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Our Lady of America

For every authentic apparition of the Mother of God there are a hundred pretended ones. Some of the latter are diabolic, where the devil, “the ape of God,” actually takes on the appearance of the Blessed Virgin in order to … Continue reading

Medjugorje: Another View

The following is taken, with permission, from a dossier on Medjugorje originally appearing on the world wide web at (the URL is no longer active). Its author is a Catholic lady who has based her objections to Medjugorje on … Continue reading

Chivalry and Our Lady

This article was serialized over two issues of our magazine, From the Housetops. Here, we present parts I and II together. —Editor Chivalry, it is said, is dead. Inasmuch as it was already being said before the rise of modern … Continue reading

Mary’s Universal Mediation

“For there is one God, and One Mediator of God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” (1 Tim. 2:5) In the minds of Protestant apologists, these words of St. Paul are the ultimate “talisman,” a charm which is supposed to “protect” Bible-believing Christians from … Continue reading