Catholic Congressmen Who Vote for FOCA May Face Excommunication

I know, you are probably thinking, as I am, that these politicians have already, many times over, voted in favor of funding abortions. So, their cooperation with the evil is already “formal” and direct. Why wait for the FOCA bill? I don’t know. In any case it would be a very good thing if the bishops follow through on this. It would be a great encouragement to a demoralized pro-life electorate. Cardinal George gave this interview with CNS:

Washington, DC ( — A top Catholic leader says it is possible that Catholic members of Congress who vote for the Freedom of Choice Act could face excommunication. The legislation would make unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy the law of the land and overturn hundreds of pro-life laws nationwide that reduce abortions.

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, made the comments about excommunication in an interview with CNS. Read more here.

  • Gregory

    My understanding is that they are automatically excommunicated by voting in favor of abortion. That does not remove the obligation of the Church from making this public.