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De Maria numquam satis (Concerning Mary never enough). Welcome to the golden pages of In the spirit of Saint Bernard’s maxim, this website abounds with over fifty articles in praise of Our Lady, with additional links to the greatest books written about her. Readers will find devotional, theological, apologetical, and liturgical works all contributing to exalt the Mother of God and magnify her name, whose soul so immeasurably magnifies the Lord.

Although the articles appear randomly, one can peruse the titles and find those that fit the need for the moment. Perhaps, the need is to educate a Protestant, or lax Catholic, who has questioned why the Catholic faithful give so much prominence to Mary. Perhaps it is to refute an aggressive heretic who had challenged you on one or more of Our Lady’s unique and singular privileges.

Since the vast majority of our readers need no convincing of Mary’s greatness, which is so condign with her vocation as God’s Mother, many of these articles aim to foster an increase of devotion to and confidence in her. Anything on the site pertaining to the works of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort will be especially helpful in this regard.

Knowledge, as a gift of the Holy Ghost (one of the seven), begets love. That is why Saint Bernard never tired of reading, speaking, and writing about Mary. Is there a doctor of the Church who did not write about Mary? No. Many, in fact, especially during and after the Middle Ages, wrote entire treatises and books about her. Many wrote hymns in honor of her. But these are only those declared “doctors.” Hundreds of other saints, and holy men and women, have filled volumes in praise of her. Liturgies have been composed around her both in the East and the West. The third ecumenical council (Ephesus in 431) was summoned to defend her Divine Maternity, calling her by her traditional title of Theotokos (Mother of God). And, indirectly, the fourth ecumenical council (451), was held to defend her very Maternity, for the issue being contested by the heretics at that time was whether Jesus had a true human nature. Read about the one you love and you will keep her in your heart, and she more ardently will keep you in hers.

Philadelphia: Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe OK’d for Street Corner

This is an interesting story in that the Sister, recently deceased, who was behind the project, claimed that an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared in place of a photograph she had taken, using an old box camera, of a different mosaic in a prayer garden at Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Catholic news Service: Religious shrines or art in the public places … More →

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Soldier Saved by the Rosary, Just Like His Great-Grandfather

The Telegraph: Guardsman Glenn Hockton, 19, asked for a rosary to take with him before being deployed to Afghanistan on a seven-month tour of duty with the Coldstream Guards in Helmand Province. He bent down to pick the rosary up when it fell from his neck and then realised he was on a landmine. Guardsman Hockton had to remain standing where he was for 45 … More →

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Our Lady of the “O”

This entry is updated from last year. Today, December 18, is a feast of long standing in the Latin Church. Though its Mass and office will not be offered liturgically in most places (owing to its not being a universal feast), the “Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary” has origins going back at least to seventh-century Spain. The Catholic Encyclopedia has a small entry on … More →

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California WalMart Honors Our Lady of Guadalupe

NBCNews San Diego: The Walmart Neighborhood Market in Sherman Heights has something no other Walmart has. “It’s the only Walmart in the world with a plaque of our Blessed Mother,” said Father Richard Brown, who has been a priest in the area for more than 40 years. On Wednesday, Father Brown blessed the mosaic of the Virgin Mary that’s displayed on the outside of the Walmart … More →

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India: 25000 Pilgrims Walk to Marian Shrine to Close Year of Faith

AsiaNews:  “Let yourselves be gripped by the spirit of faith, to continue to spread the message of Jesus in everyday life ” is the invitation launched by Mgr . Aloysius Paul D’ Souza , Bishop of Mangalore ( Karnataka ) , to more than 5 thousand young people who participated in the pilgrimage ” Walking with Christ.” The event took place on November 17 last, during … More →

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Pope Francis: Mary Is Not a Postmaster Sending Messages Every Day

Catholic News Service: Purported visions of Mary, if taken in the wrong spirit, can sow confusion and distance people from the Gospel, Pope Francis said. Curiosities distance people “from the Gospel, from the Holy Spirit, from peace and hope, from God’s glory and God’s beauty,” the pope said Nov. 14 during a homily at morning Mass in the Vatican guesthouse, where he lives. “Jesus says that … More →

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Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon

A friend sent me this photo.  

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Mary Our Queen

In the 1970 calendar, the feast of Immaculate Heart of Mary was moved from August 22 to June in order to show its alignment with the Sacred Heart of Jesus; the feast of the Queenship of Mary was transferred from May 31 to that date. Whether or not this was a good idea,1 it does give us another reason to meditate on Our Lady’s role … More →

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Bishops and Clergy to Consecrate Ireland to Immaculate Heart August 15

This is great news and is certainly necessary for the restoration of the Faith in Erinn. Other countries that have been consecrated collegially to the Immaculate Heart of Mary include (I am not counting what would be a long list of dioceses so consecrated by their bishops): The Philippines on June 8, 2013 Lebanon and Middle East (Maronites) on June 16, 2013 Portugal on May … More →

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Belloc’s Verse on Our Lady and the Challenge of Faith

As we ourselves gratefully remember Hilaire Belloc this year, especially on the 60th Anniversary of his death, let us first consider “Courtesy,” his brief and evocatively allusive poem of seven short, rhymed stanzas (six four-line ones, and a final three-line stanza). For, it shows a special aspect of Belloc’s own humble answering heart: indeed the intimate bond he perceived between attentive courtesy and charity. We … More →

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An Army for Our Lady: the Legion of Mary

Army? Why, one may ask, do we use military terms for anything associated with our gentle Queen, like army and legion? Military terms are not new in the Church. Indeed, as children in Catholic school, did we not learn to call the Church on earth “The Church Militant” to distinguish living Catholics still struggling to earn salvation from the “Church Suffering” in Purgatory and the … More →

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Divine Relationships

A fallen-away Catholic once told me, “I gave up that religion for a relationship.” What she was saying is that Catholicism, with all its ceremonies, doctrines, and other “formalities,” did not give her a relationship with Jesus, which is exactly what she found in the non-denominational brand of Protestantism she embraced. I suspected, from the ready way in which she said it, that the expression … More →

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A Convergence of World-Shaking Events

Review of 1917: Red Banners, White Mantle by Warren H. Carroll (1981) Christendom Press. Every once in awhile a book will come into one’s hands that is impossible to put down, ends too soon, and begs to be read again and again. This little book, at 131 pages (although the print is rather small) is such a one. It is well footnoted and a riveting … More →

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Pope Asks Universal Church to Pray for China May 24th

AsiaNews: Pope Francis has invited “all Catholics in the world” to join Chinese believers in prayer on May 24, to Our Lady of Sheshan, “I urge all Catholics around the world to join in prayer with our brothers and sisters who are in China, to implore from God the grace to proclaim with humility and joy Christ, who died and rose again; to be faithful to … More →

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Sister Lucy with Fr. McGlynn's Statue

The Priest, the Sister, the Statue — and a Louisiana Connection

Catholics know and love Our Lady of Fatima. We are familiar with the miraculous happenings of 1917 when Our Blessed Lady appeared to the three shepherd children at the Cova da Iria near Fatima, Portugal. We know the promises of Our Lady, we know the prayers that she taught the children, Lucia, Jacinta and little Francisco. We know of the great “Miracle of the Sun” … More →

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