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Christendom no longer exists, but, nevertheless, Catholics must be active members of their respective societies and agents of justice in a world bereft of moral values. We must know history, not merely current events. European history, after the conversion of the nations, was the history of the Church. This history is certainly important to know. But, as Americans, we cannot afford to be ignorant of our own history. The virtue of patriotism, which is actually a natural manifestation of the supernatural gift of piety, demands that we have an appreciation for whatever is good in the history of this land of ours, not just after 1776, but since events were recorded here. The virtue of patriotism also obligates us to recognize the sins of our nation. “My country right or wrong,” is an evil axiom that changes patriotism into self-adulating nationalism.

As Catholics, we ought to be justly concerned about world events, especially about the persecution of the Church that is going on in other countries. Advantage ought to be taken of the many good Catholic outlets of information that are available today. Our website is a good source of the news that counts. From our religious perspective, we are able to bypass the useless information and disinformation that fills the major media, and provide the news that affects our lives as members of the Church militant. If it doesn’t help anyone sub specie aeternitatis (under the aspect of eternity) we don’t post it.

US ‘Ukraine-gate’ Threatens to Blow Up Into Major Conflagration

From Daniel McAdams on US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt were caught in a phone conversation leaked yesterday actively plotting over which of the Ukrainian opposition figures should take which position in a post-coup Ukraine government. In the call, they were furious that the EU was not as quick to move from words to action as the … More →

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What Is Christendom?

The question posed by the title of this article was asked several of us by our august editor. Its immediacy is reinforced by the season of Christmas – which, despite being under sporadic attack by “holiday” partisans, centers on the one Holy Day still observed by the majority of the world. Despite the anti-Christian moral tone of many of “her” governments around the world, the … More →

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More on the Battle of Warsaw / General Fuller’s Insights

While recently reading some of G.K. Chesterton’s written reflections in 19271 shortly after his return from his invited April-May visit to Poland, and then also some of his more abiding insights about the plight and character of Poland almost a decade later, in his posthumously published autobiography in 1936, I thought to bring to the further appreciation of a modern audience, by way of sobering … More →

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Where ‘Religious Liberty’ Will Take Us

Warning: The opinion expressed here is controversial. It is also quite old and is in line with what a whole string of popes taught as authoritative Catholic doctrine. While many conservatives  — including conservative Catholics (who conserve surprisingly little) — laud “religious liberty” as our salvation from Nanny-State persecution, the logic of religious liberty unshackled from Catholic truth leads us inexorably toward… HELL.

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When Government Fails

In 1906, my home town of San Francisco, then the largest city in the United States west of Chicago, was destroyed by earthquake and fire. When I was a kid there were still a lot of folks around who had adult memories of the disaster and I often heard their stories. What I now remember most is the pride of those persons. They had every … More →

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What is the American ‘Pays Reel’?

In his excellent article “Thy Kingdom Come,” Gary Potter explains an important distinction in French society of the nineteenth century: What we need to grasp is that all during the years of which we speak, and to a very real extent even today, there were virtually two countries within the national territory of France. Toward the end of the nineteenth century they would be given … More →

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The Vows and Oaths of Christendom

In a conversation with some of our conference speakers, who are also all contributors to this web site, the question “What is Christendom?” was presented for our consideration. The hope was expressed that these writers would each offer his thoughts on the subject in future articles. Upon reflection, I thought of answering this question indirectly, by replying to another question, “What makes Christendom?” To that … More →

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Defending the Domestic Church

Two writings recently emanated from officials very high in the Holy See concerning marriage and the family. The statements are frank and blunt, especially by today’s standards. The first was penned by Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Originally an article in L’Osservatore Romano, it is on the Vatican’s web site as “Testimony To The Power … More →

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Russia’s Putin: Why Liberals Hate Him

In September John McCain, someone who seems never to have met a war he didn’t love, went before television news cameras to spew vitriol on Vladimir Putin and Russia for thwarting plans to spread freedom and democracy by means of “air strikes” on Syria. This was not surprising. McCain represents the right wing of the national liberalism that calls itself conservative but is liberal nonetheless. … More →

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What ‘Gay Marriage’ Did to Massachusetts

The agenda rolls on. This video reminded me that I have heard of old people from Eastern Bloc countries anxiously warning Americans that our country looks now like theirs did just prior to the Communist takeover. The consequences of homosexual marriage: Most people have no idea what REALLY happens when “gay marriage” is imposed. This information-packed video from MassResistance gives you the extremely disturbing truth … More →

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Thank You, Bishop Paprocki

Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki, of the Springfield, Illinois Diocese, deserves to be thanked. Yes, he’s just doing his job — or, more properly, fulfilling the demands of his office. But when one does such in these days, he incurs the wrath of the world. He ought, also, to incur the love and gratitude of the faithful. The Bishop’s good words, and the reactions to them, … More →

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The Price of a ‘Progressivism’ Divorced from God’s Law

When society rejects the natural law and Catholics buy into the lie that the moral law we learn in our religious instruction has nothing to do with the governing of civil society, a dangerous trajectory has been established. Just where it will lead is anyone’s guess, but as liberal “progress” is generally defined in terms antipodal to tradition, the end of it all could be … More →

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The Problem of ‘Common Core Curriculum’

If you haven’t heard of Common Core, you should. This the first video below, is a brief resume of the issue by Michael Voris. In the second, “Michael Voris is joined by Reverend Peter Stravinskas Ph.D., S.T.D. to discuss the Bill and Melinda Gates funded and Obama supported Common Core Curriculum; being instituted in Catholic classrooms across the country. Fr. Stravinskas is the Executive Director … More →

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Signs of the Time

Recently a future King of England, dressed in an open-collared shirt and without a jacket, slid behind the steering wheel of a car and drove his wife, new-born son and himself away from a maternity hospital in London. He drove, not a chauffeur or bodyguard. I couldn’t tell from the video I saw on You Tube what kind of car Prince William drove but it … More →

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The Illiberality of Religious Liberalism

When speaking of liberalism, it is important to define our terms, for if we do not, certain assumptions will be made, with reference to the popular lexicon of American partisan politics. This would be a grave mistake, for much of what I shall say is liberal passes for conservative in that lexicon. And contrariwise, some ideas considered “liberal” in the popular lexicon are indeed traditional … More →

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