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Maryknoll’s Concerns for the Common Good

Should I be surprised that the murder of forty million babies in the United States since 1973 is not on the list for voter concerns that “Jezabel” knoll feels must be confronted in the next election? What are they concerned … Continue reading

Italian Mother Offers Life to Save Pre-born Child

In the spirit of Blessed Giana Molla another mother sacrifices her life in refusing a cancer treatment that would have ended the life of her unborn baby. CWN reports it here.

Euthanasia similar to Hitler’s racial purging, says Nuncio in Spain

From CNA: The Apostolic Nuncio to Spain, Archbishop Manuel Monteiro de Castro, compared euthanasia with Hitler’s racial purging and said both situations are “the consequence of a society without God.” Progressivists and leftists hate it when their programs (euthanasia, abortion, … Continue reading

Pope Sends Advance Message to US

Vatican, Apr. 8, 2008 ( – Pope Benedict XVI (bio – news) has released a message to the people of the United States, in preparation for his trip to America next week. Read here.

Rescue religion from extremists, Blair urges

[See also “Former PM Tony Blair is Now Raising Funds for Homosexual Group.” Quote: “John Smeaton, national director of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) commented on the matter saying, ‘During his premiership, Tony Blair became one … Continue reading