‘Catholic’ College Hosts Tarot Card Reader/Channeler for ‘Psychic Night’

Campus Notes: Hundreds of students at Cabrini College just outside Philadelphia had their fortunes told at “Psychic Night” earlier this month, according to the student newspaper The Loquitur. More on this here.

  • Justin

    This stuff just shows that this particular college (along with a whole host of “Catholic” colleges) no longer has any real ties with the Faith. Any exorcist or priest involved in some way shape or form with spiritual warfare will tell you to stay far away from Tarot cards, psychics and the like. Heck most evangelicals would probably say the same. As always these are strange times we live in. As long as the Faith is not going to be taken seriously by bishops and priests and passed on to the faithful this madness will continue.  I hate to say it but perhaps this HHS mandate will make people realize that even with all the bending to the whims of the culture in the name of “renewal” that has happened in the last decades the secular humanist powers that be still want the Church and Catholics silenced and buried. Maybe this realization will wake on the fence “Catholics” up and get them to start taking the Faith seriously while we can still actually practice it openly.