Catholic Confederate General Beauregard’s Statue Removed in New Orleans

The AP report is here. Sometime before this, the city took down the statue of Confederacy President Jefferson Davis, who was (as you will see in the article below) a Catholic in heart. Another Catholic Southern General who converted shortly after the war was James Longstreet. Longstreet was with Lee at Gettysburg. In fact, there he pleaded with General Lee to change his uncharacteristically inane battle plan (dare I say tyrannically stubborn!) to stage a frontal assault on a strategic hill already taken by the Union forces. Davis, by the way, was most respectful of and communicated with Blessed Pope Pius IX, who even sent the president a gift of a crown of thorns when he was in prison. Macon, Georgia, dedicated a boulevard to Pius IX. It is named Pio Nono Blvd. The following article is Brian O’Neel is concise and objective, well worth a read.

Note: Correction. I was informed by a commenter to our website that Pius IX did not send a crown of thorns to Davis, but rather a picture of himself with words of support. Davis’ wife wove a crown of thorns herself for her husband. See more on this here… and here https://www.abbevilleinstit

National Catholic Register, Brian O’Neel: June 2, 1865: 150 years ago, Confederate Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith, who commanded Confederate forces west of the Mississippi, signed surrender terms offered by the Union, causing the last Confederate army to cease to exist.

Catholics played a huge role in the “War Between the States.” The conflict showed the best and the worst its faithful have to offer.

Many Catholics — both in the South and the North — opposed the war. Most Catholics didn’t favor slavery. For centuries, the Church had voiced full opposition, most recently by Pope Gregory XVI in 1839. The rest is here.

  • Bonifacius

    “Blessed Pope Pius IX, who even sent the president a gift of a crown of thorns when he was in prison”

    Mr. Kelly, this is a myth that has been debunked. Bl. Pope Pius IX sent Davis a picture of himself. Mrs. Davis wove the crown of thorns herself. See the following sources:

    Here’s the full account: I quote the following:

    We do have a list of the items donated by the Davis Family over a period of time from 1891 through 1907. The majority were donated in 1891. . . . The inventory states “. . . picture of Pope Pius IX with an autograph comforting Latin sentence inscribed on it…. The Pope sent this picture to Jefferson Davis whilst a prisoner at Fortress Monroe. Accompanying the picture is a crown of thorns made by Mrs. Davis that hung above it in Mr. Davis’ study.”

    Thank you.

  • Thank you Bonifacius. I will amend my lede.

  • James Holm

    Regardless of the crown of thorns. Here is a little known information on President Jefferson Davis. According to a biography on him he wore a Scapular, Miraculous Medal, and the Medal of St. Benedict. It’s my fondest hope that he left this earth in full communion with the Church. Deo Vindice!

  • A.T.

    I’m against the removal of Confederate monuments.
    The SPLC and ADL are now wanting even more monuments taken down.
    Its disgusting and a sign that we the people have no say in our day to day lives.
    If the Confederate monuments remind people of Slavery (which is a joke given only about 4% of Confederates owned slaves!) then all mosques should be removed because of 9/11 and all synagogues should be removed because of the Crucifixion of Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ.