Catholic Population Control

Aside from the fact that Michael Voris overlooks the existence of other heretical sects that had approved of contraception prior to the Anglicans doing so in 1930, the video below is excellent.

This moral issue is a hot potato that most in the Church simply do not want to address.

The Cardinal he was speaking of toward the end, who worked a deal with Planned Parenthood to help legalize the sale of birth control (in Massachusetts), was Cardinal Cushing.

  • Roman Lance

    The Catholic contraceptive mind-set will always be present so long as Natural Family Planning is continuously pushed as a “better” alternative to chemical or barrier contraception. It’s not. They all produce rot in the soul.

    Do people even ask themselves why is my spouse wanting to use this, or agree with this use? Who decides when the carefully discerned prayer results in two differing opinions as to whether God does not want “them” to get pregnant this month?

    Too much potential for conflict, for distrust. Just don’t use it.

  • disqus_pTJdz0o3E0

    Having used NFT – as Mother Teresa taught it, I respectfully disagree with the Roman Lance. Because we used NFT for about 30 years I know there are problems. We have 5 children and 17 grandchildren. There were certainly less disagreements than if we’d contracepted or done nothing.

    Jesus told St. Francis that he couldn’t require more than the Gospel for his brothers and he had to rewrite his rule. Jesus told him we are welcome to give more that He requires for salvation – but we do not have the authority to lay it on others.

    A careful reading of Humanae Vitae shows that NFP can be within God’s plan when used as the Church teaches.
    I’ve seen Catholic families that said their Rosary every night, went to Confession often and Mass more than once a week break apart that refused to use NFP. They just had baby after baby until things fell apart and the husband even ran off with another woman when the household got too crazy.
    Their idealism led to conflict and distrust because of overwhelm. They moved away but I don’t think any of the six children are still practicing Catholics.
    Personally I think to talk NFP down can tempt people to contracept which is intrinsically evil, and often abortive.
    I love Michael Voris and have gotten many people to watch and sign up – but I believe he’s mistaken to imply that NFP is wrong, by using a blanket term like “birth control”.
    Through the prayers of the Mother of God may our Savior save us all!
    Rick / Oregon