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True or False Pope, the Complete Interview on YouTube

YouTube videos of Parts I and II of my Reconquest interview with Mr. John Salza are embedded below. John Salza is an attorney and Catholic apologist, who co-authored, with Mr. Robert Siscoe, a new book on the subject under discussion, True or False Pope? In these interviews, we examine the subject of sedevacantism, the novel idea that the popes since Vatican II are not actually valid popes, … More →

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Was God Mean in the Old Testament? YouTube Video.

The YouTube video below is the entirety of Reconquest 19: “KILL THEM ALL! (on the ‘Dark Passages’ of the Bible). Guest: Dr. Nathan Schmiedickie”. I also wrote an Ad Rem on the same subject. Not every episode will make its way to YouTube. But all the episodes of Reconquest are free if you listen to them at air time over at (See the schedule here.) … More →

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Tradition with a Capital “T”

In the next Reconquest, we consider the Catholic concept of Tradition, both in the general sense (embracing both Holy Scripture and Oral or Apostolic Tradition), and in the more specific sense of those Apostolic Traditions that were not written down. We consider also the related Catholic concept — much abused in our day — of development of doctrine. I talk about the meaning of Revelation, the Deposit … More →

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What is a ‘Type’?

Every once in a while, I refer to a “type” or “typology” is something I write or speak on. What follows is a brief explanation of what that is, excerpted from a longer piece I wrote. A very important device in the study of the Old Testament is what we call “typology.” Typology is employed under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost by New Testament writers. … More →

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St. Vincent of Lerins: Quod Ubique, Semper, et Ab Omnibus

This great fifth century fighter of heresy gave a formula for determining what Catholics must believe in the event of a rampant heresy. We must believe that which has everywhere been believed in the Church, always been believed, and by all universally (Quod Ubique, Semper, et Ab Omnibus). Here are his words form his book Commonitorium: “I have continually given the greatest pains and diligence … More →

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Joshua and the Israelite People, from the Karolingischer Buchmaler (details)

More Old-Testament Violence, and Bluegrass

My Ad Rem on the subject of the “dark passages” of the Bible went a bit long. This piece represents a small coda with further thoughts on the issue, being a collection of “odds and ends” presented in no special order. The “ban” — i.e., the “dedication to destruction” by which men, women, and children were slaughtered (the Hebrew concept of cherem is much more complex … More →

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God is Here

There is a Latin rhyme that goes like this: Ora et labora, Deus adest sine mora. In English, we can translate it this way, keeping the rhyme: “Work and pray; God is here without delay.” Ora et labora is well known as a motto of the Benedictine Order. What I am considering now is the Deus adest part: “God is here.” If we really had … More →

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Faith and Miracles

What is faith? The Baltimore Catechism gives a very simple definition of faith as the first of the three theological virtues: “Faith is a Divine virtue by which we firmly believe the truths which God has revealed on the authority of His revelation in the scriptures and the Church teaching.” Holy scripture and tradition are the two pillars that the Church uses to teach the … More →

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The Synod is Over

The 2015 Synod of Bishops has concluded. Now begins the process of studying, understanding, implementing, or resisting the various provisions of its final document. Much of this will be in the form of “spin.” Modernists will cheer. “Conservatives” will defend the ever-changing status quo. Traditionalists will rant. And, true to their various positions, each will have cause to do so. In our cursory read of the … More →

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Why Is Total Consecration the Remedy to Our Ills?

The following is an excerpt from my recent conference talk. I am probably not alone — I hope I am not — in considering much of devotional literature a bit tiresome when it presents one or another special devotion as if it were the end-all and be-all of the Christian life, as if those who do not practice it are somehow cursed, or as if it … More →

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The Challenge of Tradition

Tradition as Challenge is the title of Josef Pieper’s recently published and long awaited English translation of Tradition als Herausforderung — his deeply reflective and engagingly varied book of collected essays and speeches first published as a whole in Munich, Germany in 1963, over a half century ago. This counterpointed collection still has much to teach an attentive and receptive reader, especially those who want … More →

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Noah’s Ark and Peter’s Bark

In this number of the Ad Rem, I wish to consider the interesting and dogmatically significant subject of Ark-Church typology. In order to do so, I am going to excerpt from two other pieces — one written by Brother Thomas Mary, the other by your humble servant. I will credit both, though I will be less scrupulous in my own citation.1 A very important device … More →

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‘Lead Us Not Into Temptation’ — What Does This Mean?

And lead us not into temptation… Have you ever wondered about this petition in the Lord’s Prayer? What exactly are we asking of God our Father? This petition of the Our Father must be taken in conjunction with the next, which is, “Deliver us from evil,” then the meaning is more clearly understood. God does not “lead” us Himself into the temptation of sin such … More →

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Auxiliary Bishop Elect of LA Prefers Rahner and Von Balthasar to Doctors of the Church

CNA December 2012: Dr. Ralph Martin, Professor of Systematic Theology at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, has written an important book titled “Will Many Be Saved?” The text received a good deal of attention at the recent synod on the New Evangelization, and its opening pages are filled with endorsements from some of the leading figures in the Church today. Dr. Martin’s argument is straightforward enough: … More →

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The Apostles Creed

The feast day of Saint Thomas the Apostle on the traditional Roman calendar is December 21. In the new calendar it is July 3, so I took the liberty of giving him honor on this day too. Saint Jerome had the Apostle’s feast day listed on July 3. It was transferred to July 3 in 1969 so that the feast would not interfere with the … More →

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