CBS LA Affiliate Scoops It: Women in the Conclave

Continuing our coverage of miserable journalism and the Catholic Church, we have a fine selection this evening from CBS Los Angeles, reporting about some cranky folks unhappy with Cardinal Mahoney’s voting rights in the next conclave:

Mahony will be among 120 men and women called to participate in the College of Cardinals to help pick the next pope following Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement this week that he will be stepping down as Pontiff on Feb. 28.

Whoa! Let’s read that again in slow motion:

M a h o n y   w i l l   b e   a m o n g   1 2 0   m e n   a n d   w o m e n   c a l l e d
t o  p a r t i c i p a t e   i n   t h e   C o l l e g e   o f   C a r d i n a l s . . .

That’s right, there will be men and women participating in the College of Cardinals this upcoming conclave. Does CBS know something we don’t?

The question du jour is: What caused this gaffe?

Was it…

A.) Wishful thinking on the part of an interested journalist? OR…

B.) An editorial blunder (“Oops! I forgot to disable the default ‘Inclusive Language’ setting on MS Word”). OR…

C.) A harsh judgment, on CBS’ part, on the masculinity of the College of Cardinals.

Assuming that B is the correct answer, will CBS Los Angeles fix the gaffe, or will they just rush to dash off the next bit yellow religious journalism?

Personally, I think they should get out of the religion thing altogether and focus on Where To Drink The Most Unique Cocktails In Los Angeles. They can help people’s spiritual lives so much better that way.

  • GeneDe

    Remember now, the ban on females in combat has been lifted!

  • Missy Farber

    That’s because they think the Papcy is like the Presidency, an office held by one who is elected by the people. And, sadly, one that can be assumed or declined by the will of the elected person.

  • eleonore

    Hmmmm. Perhaps I am too picky with proper English, but the LA Times has made a real gaffe here. The word “unique” means “only.” Therefore, there are no degrees of unique, i.e. more unique, most unique, less unique, etc. The word derives from the Latin “unicus” meaning “one, only, sole, having no like or equal.” So, in addition to not adhering to facts, the newspaper doesn’t adhere to common rules of English either. Shoddy journalism, no?

  • CarlJMangine

    It is because California is all a fantasy…as is the ideas of female priests or deacons.