“Catholic” High School and Jesuit College in S Francisco Destroying Faith and Morals of Students

California Catholic Daily: From March 7-10, the Jesuit-run University of San Francisco will host its 10th Annual Global Women’s Rights Forum. The forum is co-sponsored by USF’s Sociology Department, and again promises to be a venue for viewpoints difficult to square with the university’s Catholic identity. Read more here.

and, this one put out by Eye Goddess Films (Is it Wiccan?)

An anti-Catholic film advocating the ordination of women seems to be making the rounds in California. Portions of the film “Pink Smoke Over the Vatican” were shown to students at Convent of the Sacred Heart High School in San Francisco on Feb. 18. Now comes news that the entire film will be shown in Fresno this Saturday. Story here.

  • Eugene R. De Lalla

    Why is USF still able to label itself Catholic? Where is the bishop in this matter? The feminists, especially the black feminists, involved in these activities, should look in the mirror and see that the black race composes 12-13 percent of the population, yet 35-36 off ALL abortions are performed on black women. Ms. Sanger’s dream come true!? Where is the adherence to Church teaching on Faith and morals?

  • jacobhalo

    USF is still able to label itself Catholic, because the Post-Vatican II popes are nothing but mush-mouths. They have become politically correct like the rest of society. Don’t forget, Vatican II’s goal was to bring the church into the modern world. So, here were are!!