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How Do You KNOW That?

The philosophical subject of epistemology is the study of knowledge. Father A. C. Cotter, S.J., who was Father Leonard Feeney’s philosophy teacher, and whose book on the subject was heavily utilized by Brother Francis in his philosophy course, defines epistemology as “the science of the certitude of our cognitions.” Epistémē (ἐπιστήμη) is the Greek word for knowledge. Cognition, I should say, is both (subjectively) the … More →

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Knowledge and Mystery

When I was first studying philosophy, I overheard a conversation between an eccentric old philosophy professor and one of the other seminarians. It fascinated me. This old gent said that Our Lord defended the study of philosophy in the Gospels on that occasion when the disciples of Saint John the Baptist came to ask Him if He were the Christ: “And John called to him … More →

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The Wisdom of Good Mentors

More than once down the years I have been told by wise men that a good leader knows how to praise you not so much for what you have done nor for what you are, but, rather, for what he sees that you could be — and for what you ought to be. Mentors I have had, even as a young military officer, have more … More →

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Introduction to the Saint Augustine Institute of Wisdom

The Saint Augustine Institute of Wisdom* (SAI) is the educational division of Saint Benedict Center. The Institute provides well-rounded and conveniently simple courses of instruction in Catholic thought. The classes available through SAI are a continuation of the studies which have been offered at Saint Benedict Center since 1942. Our teachers are the Popes, the Councils, the Saints, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, … More →

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Act and Potency in the Christian Life

In the Tuesday night Philosophy group that has been meeting since this past summer, we are now more than halfway through the course on Cosmology. We recently covered the subject of act and potency — a couple of simple words that conceal an enormity of wisdom to help us contemplate truth and navigate around manifold errors old and new. If Heraclitus and Parmenides had understood … More →

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Brother Francis’ Cosmology Notes

These notes go with Brother Francis Maluf’s course in Cosmology, the second of eight courses in Philosophia Perennis. The lectures can be procured here, where more can be learned about them. Cosmology is  a philosophic science which begins in the examination of the sensible universe considered as the realm of changing reality, or, in the language of philosophy, ens mobile. It terminates in a complete intelligent grasp of … More →

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An Interview with Mike Church

A SiriusXM Radio Personality Discovers Catholic Tradition and Perennial Philosophy This is an intense and inspiring interview between two friends of Saint Benedict Center, Mike Church, the one interviewed, and David Simpson, the interviewer. Mike Church is a radio talk show personality, who hosts Satellite Radio’s longest running talk show since 2003, the Mike Church Show. He is also a contributor to online journals: The Imaginative Conservative, … More →

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Truth and Its Enemies

Preparing myself for the regular Tuesday night meeting of Mike Church’s philosophy discussion group, I attentively read (and then twice reread) a passage in Brother Francis’ Logic Notes that he called “Truth and its enemies.” It is a wonderful elucidation of the importance of the study of logic and of the fatuous nature of modernist objections to the authentic “art and science of correct reasoning” (the … More →

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An Itty Bitty Presentation of the Syllogism

The following is in no way intended to be an exhaustive treatment of the subject of the syllogism. (Get Brother Francis’ Logic Course for that.) It is a lopsided little introduction, being comprised of two excerpts from “It’s All or Nothing,” an apologetics article I penned a while back. The subheadings are as they appear in that article. The Logic St. Paul wrote, in Romans 3:23, “For all … More →

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‘Latin Mass Magazine’ Book Review Mentions Brothers Francis and André

The Summer, 2015 issue of the traditional Catholic quarterly, The Latin Mass, features a four-page book review authored by Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro-Carámbula. The book reviewed is A Catholic Witness in Our Time: A Festschrift for Dr. Robert Hickson: Essays and Remembrances in His Honor. The volume is a compilation of papers presented at a surprise party held for our friend and collaborator, Robert Hickson. (His lovely wife, Maike, organized all this secretly.) Of … More →

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Notes on Minor Logic

These notes go with Brother Francis Maluf’s course in Minor Logic, the first of eight courses in Philosophia Perennis. The lectures can be procured here, where more can be learned about them. Logic is the art and science of correct reasoning. The student of this science will learn, not how to think (anyone can do that), but how to think correctly. Click here to VIEW … More →

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Chris Ferrara’s Interview with Mike Church, a Philosophy Student of Brother Francis

We’ve told our readers about Mike Church before. Now, Chris Ferrara has interviewed Mike for The Remnant. The interview features questions and answers about Mike’s reversion to Catholicism, his conversion to tradition, and his love of the traditional Mass. The major thrust, though, is on how this radio personality has transformed his secular radio program into an instrument for evangelism, getting converts to the faith in the process. … More →

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Why Saint Benedict Center Insists on a Philosophical ‘Platform’

(The following two articles, written by Larry Koralewski, a long-time student of Brother Francis, will be the first of a number of installments to come, most of which will deal with the Saint Benedict Center courses on Philosophy.) Why Saint Benedict Center Insists on a Philosophical “Platform” Anyone who has read the news knows about political platforms. It is a statement which gives the aims … More →

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The Pagan Temptation

A few weeks ago, I did something I have not done since I was nine years old. I went to a performance at the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre near downtown Los Angeles. It was a delightful rendition of The Nutcracker — and I was as delighted by the puppets performing the old classic as were the oohing and ahhing children around me; for a short … More →

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Christian Certitude

All our knowledge of God is analogical. In brief, this means that every concept that we rightly apply to God is partly the same as, but also partly different from, that same concept as applied to creatures. (Click here for a fuller explanation.) We know God by means of the world around us — the Book of Nature. All creation was made for God’s glory … More →

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