Sacramentals and Relics

Apologizing for the Rosary

Defenses against two common objections to the Holy Rosary, written, we hope, with a little humor. “Vain Repetition” — The Big Canard This is probably the objection Protestants have to the Rosary, that “vain repetition” is condemned by God.

Left Behind

Left Behind is a popular series of books written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, Evangelical Protestants brilliantly capitalizing on their “pre-trib” version of the “rapture theory.” This article is not about those books, but about the Catholic custom … Continue reading

The Holy Shroud

Of the mortal remains of man interred in the earth, all of the worldly fame, all of the forced applause, all of the seductive wealth are piteously summarized in the stark words inscribing the temporal end of a life’s journey: … Continue reading