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Population Research Institute Calls for Boycott of Olympics

Lifesite News reports: Washington, DC ( — A leading expert on the brutal campaign of forced abortions and sterilizations that accompany China’s one-child family planning policy is urging a boycott of the Summer Olympics. Steven Mosher, of the Population Research … Continue reading

Vatican Is Not Stalling Anglican Conversions to Catholicism

I had to delete yesterday’s post that had just the opposite headline.  The false information came from unofficial sources.  Sorry. Here’s an accurate post from The London Telegraph: More evidence this morning that Catholic liberals are panicking at the prospect … Continue reading

Cardinal Pell Gives Challenging Homily to 150,000 in Australia

From “Speaking to the colourful crowd of pilgrims, waving flags from countries from around the world, Dr Pell told them that following Christ required struggle, sacrifice and self-discipline. “Following Christ is not cost free, not always easy, because it … Continue reading

Another Catholic Journalist, Tony Snow, Dead at 53

Here is a clip from a speech he recently gave to the graduating class at Catholic University: “But see, there’s more. Once you’ve gotten past the mirror phase, then things begin to get really interesting. You begin to confront the … Continue reading

Pray For This Valiant Rabbi

Rabbi Yehuda Levin: “Until the religious leaders totally take on the corrupt justices in the various countries, the corrupt courts, the corrupt political leaders and name them and prohibit voting for such people based on religious reasons… – until this … Continue reading

Rosary Credited in Rescue of Hostages in Colombia

This is an extremely encouraging news piece, a must read.  President Uribe in Colombia seems like another Garcia Moreno. Bogotá, Jul 9, 2008 / 01:00 pm (CNA).- The recitation of the Rosary has become, for an increasing number of Colombians, … Continue reading