Catholics Should Care about Politics and Society

There are two books that I am aware share the high distinction of being advertised by Saint Therese of Lisieux. They are Dom Guéranger’s Liturgical Year, which has been cited numerous times on this site by different authors, and Father Charles Arminjon’s The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life.

Reading the latter, I came upon this passage just last week:

Modern society today, in the face of heaven and earth, has proclaimed the most audacious boast ever conceived by human pride; it declares that it will exclude God from laws and institutions, creating a social order and felicity completely independent of Him; and, confronted with this satanic design, it is our duty to protest loudly, saying, with the archangel, Quis ut Deus? —pg. 268

That deserves to be read and pondered.

Sometimes, we “religious people” are told to keep our noses out of politics, as if the way society is governed ought to be in the hands of committed secularists. (Separation of Church and State and all that.) Obviously, Father Arminjon would agree with the publishers and contributors to this web site, who believe that a society from which God and His eternal Law are excluded is a society that is doomed to be evil.

Conversion is necessary not only for the salvation of individuals, but for the common good, safety, and security of nations.