El Salvador’s Entire Congress Condemns Abortion

The Pro-Life crusade is gaining major victories in some Central and South American countries.  This clip from Lifesite News: San Salvador, Jun. 10, 2008 ( – All 84 members of the Congress of El Salvador have signed a petition condemning … Continue reading

Vocations Flourish in Vietnam

Aid to the Church in Need News “Because we have so many vocations – and the number of seminarians we can take is limited by the government – people have to wait for a long time before entering seminary.” – … Continue reading