Catholic Action League Calls upon Attorney General to Initiate Hate Crimes Investigation in Vandalism of Catholic Churches

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today wrote to the Attorney General of the Commonwealth, Maura Healey, asking her to open a hate crimes investigation—under Chapter 265, Section 39 of the General Laws—regarding the ongoing vandalism of Catholic churches. Since December, four Catholic parishes in the Bay State have been the target of malicious property destruction of religious statues and stained glass windows by nocturnal vandals, three in the last six days alone.

  • On December 8th, a brick was hurled through a one hundred year old stained glass window depicting Saint Thomas Aquinas at Saint Edith Stein Parish in Brockton.
  • On March 25th, the evening of Good Friday, a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Saint Catherine of Siena Parish in Norwood was doused in black paint and defaced with graffiti.
  • On March 27th, the evening of Easter Sunday, three statues, including one of Our Lady, were decapitated on the grounds of Saint Margaret’s Parish in Burlington. The statue of Our Lady also had its hands cut off, and rosaries were strewn on the ground.
  • On March 29th, a statue of the Virgin was decapitated at Saint Mary’s Parish in Billerica.  

At least eight Catholic churches have been the object of violent depredations in Massachusetts since January of 2012. The targeting and the particular method of destruction of the representations of Our Lady, could suggest a possible occult or Satanic connection.

In his letter to the Attorney General, Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle stated: “The number and increasing frequency of these attacks upon Catholic churches, their malicious timing, coinciding with Catholic holy days, and the heartbreaking effects being suffered by the Catholic faithful, should not be treated by law enforcement as a mere accumulation of isolated incidents. As these criminal episodes have, in the past three months, occurred in Middlesex, Norfolk and Plymouth Counties, and in four different police jurisdictions, we urge the Attorney General’s Office to undertake an investigation of these acts of property destruction perpetrated against Catholic religious iconography, with a view to prosecute them as hate crimes.”

  • GeneDe

    Did anyone hear about these attacks — and that’s what they are! — on mainstream media outlets? Nope. But, had it been a synagogue or a mosque, then all hell would have broken out: HATE CRIMES!! We must investigate! The ACLU and the SPLC would be on the front pages of the tabloids, and non-stop on NPR expressing outrage and demanding law enforcement agencies find those hate mongers! Sure, what else would one expect, but not for Christian (Catholic) churches, after all, aren’t THEY the “intolerant” ones that adhere to the natural law and moral absolutes? And, as we know, liberals despise being called on the carpet to suffer for the evil they do. This all stems from the “enlightenment” mentality, right? Come to think of it, it goes as far back as the Garden…

  • Frederica Bimmel

    Until Bernie Law is in jail, no one feels sorry for your sicko religion.

  • That’s a manifestly absurd statement. So, if Cardinal Law were imprisoned, people will suddenly “feel sorry” for Catholicism? Those who hate it now will still hate it.

    Further, this is not about people “feeling sorry” for Catholicism. It is about (1) a proper sense of outrage due to an offense against the august Mother of God, and (2) indignation over property damage, i.e., a crime against justice. Or are Catholics not entitled to justice because of injustices perpetrated by certain high-ranking Catholic ecclesiastics? And if you are prepared to deny property rights to Catholics on those grounds, then no American is entitled to justice at all because of the systematic and rampant injustices among our own secular leaders.

  • GeneDe

    You might want to look at public school teachers, administrators, coaches, etc., to see just where the most frequent abusers of children are. The 2003/4 Shakeshaft study is a tough pill to swallow, as well as being politically incorrect. That is why it has been relegated to the dust bin of history as far as the liberals are concerned. Sure, the abuse by “Catholic” priests and their enablers is sick and demands accountability, but to target the Catholic Church and my “sicko religion,” as a whole, is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. And that is exactly what the secular humanists — who commit most of those heinous crimes — want: the destruction of the Catholic Church, and those folk who adhere to the moral law naturally instilled in us from day one, by the Creator Himself. I wish you well, and pray that you will enter the one ark of salvation: the Catholic Church.

  • CJ Doyle

    Should a person be imprisoned for not breaking the law? In 2002, at the height of media driven public hysteria over revelations of sexual abuse in the Church—a moral panic, as one left-wing journalist described it—a Massachusetts grand jury was convened by a politician hostile to Cardinal Law and Catholic morality, Attorney General Thomas Reilly, a man with ambitions to run for Governor. At a time when Catholic churches were being picketed, Catholic worshippers were being harassed, and the Catholic Faith was being mocked and derided by a daily drumbeat of negative media coverage, the grand jury found that Cardinal Law had violated no laws.

    Vindictively, and improperly, Reilly released the grand jury report to the press—a clear violation of the canon of legal ethics—in a tawdry effort to discredit the Cardinal. The demand that Cardinal Law should be in jail is something we have heard before—it is the cry of the lynch mob. Like other citizens of the United States, Bernard Law is innocent until proven guilty, and an attempt to prosecute him at a time when he was the most despised public figure in Boston, failed to even secure an indictment.

    Though it is weakening, we still, for now, live in a republic of laws, not men.